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Marketing Mix - Coca Cola


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Marketing mix overview of Coca-Cola

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing Mix - Coca Cola

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Largest manufacturer of non- alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups • Largest distributor of non- alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups • Largest marketer of non- alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups • One of the largest corporations in the unites states • It owns and licences more than 500 brands, including diet and light beverages, water, juices and juice drinks, teas, coffees and energy and sports drinks. • Offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries and territories. • Serves 1.6 billion every day.
  3. 3. HISTORY • The Coca-Cola company was originally established as the J.S. Pemberton Medicine company, a co-partnership between Dr. John Stith Pemberton and Ed Holland. • In 1884, the company became a stock company and the name changed to Pemberton Chemical company. • The company is best known for its flagship product Coca-Cola invented by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in 1886. • The Coca-Cola formula and brand was bought in 1889 by Asa Candler who incorporated The Coca-Cola Company in 1892.
  4. 4. COCA-COLA HISTORY - INDIA • The Coca Cola got approval from the Government of India in July 1996 for setting up a company • Coca- cola invested US $ 700 Millions. • In July 1997 the holding company got permission for its bottling subsidiaries. • The company has stepped forward for reaching 300 millions soft drink consumers through 700,000 retail outlets In India. • Coca-Cola created employment for 1,50,000 people in India.
  5. 5. Quick look at the life & times of Coca-Cola • 1950-52: Coca-Cola sets up its first bottling plant in New Delhi. For 45 days in 1952, the brand has a booth at the International Fair in Bombay, with a 16mm projector running Minitoons. • 1977: Hasta La Vista, Baby: Coca-Cola leaves India in a cloud of controversy, frustrated by the policies of the Janata Party. There are allegations of Indian authorities wanting the Coke formula. • 1993: The Coca-Cola Company begins its new innings. Acquires Parle's brands and Thums Up joins the portfolio Launches the first campaign, a version of the 'Hill Top' film to mark its re-entry. Pepsi responds with an ad that says 'Thoke, is it?'
  6. 6. • 1999: Introduces Sprite, Diet Coke and Schweppes in the market The Celebrity Run: Signs up brand ambassadors Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai for the flagship product. Salman Khan becomes the brawn of Thums Up Rani Mukherjee becomes the face of Fanta. • 2002: Thums Up emerges as the country's No.1 soft drink Launch of 'Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola' and 'Paanch matlab Chota Coke' campaigns by McCann Erickson. • 2007: Introduces Minute Maid Pulpy Orange brand in India. – Launches 'Little Drops of Joy', its first corporate campaign in the country.
  7. 7. • 2008: Launched in 1999 under the tagline 'Bujhaye Only Pyaas, Baki All Bakwaas', Coke changes Sprite's line to to 'Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas, Clear Hai!'. • 2010: Brings the original FIFA World Cup Trophy to India and allies with The Commonwealth games held in Delhi as its official beverage partner. – Launches Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh to compete with PepsiCo's Nimbooz which was launched in 2009. – Actor Imran Khan is the new face of Coke. • 2011: Coke Studio comes to India. – Company rolls out international camapign 'Brrr' amidst mixed reviews.
  8. 8. • 2012: Mango drink Maaza's new faces are Khan and Parineeti Chopra. • They are the first ever brand ambassadors for Maaza which becomes the 'Most Trusted Brand' (cold beverage category) in Brand Equity's Most Trusted Brands survey. • The Coca-Cola Company's Chairman & CEO, Muhtar Kent announces investment of US$5 billion in its Indian operations till 2020. • Taking a break from global adaptations, ad agency Lowe Lintas creates a new campaign featuring Sachin Tendulkar and cricket. • 2014: Coca-Cola signs Deepika Pdukone as their new brand ambassador.
  9. 9. MARKETING MIX • A planned mix of the controllable elements of a product's marketing plan commonly termed as 4Ps: – Product – Price – Place – Promotion • These four elements are adjusted until the right combination is found that serves the needs of the product's customers, while generating optimum income. Sometimes the first P (Product) is substituted by presentation.
  10. 10. COCA-COLA MARKETING MIX • Coca cola is the brand with the highest brand equity. No doubt it has gone through the ups and downs of business to reach that position. The marketing mix of Coca cola has been changing over time with more and more products being added such that today it has 3300 products.
  11. 11. 4 P’s are as follows : • Product The company has the widest portfolio in beverage industry comprising of 3300 products. Beverages are divided into diet category, 100% fruit juices, fruit drinks, water, energy drinks, tea and coffee etc. As per Nielson’s data, Coca cola is the No.1 brand in sparkling beverages, juice, and retail packaged water in 2010. Coca cola has its market presence around 200 countries. Coca cola brands in India are Fanta, Maaza, Limca, sprite, Thums up, Minute Maid, Nimbu fresh, Nested iced tea etc.
  12. 12. • Price Due to the availability of wide range products the pricing is done according to the market and geographic segment. Each sub-brand of coca cola has different pricing strategy. Their pricing strategy is based on the competitors pricing, Pepsi is the direct competitor to coke. Beverage market is said to be a oligopoly market (few sellers and large buyers), hence they form into cartel contract to ensure a mutual balance in pricing between the sellers.
  13. 13. • Place Coca cola is the world’s most favorite brand and is available all over the world. The distribution system of coca cola follows the FMCG distribution pattern. The effective distribution network of coke has almost eroded the small and middle level players in the market. In India they have captured even the rural market by extensive distribution and have eroded the market share of Bovonto, Kalimark etc.
  14. 14. • Promotion Coca cola adopts various advertising and promotional strategies to create an increased demand in the market by associating with life style and behaviour and mainly targeting value based advertising. You are more likely to see a coke ad individualised for a particular festival or in with a general positive message. Coca cola uses CSR as its marketing tool to gain emotional benefits in consumers mind. The current promotions through CSR include “Support my school” campaign with NDTV. It has many brand ambassadors like Shahrukh khan, Hrithik Roshan, South Indian Actor Vijay and Trisha , Ghambir, Aamir khan etc and has signed contract recently with Imran khan. It allows price discounts and allowances to distributors and retailers in order to push more products into the market. It employs both push strategy through promotions and pull strategy through advertisements and campaigns.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION • The Coca Cola Company has come a long way from selling a few servings of carbonated beverages in a pharmacy, to an international scale business. • Coca Cola’s commitment to remain at the forefront of the changing social values in developing their marketing strategy has proven to their advantage. • Undoubtedly The Coca Cola Company has developed all the elements necessary to run a multi-million, worldwide enterprise and refreshes all the people that come in contact with their products.
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