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Mayflower Capability Deck 03072012

  1. 1. www.mayflowerlanguages.comMayflower Language ServicesCapability PresentationDate : 03rd July 2012 Version 1.0
  2. 2. Practice Overview Translation Service Internalization (I18N)About Mayflower Translation Service & Localization (L10N)Mission Offering TestingPractice Highlight What We Can Handle Internationalization Vertical We Address Development Our Customers I18N Sufficiency Testing Our Associates Translation Capacity & Turnaround Localization Testing Engagement Model Functional Re-Verification Translation Workflow Best Practices Tools Testing Case Study Translation Case StudyMayflower - Confidential
  3. 3. Practice OverviewMayflower - Confidential
  4. 4. • Founded in the year 2003 • Mayflower is a global translation and localization services company with affiliated office in Bangalore, India • Helps global companies in their Translation, Internationalization-I18N and localization-L10N testing requirements • Mayflower works with some of the industry-leading companies for their translation and localization needsMayflower - Confidential
  5. 5.  To provide its client with a specialized, reliable, high- quality translation, internalization and localization testing servicesMayflower - Confidential
  6. 6.  Dedicated practice for translation, I18N and L10N testing activities  Dedicated in-country translators with domain knowledge  Well trained testing team  Well defined quality process  Well experienced automation expertsMayflower - Confidential
  7. 7. Translation ServicesMayflower - Confidential
  8. 8.  Translation  From any Indian / Asian / European languages to English and vice versa  We support more than 130 languages  Localization of Products and documentation  Localization of software products, Consumer Products, Websites etc.  Voice Overs  VO in all Indian / Asian / European languages  Interpretation  Interpretation services in various Indian, Asian, & European languagesMayflower - Confidential
  9. 9.  Software Online help, Web pages, User Interfaces, User and Installation manuals, Screens / Hot keys, Manuals, Collateral materials etc.  Technical Documents User guide, Installation guide, Brochures, Product specifications, Computing and Electronics (Software and Hardware), Internet / Web, Machinery instruction manuals etc.  Business / Financial Document Business plans, Company profiles, Product catalogues, Business correspondence, Letters of Intent & Introduction, Marketing materials, Tender documents, Annual reports, Financial reports, Sales reports, Media reports, Training materials, Price lists etc.  Legal Documents Regulations & legal notices, Contracts, Agreements, Lease, Certificate, Copyrights, Insurance polices, Visa / Immigration documents etc.  Scientific Documents Patents & Standards, Research papers, Formulations, Drawings, Journal articles and research reports.  Literary / Academic & General Academic papers, Essays, Novels, Text & Fiction books, Sub-titling of movies etc.Mayflower - Confidential
  10. 10.  Telecom  IT / ITES  Defence  Pharma  Insurance  Clinical  Legal  Research  Hospitality  Banking Manufacturing   Automotive  Media Healthcare  e- learningMayflower - Confidential
  11. 11. Mayflower - Confidential
  12. 12.  40 Project management staff in-house  Dedicated testing team  Over 350 freelance translators we work with on a regular basis  Native translators based in their countries of origin  4000+ empanelled translators based worldwideMayflower - Confidential
  13. 13.  On an average a translator can translate about 250 words per hour and 1500 – 2000 words per day  We have translated about 6 million words in 5 months on a single project using multiple resources  We can ramp up our teams to handle and execute very large volumes as long as the scope is well defined  Several engagement models possible depending on scope of workMayflower - Confidential
  14. 14.  For large volume projects  Can dedicate a complete project management team  Pre-selected translators contracted for the duration of the project  Knowledge retention, learning and seamless work as good as client’s extension of team.  On-site projects  Can deploy Language experts at Client’s premises.  Close coordination with Client’s team.  Client might have strong SLAs/Confidentiality clauses with their end client.Mayflower - Confidential
  15. 15.  CAT Tools – SDL Trados 2009, Alchemy Catalyst, Others on request  QA – QA Distiller, SDL QA  DTP – All Adobe Products, QuarkXpress, etc  Multimedia tools – Soundforge, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Audacity  Proprietary scripting and automation toolsMayflower - Confidential
  16. 16. Translation Case StudyMayflower - Confidential
  17. 17. Client profile:Is a global leader in business and technology services that help clients bring the future of work toScopelife Solution Benefits• Translation of UI strings and Online • Translation activity was done by • On time delivery of translated strings Help strings in following languages sourcing domain linguist and instructed and high level of customer satisfaction. • French to provide the delivery as per Mayflower • Terminology management handled • Spanish quality norms. consistently over multiple translators • Portuguese (Brazilian) • Localization team used its Knowledge • Chinese (Simplified) • Effective usage of linguistic resources Acquisition Process (KAP) to quickly • Russian across all 6 languages to complete the understand the customer’s requirements • Arabic project on time. and perform translation of UI and Online• Total number words : 2,00,000 Help in 6 languages. • Re-usage of existing translation memory to bring down the cost• Linguistic verification testing • Internal tool was developed to extract strings from Glossary and Index fileProject Schedule Metrics Results• Overall Duration : 2.15 Months • Weekly reports were shared with client • Client appreciated with quality of• Peak Team Size : 12 Native translators, on development of the project ensuring deliverable for 6 languages 2 Project Managers, 4 Localization project is on track Engineers, 1 Delivery Manager• Total Team Members : 6 (1 per language)Mayflower - Confidential
  18. 18. Client profile: EFI is a global leader in delivering next-generation digital technology that brings brand, ideas and images to life for business globallyScope Solution Benefits• Translation of Admin Guide and Buyer • Translation activity was done by • Deliverables were made on time with Help document into sourcing domain linguist and instructed high quality and customer satisfaction. • French to provide the delivery as per Mayflower This reduced time to market for • German quality norms. synchronized global release • Spanish • Localizing Index and Glossary file • Working with Robohelp and • Italian FrameMaker simultaneously helped in • Dutch • Compilation of Robohelp and delivering the project on time. • Norwegian FrameMaker file were carried out • Swedish simultaneously to beat the delivery • Terminology management handled• Total number words : Admin Guide – schedule consistently over multiple translators 320,000, Buyer Help – 210,00 • Internal tool was developed to extract • Re-usage of existing translation memory• Perform linguistic verification of the file strings from Glossary and Index file to bring down the cost benefited the clientProject Schedule Metrics Results• Overall Duration : 1.5 Months • Weekly reports were shared with client • Deliverables were met as per clients on development of the project ensuring expectation and client acknowledged all• Peak Team Size : 19 Native translators, project is on track the deliverables with high satisfaction. 3 Project Coordinators, 1 Project Manager, 3 DTP experts, 1 Technical Lead• Total Team Members : 27Mayflower - Confidential
  19. 19. Client profile: DELL a global leader in computer technology that develops, sells and supports computers and computer related products and services.Scope Solution Benefits• Translation of UI strings and Online • GUI Map approach followed to track • All features mentioned in the GUI Map Help strings in following languages features that need testing gets tested there by providing a clarity • French on the scope. • Spanish • Product screens validated by running • German the English and language products in • Most of the G11n & Translation defects • Chinese (Simplified) parallel. are covered because of the GUI testing. • Japanese • BITS & TFS used to Log and track• Linguistic verification testing Defects • New process with Test cases included• Functionality test for the new/changed with the GUI map will eliminate any features developed per release that • New process that will be started is that Functional slips. affect L10n the Product test team will start providing the pri#1 test cases in Test drive forProject Schedule Metrics that affect L10n to avoid field features Results• Overall Duration : 2.15 Months • issues reports shared with client on Weekly • A Good quality product is delivered in• Peak Team Size : 5 Native translators, defects status and Calls/meetings on the market with minimal 1 Project Managers, regular intervals to discuss the progress Translation/G11n issues. in testing of the product ensuring project• Total Team Members : 5 (1 per is on track language)Mayflower - Confidential
  20. 20. Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) TestingMayflower - Confidential
  21. 21. Internationalization Internationalization Localization Functional Translation Testing Development Sufficiency Testing Re-Verification Goal: To develop an internationalized product Key Activities KEY ACTIVITIES (New product Internationalization)  Product packaging rules (Retro-fit Internationalization) (languages specific DLLs, libraries)  Code Analysis  Product Installation wizard  Code Amendment as per New Key Inputs product I18N internationalized Product  Locale and language selection Deliverables /application to be  Default and fall-back behavior  Internationalize internationalized  Bi-directional text handling Tools & Techniques d code base – (code,  No hard coding of any user visible  Localization kit documentation, website etc.) strings  I18N Design Guidelines  Extract out strings from the source  I18N language/environment (Resource files, headers, etc) into specifics Localization Kit  I18N as part of regular  Allow for expansion of UI display development items  Code Analysis  Use locale specific methods and  String extraction and UI re- APIs design  Encoding issues for input, storage,  Locale specific methods/APIs transmission, retrieval, and outputMayflower - Confidential
  22. 22. Internationalization Internationalization Localization Functional Translation Testing Development Sufficiency Testing Re-Verification Goal: To ensure the application is ready to be localized KEY ACTIVITIES  Product packaging rules (languages specific dlls, libraries)  Separation of translatable strings Key Inputs from the source (Resource files, Tools & Techniques Product headers, etc)  Separation of region/culture Deliverables /Application to  I18N Readiness Checklist specific graphics, icons, etc  Internationalize be  Pseudo-localization Testing-  Support for multiple date/time d code base internationalized Alchemy Catalyst Tool  Localization kit – (code, formats  In-house I18N testing tools documentation,  Support for multiple units of website etc.) measurement  Support for handling multi language characters  Identify bitmapped texts, concatenated strings  Identify probable UI or display issues  Identify translation constraints/limitations  Identify dictionaries to be usedMayflower - Confidential
  23. 23. Internationalization Internationalization Localization Functional Translation Testing Development Sufficiency Testing Re-Verification Goal: To translate and customize the product/application to the target languages / locales KEY ACTIVITIES  Export translatable items to suitable format Deliverables Key Inputs  Translation to target languages Tools & Techniques  Translated String Internationalized  Review mechanism includes Tables and tested Proof read  Transformation tools  (Updated) Glossary application/produc In-Country review  Translation tools (SDL Trados,  (Updated) t – (code, Client review Alchemy Catalyst) Translation documentation,  Visual Loc studio Memory website etc.) Create/update language Glossaries &  Document management tools  Localized product Translation Memories (Frame maker, Adobe) builds  Import translations to the source  Configuration Management format tools  Customization (generating  Build tools (VS.NET, ANT) language specific bitmapped texts, locale specific images, icons, etc)  Establish localized build environment  Generate localized buildsMayflower - Confidential
  24. 24. Internationalization Internationalization Localization Functional Translation Testing Development Sufficiency Testing Re-Verification Goal: To ensure the application/product is tested for localization support for all target languages UI Testing  Text  Cultural Conventions  Processing Deliverables Key Inputs  Localized Key Activities Tools & Techniques Localized product/application Application/Produ  UI Testing  Linguistic Testing  Defect tracker for each target ct Builds for each language target languages  Test Reports Linguistic Testing  Contextually Correct Translation  Copyrights and Trademarks  Consistent term usage  Language sensitive search  Punctuation  Diacritics + placement  Tips are culturally correct  Examples are culturally correctMayflower - Confidential
  25. 25. Internationalization Internationalization Localization Functional Translation Testing Development Sufficiency Testing Re-Verification Goal: To ensure that there is no regression of the base code as a result of localization KEY ACTIVITIES  Verify base functions still work after Key Inputs Deliverables localization Tools & Techniques  Internationalize  Globalized  Regression d application/Product  Fall-back to base if locale/language  Defect Tracker application/Prod  Localized for each not available for all functions  Orthogonal Array uct code and target market  Install and Un-install  KVM or other h/w Localization  UI orientation reverts back to base  Test reports Packs (from bi-di) when base locale selected  Base locale/language selectionMayflower - Confidential
  26. 26.  Internationalization Sufficiency Testing, Pseudo Localization  Tools- Alchemy Catalyst I18N  I18N Check Lists Phase  Start during the Integration phase  Work closely with the development team  Un cover issues upfront--Hard code, Truncation, Date/Time, Alt Keys  Re-use of Translation Memory  Preparation and review of Translation Kit Translation  3 step process- Translation Editing and Proof reading Phase  Review of Glossary with key Stake Holders (In country Reviewers)  Provide domain specific details to the translators  Consistency seamless communications between dev/test/translation team  Split the Functional Testing and UI/Linguistic testing - Optimize resource utilization Localizatio  Leverage English Test cases  Use of L10N Check list - Country standards n Testing  Language Independent automation Phase  Reduce Test Cycle TimeMayflower - Confidential
  27. 27. Testing Case StudyMayflower - Confidential
  28. 28. Client profile: EFI Is a global leader in delivering next-generation digital technology that brings brand, ideas and images to life for business globallyScope Solution Challenges• Localization testing of Digital Application • Segregating the product features and • Understanding the product and into following languages scheduling a fixed time for each feature executing all the test cases in short span• French, German, Spanish, Italian, to monitor project progress efficiently in of time Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, all 12 languages. • Setting infrastructure with VPN Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese • Identify all the bugs in respective locale connection at Mayflower as per client (Simplified and Traditional) Chinese languages and capturing the screen requirement (Simplified & Traditional) and Japanese shots and providing them along with the bug report. • Reporting all the bugs with screenshots• Test case designing based on English • Tracing and fixing all non-functional helped to get the issues fixed in fast version of the product bugs proactively pace• Fixing of all linguistic bugs • Splitting functional and non-functional• Reporting of all functional and non bugs and reporting all functional bugs to functional bugs client on timeProject Schedule Metrics Results• Overall Duration : 1 Month • Reporting all functional and non • On-time delivery with desired quality• Peak Team Size : 12 Test Engineers, 1 functional bugs with screenshots level Test Lead, 1 Resource Manager • Fixing all language issues on time• Total Team Members : 12 • Using same linguistic resources for a longer period helped in delivering localization testing before scheduleMayflower - Confidential
  29. 29. Client profile: Symbol Technologies a global leader in mobile data capture and delivery equipment – Wholly owned subsidiary company of MotorolaScope Solution Challenges• UI localization testing of hand held • Knowledge acquisition of the product in • Reporting bugs in a highly confidential mobile application into following short span of time way and maintaining a secure bug languages database • Setting up clear communication channel• French, German, Spanish, Italian, to increase flexibility of all test engineers • Managing resources dynamically to Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), respond to the client requirement Japanese and Korean changes quickly• Test case designing based on English • Managing encoding issues while version of the product localizing to Asian languages• Fixing of all linguistic bugs • Managing logistics and training for• Reporting of all functional and non resources to conduct testing at client functional bugs premisesProject Schedule Metrics / Reporting Results• Overall Duration : 1 Month • Reporting all UI bugs with screenshots. • Faster time-to-market for synchronized• Peak Team Size : 1 PM, 1 Localization • Weekly status meeting with client global product releases Test Engineers, 8 translators/testers, 8 • High level of consistency across 8 reviewers localized products• Total Team Members : 18 • Flexible workload management to further reduce costs • Complete and accurate bug reportsMayflower - Confidential
  30. 30. Thank YouMayflower - Confidential