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History and Progress of Microsoft Corporation

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  1. 1. Microsoft
  2. 2. •Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational software corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing.
  3. 3. •History began on April 4, 1975. •It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque. •Its current best selling products are the Microsoft Windows Operating system and the Microsoft Office.
  4. 4. •Microsoft is the world's largest software maker measured by revenues. It is also one of the world's most valuable companies. •The company's 1986 initial public offering, and subsequent rise in its share price, created an estimated three billionaires and 12,000 millionaires from Microsoft employees
  5. 5. •Microsoft was established to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. It rose to dominate the personal computer operating system market with MS-DOS in the mid-1980s, followed by the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. •As of 2013, Microsoft is market dominant in both the PC operating system and office suite markets (the latter with Microsoft Office).
  6. 6. 1980: The dawn of MS-DOS  In 1980 Gates, Allen and Ballmer made a new OS that serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs such as a word processor & they name their new OS “MS-DOS”
  7. 7. 1982-1985: Introducing Windows 1.0  Microsoft works on the first version of a new OS.  Interface-Manager is the code name.
  8. 8. 1987-1992: Windows 2.0-2.1  “ More windows more speed”  Inclusion of desktop icons, expanded memory, improve graphics support and more.
  9. 9. “Control Panel "makes its first appearance in Windows 2.0
  10. 10. 1990-1994: Windows 3.0- Windows-NT  “Getting the graphics”  On May 22, 1990 Microsoft announces, Windows 3.0.
  11. 11. • By now we see better performances, advanced graphics with 16 colours and improved icons.
  12. 12. 1995-2001: Windows 95  That was an era of new online world.  Windows 95 has built-in internet support, dial up networking and new plug and play capabilities.  The 32 bit OS offers more powerful integrated networking.
  13. 13. 1998-2000: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000  Released on June 25, 1998,Windows98 is the first version of windows designed specifically for „consumers‟.  It is the last version based on MS-DOS.  Windows Me offered numerous music, video & home networking enhancements
  14. 14.  Windows 2000 Professional was built on the top of proven Windows NT workstation4.0 code base, it adds major reliability, ease of use internet compatibility etc.
  15. 15. 2001-2005: Windows XP  “Stable, usable and fast”  Windows XP 64-bit Edition (2001) is the first Microsoft operating system for 64-bit processors designed for working with large amounts of memory and projects such as movie special effects, 3D animations, engineering, and scientific programs.
  16. 16.  Windows XP is compiled from 45 million lines of code.
  17. 17. 2006-2008: Windows Vista  “Smart on security”  Released in 2006 with the strongest security system yet.  More than 1.5 million are compatible with Windows Vista at launch.
  18. 18. 2009: Windows 7  It was built for the wireless world that emerged in late 2000‟s.  It also marked the debut of windows „touch‟.  Windows 7 was evaluated by 8 million beta testers worldwide before its release.
  19. 19. 2012: Windows 8  Windows 8 features a Start screen with tiles that connect to people, files, apps, and websites.
  20. 20.  Apps are front and centre, with access to a new place to get apps the Windows Store built right in to the Start screen.  Along with Windows 8, Microsoft also launched Windows RT, which runs on some tablets and PCs. Windows RT is designed for sleek devices and long battery life, and exclusively runs apps from the Windows Store. It also comes with a built-in version of Office that's optimized for touch screens.
  21. 21. 9/11/2013
  22. 22. Fun Facts of Microsoft
  23. 23. “Micro-soft’s first ever mention” •The first ever mention of “Microsoft” was in the letter from Bill-Gates to co-founder Paul Allen in 1975.
  24. 24. LOGO •The “blibbet” logo shown below refers to stylized “o” and was apparently once was the name of burger served in the Microsoft company cafeteria.
  25. 25. “The Microsoft Sound” •Pioneering musician Brian Eno was the musical brains behind windows 95’s start tune dubbed “The Microsoft sound” . •The making of such short piece of music was “funny” and “amazing”. •Eno likened the process to “making a tiny little”
  26. 26. The stock has split „nine times‟ •Microsoft has spilt its stock nine times since it went public back in 1986 and the company will generally split its stock when its share prize goes too high.
  27. 27. „A grand art collection‟ •Microsoft is one of the largest corporate collectors of artworks over 5,000 contemporary pieces including paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, ceramics, studio glass and multimedia works.
  28. 28. Thank You