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Content Marketing and Content Marketing Strategies by Kontentory.


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Learn all you need to know about Content Marketing and Content Marketing Strategy with precise details.
The presentation has been compiled by Kontentory | The Content Factory.

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Content Marketing and Content Marketing Strategies by Kontentory.

  1. 1. Content Marketing & Content Marketing Strategy By
  2. 2. “Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” -Content Marketing Institute
  3. 3. Content Marketing Articles Podcasts Product Reviews Infographics & Presentations Blog Posts Case Studies eBooks Questionnaires Webinars Flowcharts Email Broadcasts Transcripts Workbooks Illustrations
  4. 4.  It revolves around the customer, not you.  Is a two-way conversation.  Relatively cheap and has a wider reach than any traditional campaign.  Easier to change and has longer shelf-life.  Provides value & knowledge to clients, thereby crating loyalty to the brand.  Involves a long-term strategy and is not ideal for reaping immediate benefits.
  5. 5.  Content Marketing is used by some of the greatest brands in the world like Pepsi, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Colgate, General Electric etc. apart from small scale businesses.  Research shows that about 9 out of 10 B2B marketers are using content marketing to achieve their marketing goals - irrespective of company size and budget.
  6. 6. Content Marketing Winning Strategy
  7. 7.  Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of useful and usable content—written or in other media such as video, audio etc.  It is about getting the right content to the right user at the right time.  It keeps audience engaged.
  8. 8. When and how should I publish my content? Does this content fit in the overall structure? How much cost would it take to produce this? Who’s responsible for maintaining it? What are our competitors doing? How can our readers find this? Is this content unique? How much time do I need to invest? How will success be measured? Who’s going to edit this?
  9. 9. Know your target audience and determine what is their demand and problems. Figure out the best way to solve their problems. Create content that educates and engages them. Become their trusted source of information. Generate loyal audience which then buy your services.
  10. 10. Young Content 1.Modifying professional monotonous content that is seen on the web. 2.Youth itself will transform the world of content that the users can relate to and love to read. 3.To make the content search engine friendly so that it is given the top priority when searched. Kontentory is a factory of flawless and ‘young’ content.
  11. 11.  We provide high quality content in the form of articles for various uses such as blogs, newsletters, website content, special interest articles and the likes.  We also provide flawless web content proofreading services for enhancement of the quality of the content .  The services we provide are at the guaranteed lowest available prices for the kind of quality content we provide.
  12. 12.  All copyrights to the works.  Professionally written content from experienced researchers and writers.  Quality checks by Editors.  On-schedule delivery of Content orders.  Revision rights on work whenever required.  SEO-optimized and client- need-centric output.  Thorough check for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.  SEO/SEM optimization.  Comprehensive plagiarisms scan with detailed report.  Content & Style review.  Thorough review of referencing, structure, organization and flow  Order completion SMS notifications  SEO/SEM optimized content.  100% error free from spelling, gram mar and punctuation mistakes.  Reach your target audience.  Design and Style review.  Refreshed and Up-to- date content.  Attract regular visitors and engage the customer.  Expert proofreaders across domains. Content Writing: Content Proofreading Website Proofreading
  13. 13.  Education and Science  Automobiles  Books  Business and Entrepreneurship  Pets and Animals  Fashion and Beauty  Technology  Travel and Places  Sports and Recreation  Finance  Entertainment and Media  Arts and Design  Politics and Social Issue  Food and Cooking  Family and Parenting  Holidays and Celebrations  Gender and Relationships  Religion and Philosophy  Miscellaneous
  14. 14.  Very Cheap. Only pay per project.  Various individuals with diverse mindsets maintain freshness for all works for your brand.  Young writers from various fields of expertise.  Different teams of writers and editors- No scope for errors. Kontentory Permanent Writer  Have work or not, pay what you have to.  Same writer(s) with the constant mindset gives rise to monotony.  Few permanent writers with limited thought process.  May or may not have separate people/team performing these tasks, leaving margin for error.
  15. 15.  You can either drop in your inquiries on our website or pick up the phone and give us a call/message on our number to get a quicker response! Website: Telephone: +91 9643153356 E-mail: