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Presentation from Intranett 2012 in Oslo. My intranet story and what I have learned so far after 10 years working with intranets.Why does it matter if you are passionate about what you do and how can your passion fuel situations that seem hard to deal with.

What is the future of intranets and how does the carreer path for intranet managers look? There is a future but the intranet as we know it is changing and the intranet manager will turn into a community manager as everyone in the organisation will be empowered to contribute information.

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Intranet passion

  1. 1. Intranet Passion – Why it matters Martin @Risgaard Rasmussen Intranett 2012, Oslo, November Quotes from IBF - 2012
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. This presentation – A 360o view• My intranet story• The intranet and Your colleagues• The intranet and Management• The intranet and Me• The intranet and The future
  4. 4. Passion is the driver“Great intranets are created by passionate,energetic and determined people. Behind everygreat intranet you will often find one personwhose courage, power and in the end love fortheir work, has produced stunning results.” – Paul Miller, Founder & CEO, IBF
  5. 5. KOMPAN - 2002
  6. 6. LM Glasfiber 2007
  7. 7. Arla Foods 2008
  8. 8. Grundfos 2012
  9. 9. The intranet and your colleagues
  10. 10. What are they saying? Who? Why? What?
  11. 11. What do they think?Run a survey to confirm that the users dowhat they say.Run an annual survey to see developmentAND get great feedback for what to donext.Don’t benchmark against others before youknow where you are yourself!
  12. 12. Pick up the bull horn!The intranet is used by comms as themedium – but what about the role of themedium itself?Dust of the marketing hat and showwhat the intranet can do and rememberthat the intranet is for everyone.Make sure to give the intranet a strongvoice and it’s own identity.”The first rule of Sharepoint is: Youdo not talk about Sharepoint.”
  13. 13. Get out there – be visible!Avoid the arms-length principle - Requestforms and templates can be well and goodbut it alienates the users.”But I don’t want all the supportquestions…” – maybe not, but never forget that any request for support is an opportunity to improve and start a dialogue. “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.” –David Brinckley
  14. 14. The intranet and management
  15. 15. Intranet GovernanceAnchor the intranet governance body as high inthe organisation as possible.Be prepared and aim high! The right governancesetup takes time. Lots of time.Make sure that the board orcouncil has sufficient mandate- Also when it comes to thebudgets! Governance drawing inspired by Jane McConnell (@netjmc)
  16. 16. The editor corpsInvolve the de-centralised editors as often as you possibly can. They wantto be involved!Be consciuos how the editor positions are filled. Are they following owninterests or are they appointed? Are they temporarily employed or not?Make them feel special: Invite for ‘editor events’ Showcase good solutions Give tokens of appreciation…and don’t forget to listen. They are yourbest source for feecback.
  17. 17. The intranet and me
  18. 18. Build a great networkInternally…The intranet is cross-organisational – soare intranet managers!It’s not about what you know – it’s aboutwho you know.Externally…Meet and learn from the other lonelywolves – Intranet management can be asolitary job.Sharing is caring…
  19. 19. Understand business processesFrom Finance to Legal to Marketing to IT – all in one day. You get to knowmost business processes from the inside out.The secret power intranet managers: 5-minute business understanding.
  20. 20. The traits of an intranet manager• Diplomat• Communicator (with all org. levels)• Insightfulness• Process manager• Able to make connections• Strategist• Organisation developer• Distiller (i.e. translating the complex into simple)• Innovator• Change Agent• CatalystA Jack of all trades – master of none…? A special thanks to the delegates at J. Boye Aarhus 2012 for compiling this list in one of the sessions
  21. 21. The intranet and the future
  22. 22. The intranet vs. The digital workplaceCommunication Collaboration- Corporate news - Activity streams- Local updates - Team sites- Press monitoring - Communities- Blogs - Idea generationSelf Service Connection- Time registration - Microblogging- Invoice handling - Personal profile- Buy & Sell - Content sharing- Online forms - Friend & follow
  23. 23. The Social Intranet
  24. 24. Access from everywhere
  25. 25. Summary – 5 tips to promote theintranet1. Focus continuously on the user’s requirements and align this with your intranet strategy. Sharepoint is NOT a strategy.2. Put on the marketing hat and make sure that your intranet is weill known through out the organisation3. Be visible, honest, and available. Putting a face to the intranet helps create awareness and drive adoption.4. Ensure that you have a proper governance setup and that your editors are happy contributors.5. Leverage the organisational reach of the intranet. Remember that few in your organisation care more about the intranet than you do. To everyone else it’s just a very useful tool – it’s your job to make it the best!
  26. 26. Comments? Questions? Martin Risgaard Rasmussen @Risgaard Thank you!