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Extended and updated: Yammer - from 0 to 1500 in three weeks


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Extended and updated: Yammer - from 0 to 1500 in three weeks

  1. 1. Yammer – From 0 to 1500 users in 3 weeksMartin @Risgaard RasmussenSocial Sharepoint Day, Copenhagen, June 2013
  2. 2. Introduction: Me#Intranatverk
  3. 3. In this presentation…• A few words about the company• How we work with Social Business in Grundfos• Yammer – how it all began• Three small successes• Five important learnings
  4. 4. Grundfos in brief• Founded in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen• Annual production of more than16 million pump units• The world’s largest manufacturer ofpumps and pump systems• Turnover of DKK 21 billion (EUR 2.84 bn)in 2011• More than 19,000 employees worldwideOwnershipThe Grundfos PurposeGrundfos is a global leader in advanced pumpsolutions and a trendsetter in water technology.We contribute to global sustainability bypioneering technologies that improve quality of lifefor people and care for the planet.
  5. 5. Social Business in Grundfos
  6. 6. Let’s start with why*…The Global Working Culture initiative is bornout of Carstens Bjergs intent of creating aglobal organisation where everyone worksand collaborates as effectively as if all were‘sitting under the same roof’.-Global Working Culture charter, 2011*Check out Simon Sinek on TED – ”Start With Why”’s also a book, but just stick to the TED talk if you don’t want to end up asking yourself WHY you bought the book…
  7. 7. The Nature of Social Empowerment!Source: Ethan McCarty, @ethanmcc (2013)Why we believe in SocialEmpowermentSocial Empowerment: Webuild a web of trust byempowering our employees inDigital/Social Media, extendingour reach, our messageamplification, as well aslistening capabilities.Volume = XContact Surface = 300*YVolume = XContact Surface = Y
  8. 8. Social Business Strategy FrameworkCONNECTIVITY• Improved cross companycollaboration• Increased speed to expertiseCOST REDUCTION• Lower communication costs• Reduced operational costs• Reduced travel and meeting costPRODUCTIVITY• Faster product development cycles• Shorter customer support cycles• Better decision makingREVENUE• Improved global sales and marketingeffectiveness• Customer satisfaction and retentionDigital Literacy• Training Programs• Workshops• Smartworker• Collaboration GuideNetworked Culture• Leadership Development• Maturity Assessments• Communication & Collaboration• Lead Node NetworksCommunity Mgmt• Internal Communities• Branded Online Communities• Leadership ComponentChange drivers• Top-down Vision, Communication Plan, New InSite,Mobile Engagement & Work, Governance• Bottom up: Pilots, Viral Adoption, Local ProblemSolving.Pilot projectsCultural ChangeBusiness Results
  9. 9. 1 small step towards a more social business…
  10. 10. We need something new!(Workshop in Copenhagen)”How can we use social media toconnect people before they meetphysically in Copenhagen?”The Approach• 2 ”IT guys” called in to help…• 4 Community managers appointed• 40 Invitations sent out two weeksbefore the event.• Hosts posted new content regularlyto encourage feedback• Secondary purpose: Yammer wouldallow users to involve ”people athome” in the workshop.
  11. 11. Success stories
  12. 12. Global Talent Event 2013The Challenge:48-hour strategic assignment to be solved by 4 globalteams – no travelling allowed.The approach:• Utilize virtual collaboration tools to stayconnected.• High degree of autonomy – focus on tasks• Work 24/7 with virtual handover to participants inother parts of the world.The result:• 3 out of 5 from top mgmt engaged on Yammer• A ”WOW” experience for many participants• Great solutions at a fraction of the normal costWhat did the participants say?
  13. 13. The Challenge:Q&A on what is going to happen when Grundfosmoves from Lotus Notes to OutlookThe approach:• Everyone in IS invited before quaterly info meetingto participate in online Q&A immediately after theinfo meeting where the latest updates were given.• No time for Q&A at the meeting.• Project sponsor in the red chair to answerquestions for 1 hour.The result:• 80 participants• 19 active contributors• 29 questions asked• 48 replies given• 1 happy project sponsor who is already planningnext YamJamInformation Services YamJamThis session is miraculously good… This ismuch better than sending a email to askquestions where the response at times isslow.-Participant quote
  14. 14. 5 Important Lessons Learned
  15. 15. Lesson 1: It all starts with a purposeContributionFeedbackDecisions/UnderstandingChangeReceivesEnablesCreatesEncouragesPurpose…Results!The Commitment Loop
  16. 16. Lesson 2: Respect the 90:9:1principle*Image credit: Jake McKee*The number of people who create content on the Internet represents approximately 1% (or less) of the people actuallyviewing that content. For example, for every person who posts on a forum, generally about 99 other people are viewing thatforum but not posting. (from Wikipedia)
  17. 17. Lesson 3: Communicate, CommunicateAn unplanned ‘Yammer explosion’ is like a virus: Itcauses disruption that makes people uncomfortable sothe ‘company immune system’ tries to get rid of it.• Think about your user adoption strategy from day 1both for early and late adopters.• Create guidelines for social media use• ”It’s OK… You’ll feel better tomorrow!”And most importantly:• Explain the Why, How, and What asearly as possible.Recommended read!
  18. 18. Lesson 4: Show me the money!…or rather: Make the value visible!• Promote the good examples• Praise the creators personally• Create a tag for good content• Encourage and facilitate…and as a nice bonus you end up withsome very useful arguments for discussionswith people who label Yammer as a wasteof time 
  19. 19. Wasting time…?Relevancy is always in the eye ofthe beholder!
  20. 20. Lesson 5: Be available and honest!Don’t just launch and leave! Yammer is a new wayof working for many and people need to learn how!Support the learning process.Don’t argue and defend! People will call Yammer‘crap’ and do it to your face. Ask for reasons ratherthan evidence. Keep calm…Do get out there – talk to people! People will belooking for heroes and help. From a personal brandingperspective, here’s your chance!Do get the security guys on board! Involve themearly, but be prepared to stand your ground!
  21. 21. So what’s next for Grundfos?
  22. 22. The 6 things social media does wellImage credit:
  23. 23. What’s the ROIi=0R=∞R>0….Means that…….but we need to prove that…….in reality. And that’s not easy.
  24. 24. Our lessons – summarized1. It all starts with a purpose – The more specific thebetter.2. The 90:9:1 principle is real – Community managersand champions are vital!3. Communicate loud and clear what Yammer is and isn’t – and be veryhonest about where it fits and where it doesn’t.4. Show the value when it becomes apparent – Impossible to show up front,but emerges early – although it will be anecdotal at first.5. Find some comfy shoes and get out there. Be available! – YOU are theYammer guy or girl (sometimes the ”Yammer geek” so make sure to wearyour thick skin as well…)
  25. 25. Comments? Questions?Martin Risgaard Rasmussen@Risgaardhttp://connaxions.wordpress.comThank you!
  26. 26.…blogs about Grundfos’ Social Journey@SocBizJourneyRead more on…Christian Martin Thomas