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How To Drive Qualified Leads With Webinars and Live Events


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Using webinars and seminars for lead generation? There are many ways to target prospects for your event, from search engine marketing to email marketing and social media marketing. In this deck, we'll go beyond the basics to uncover the hidden tools that can help you drive the leads you want - and filter out the ones you don't. You'll walk away with tips and tactics you can apply to the channels and services you're already using, without increasing your budget, but with amazing results.

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How To Drive Qualified Leads With Webinars and Live Events

  1. 1. How to Drive Qualified Leads with Webinars and Live Events A Bluebird University Webinar hosted by Rosanne Kinder, VP
  2. 2. About Bluebird University • Rosanne Kinder –Oversaw the Institute for Educational Excellence organizing 250 seminars and 10,000 registrants a year –Instructional Designer at ADP –M.A. from Montclair University; Senior Professional Human Resource Certification (SPHR) • Aimee Kessler Evans –15 years online/offline marketing experience – including dozens of webinars and events –Former marketer for companies including MarketingSherpa, Zeta Interactive (f/k/a DigitalGrit) and Premiere Global, among others. • Bluebird University –Bluebird University produces customized, high quality seminars and webinars to drive targeted leads for your company, retain and educate current customers, or deliver dynamic training programs for staff or clients.
  3. 3. Webinars at every stage of the sales cycle Webinars for training, introducing new Webinars are product features, etc. awareness-raising events. Retention Awareness Customer Because they work: • Generate leads and engage Acquisition them • For traditional B-to-B's, they're Webinars for lead the online equivalent of the gen, prospecting. free sample
  4. 4. Agenda • Listening • Choosing a great title • Outbound communications • Registration Form • Speaker • Content • Technology • Follow Up
  5. 5. Targeting starts with listening • Read blogs in your target's space o Sites like Technorati search for relevant blogs and other media on a keyword basis o Services like Radian6, Techrigy and TrackUR • Set up Google Alerts • Read industry trades, know what their pain points are
  6. 6. Identify your target's specific pain point … … there's your topic! “Any suggestions on preparing for a flu “We don’t have pandemic?” a social media policy for our company!” “What else can we do to green our office?”
  7. 7. The Power of a Title…. • Your title can not only entice your audience to register, it can also filter out the wrong prospects. –PA's Electricity Deregulation: How to Save Money with Electric Choice– This Bluebird University webinar targeted energy managers at Pennsylvania-based companies –Insider Secrets of SEO for Global Companies – The term “global” will deter smaller companies –How Today's HR Departments are Preparing for the Flu Pandemic – “HR Departments” are generally only found in medium/large companies
  8. 8. Targeting in your outbound communications A moment to get back to basics… • Choose the right list: House, rented, or sponsored email • Press release: Target the right publications - and ONLY the right publications • Share your event with relevant LinkedIn groups/Industry calendars • Don’t forget the low-hanging fruit – your email signature, LinkedIn and Facebook status Make sure you’re tracking an measuring performance! Use tracking code if you have a full analytics suite…otherwise try a tool like, which shortens URLs and delivers basic traffic source info.
  9. 9. Use your registration form • You can't sift out all the small fish (but that’s OK!) • Add a few filtering form fields • Don’t neglect best practices…
  10. 10. Target with your speakers •Pick an industry hero (ex. Rich Costello) •Can speak WITH your representative, if appropriate as a co- facilitator •Attracts the right audience •Proves your credibility
  11. 11. You can even target with your technology Targeting early adopters and tech-types? Walk the walk by using cutting-edge presentation tools.
  12. 12. Use your content • Always, always demand great content • NEVER sell • OK to include one slide that introduces your company • Content should address a pain point that is highly specific to your niche audience - and offer solutions (but not solve it completely)
  13. 13. Follow up • Thank everyone. – Just because a fish is small today, doesn't mean they won't move on an become a bigger fish someday. Make a friend now - they will want to work with you later! • Create follow-up opportunities – more webinars, a transcript or webinar slides… Remember your manners!
  14. 14. Questions??
  15. 15. Thank you! Rosanne Kinder Aimee Kessler Evans 908.500.4732 973.568.8411