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Procedure text


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procedural text

Published in: Education
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Procedure text

  1. 1. Procedure Text
  2. 2. Purpose  Procedure text is a text that gives some clues of how to do something through a series of actions.
  3. 3. Generic structure  Goal : to give information what we need.  Ingredients/materials: things that you need to make an object.  Steps/ method : the information about making an object.
  4. 4. Conjunction which is usually used in procedure text are:  Next  After that  Then  Finally
  5. 5. Example Goal : How to make a noodle Ingredients : noodle and water Steps : 1. First, put the noodle and condiment (mixed vegetable) into 550 ml the boiling water and simmer for 3 minutes. 2. Next, pour noodle into bowl and all seasoning. Mix well. 3. Finally, noodle is ready to be served.