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Launching a Mobile Phone On Instagram with Influencer Marketing - Photographers Praise the All New MotoX Play


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Highlighting an Exceptional Mobile Feature through Instagram Influencers

Flipkart collaborated with Ripple Links to design and execute a campaign promoting one of their exclusive The Moto X Play. The objective was to highlight the smartphone's remarkable 21MP camera.

By conducting the campaign solely on Instagram, Ripple Links decided to draw exclusive attention to the smartphone's photographic abilities.
Four premium influencers, who were expert Instagrammers and avid documentarians, were brought on board.
The campaign would accentuate the cutting edge technology behind the phone's camera, by showcasing high-quality photos taken by influencers using the said camera.
An aspirational experience was created through the mobile's association with premium influencers.

Each influencer was given a phone and had to photograph specific activities over the course of a single day. They shared the resulting photos with Ripple Links and Flipkart. Flipkart Instagrammed these images, which the influencers then regrammed.

The influencers came from the highly visual fields of food, fashion, and photography, such as:
- Stephanie, a fashion influencer with 78K followers
- Shivesh, a food connoisseur with 56.8K followers
- Chirag, a photography enthusiast with 32.2K followers
- Ravi, a photography enthusiast with 35K followers

With 61 Instagram posts, we garnered 24,151 likes and a potential reach of 1,453,223.

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