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Healthcare Twitter Case Study


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How a healthcare brand amplified brand awareness and built brand engagement through interactive Twitter chats with its audience on various health topics.

Published in: Marketing
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Healthcare Twitter Case Study

  1. 1. How A Multi-Specialty Hospital Overcame The Toughest Healthcare Industry Challenges Multi Specialty Hospital Improve Brand Value Engaging posts on Social channels in line with event agenda to reach the right audience Highly relevant Blog posts by the Brand and Industry Influencers Building Awareness among the Targeted Community on Health sites & Forums Amplification through Facebook Ads 412 + 247 tweets in just 96 1 hour 1,006,903 + Increase in Twitter followers Are you a healthcare brand trying to have a strong digital presence? Let's talk - by 13% Heightened visibility for the brand Digital media savvy aged 25 to 40yrs The time of the chat was chosen based on the research around online behaviour of the Target Group 20+ Centers across the Country Connect the consumers with Specialist Doctors Address concerns on social platforms because of the active presence of Target Group Create month-on-month sustained interest on the brand’s offerings Focus on different specialties Enhance ‘Buzz’ around the Brand Improve Customer Advocacy Build Awareness about Expertise and Specialties