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Influencer Marketing Use Case in the Banking Sector - Amplifying Brand Values Among Consumers of State Bank Of India


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Amplification of Brand Values Through Influencers with Stories that Resonate Emotionally with the Brand's Message.

SBI Life Insurance is one of the most trusted brands in Life Insurance in the Indian Market, The company brand values of Trustworthiness, Ambition, Innovation, Dynamism and Excellence resonates the Indian Family and their Values.

The objective of the brand was:
- To create an Emotional Connect with viewers and make them recall their dad or great dads in their life
- To maximize the reach of the Video and Brand 'Values of Family and Trust
- To build a relationship with consumers and potential consumers

To achieve the set targets, Influencers in the categories of Finance„ Parenting, Personal and Lifestyle were identified based on their:
- Online social presence,
- Quality of blogs,
- Engagement with their readers, and
- The level of influence among the target audience.

The Influencer Panel, consequently, comprised of Premier Parenting, Personal, Finance and Lifestyle Bloggers in Metros and Tier I Cities and, the content was closely monitored and filtered to ensure high quality.

Ripple Links strategised a well-crafted pitch in order to entice the influencers to watch the video and identify with the family in it. We constantly communicated with Influencers to ensure that quality of the blog and timing of the post aligned with brand objectives.

Ripple Links worked closely with the Influencers to ensure that the Brand Message to the TG was prominent. Influencers were encouraged to share their posts on their social channels to amplify the campaign reach.

The Results:
- Total Engagement on Blogs: 645
- Total Facebook Reach: 91,059
- Total Twitter Reach: 75,143+
- Web Reach: 1,02,5000+
- Total Reach: 11,91,202

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