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Ripple6™ helps marketers and publishers implement their business strategy through social media. The company provides an enterprise white label social media platform to create consumer engagements and relationships, enhance social marketing, generate consumer insights, and facilitate commerce and collaboration. It is easily customized to incorporate a brand's look and feel for integration into an existing web site or to create an entirely new site. Ripple6 a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), is based in New York and its list of clients and partners includes P&G, Meredith Corporation, and General Mills. For more information, go to

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Ripple6 Webinar

  1. 1. Social Media Innovation Driving Revenue Presented by: Chris Kieff, Director of Marketing 646-254-6786
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • Who is Ripple6? • Our Social Media Philosophy • The Ripple6 Platform • Features and Benefits • New Revenue Opportunities • Review • Q&A
  3. 3. Who is Ripple6? • Founded 2006 • Wholly-owned subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. • Social Media Software Platform • Strategic Innovation Partner • Partners – Procter & Gamble, Gannett, Meredith, General Mills • Management Team – Net Perceptions (Amazon), McKinsey, SPSS, Microsoft,, Double-Click
  4. 4. How We Apply Our Technology To Existing Sites… To Create New Sites… Ripple Technology Cloud Communities Social Insights Ask/ Answer Smart Groups Registration Member Home Pages Content Management Member Profiles Groups Ratings Recommendations Abuse Reporting Invitations Friends Message Boards Branded Micro-Sites Subscriptions Notifications Search Tags Video Integration RSS Photo Sharing Blogs Ad Serving API’s
  5. 5. Who is Ripple6? Each site is unique in: – Style – Layout – Look & Feel
  6. 6. Our Social Media Philosophy • Focus on the Audience – Members • Who is the person? • Stated preferences • Profile information – Connections • Established relationships • Creating relationships – Content • Facilitating conversations • Enticing and engaging information
  7. 7. Generating Insights A basis to understand the social media components of any segment of a website or marketing program. Profiles Connections Content What do they find What kinds of What are people important or relationship are talking about? valuable? forming? Am I achieving my objectives?
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing – “AIM” Analytics Marketing Insights
  9. 9. Social Analytics vs. Web Analytics Web Analytics: Social Analytics – Visitor Metrics – Influential Members – Length of Visit – Content Value – Page Views – Content Lifespan – Referral Source – Member Engagement Metrics – Ad Effectiveness – Communication Preferences
  10. 10. Example Insights from Ripple Analytics Ages of Mom’s Ages of Children 16% 16% 30% 31% 23% 52% 26% Member’s Interests Top 6 Forums 1. Friends & Family (13%) 1. My Stories 2. Food & Dining (9.4%) 2. Our Site 3. Movies & Books (8.9%) 3. Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery 4. Health (8.8%) 4. Family 5. Beauty & Fashion (6.9%) 5. Babies & Toddlers Sports & Fitness (6.9%)
  11. 11. Ripple Analytics
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing – “AIM” Analytics Marketing Insights
  13. 13. The problem of online community research • Individual community creation per project not sustainable • Research fatigue of long-term participants • Barriers to user participation – Silo sites – Member interest • Lack of nimbleness
  14. 14. Ripple6 Social Insights Options • Three ways to use online communities for social market research: 1. Independent Build your own research community 2. Embedded Embed a research group into one or more existing social networks 3. Hybrid Build a community and embed parts of it in other communities • Ripple6 research services available as needed
  15. 15. Social Insights - Independent • A social network built for you to do market research – Filled with many insights groups • Each corresponds to a different research project or study – Create new groups for each new project or study – Recruit from existing members -- or -- Invite a new panel to participate
  16. 16. Social Insights - Embedded • No need for a full-scale community. Create a single insights group. • Embed this group within one or more existing social networks. • Recruit members from these networks to become your participants. Insights Group
  17. 17. Social Insights – Hybrid Individual groups within your research network can be embedded in other networks. Increase the reach of your research. Recruit from both your own panel and the networks you are in. Projects can occur solely within your community and/or in others for more breadth.
  18. 18. Benefits of Social Insights • New Revenue Opportunity of Consumer Research from within the community. • Enhances the Consumer-to- Brand relationship. • Enhances the Brand-to- Publisher relationship, more than just another advertising channel. • Integrated Analytics
  19. 19. Social Media Marketing – “AIM” Analytics Marketing Insights
  20. 20. Ripple6 Cloud Communities • Cloud Communities™ – One brand community – Across many networks – In the customer’s place
  21. 21. Create Relationships with Consumers • New Revenue Opportunity • One community that exists within and across multiple social networks. • Syndicates content and community memberships. • Engages consumers on their terms and in their place.
  22. 22. Cloud Community Benefits • New Revenue Opportunity • Easy for marketers to manage and control less effort - No need for multiple micro sites • More interaction with multiple audiences • Integrated Analytics
  23. 23. Review • Who is Ripple6? • Our Social Media Philosophy • The Ripple6 Platform • Features and Benefits • New Revenue Opportunities • Review • Q&A
  24. 24. Q&A Chris Kieff 646-254-6786