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Us2 iaa


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Us2 iaa

  1. 1. Cities  There are many important cities in the United States  These cities have their own industries  These cities also work together to keep the country functioning  They have their own unique culture and style that is also “American”
  2. 2. New York City  Largest city in the United States  Home to Wall Street, many sports teams and many attractions.  New York boasts of many universities including Columbia University and New York University.  New York is called “The city that never sleeps.”
  3. 3. Los Angeles  Los Angeles, also known as LA, is home to the country’s booming movie industry aka Hollywood  LA is located in California, a state that boarders the Pacific Ocean  Los Angeles is a warm city on the pacific ocean  Much of its culture is “beach culture”  Many wealthy citizens live in Los Angeles, not only because of the movie industry, but because of the beautiful weather and wonderful natural views.
  4. 4. San Francisco  Also located in California, San Francisco is culturally distinct from Los Angeles  During the 1960’s San Francisco boasted of many different music acts including The Grateful Dead  San Francisco is heavily influenced by Spanish culture, hence the name of the city  San Francisco is home to many different landmarks including The Golden Gate Bridge
  5. 5. Miami  Miami is also a warm city with an almost tropical climate  Miami, due to its proximity to the Caribbean, has many Latin American and Caribbean influences  Miami has a booming music and club scene  Older Americans have been known to retire in Miami, but there is still a strong youth culture.
  6. 6. Seattle  Seattle sits on the west coast of the United States in a region called The Pacific Northwest  Seattle has a vibrant fishing industry as well as a vibrant tourist industry  Seattle is the birthplace of American coffee culture. Starbucks is a Seattle original.  Seattle is also the birthplace of grunge music.  Many computer companies like Microsoft and IBM are located in Seattle.
  7. 7. Chicago  Chicago is located in a region of the United States known as the Midwest  Chicago is known as “the second city” and “the windy city”  Chicago is located on Lake Michigan  Chicago’s Sears Tower was once the tallest building in the world
  8. 8. Boston  Boston is one of the oldest cities in America  Boston boasts of some of the country’s most prestigious universities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University  Boston is located in a section of the US known as New England  Boston played a prominent role in the American Revolution
  9. 9. Washington, DC  Washington, DC is the capital of the United States  The federal American government is located there  Washington, DC is named after the United States’ first president George Washington  Washington, DC boasts of many museums and federal monuments, including memorials to fallen soldiers and former leaders
  10. 10. Regions  Because the United States is so large there are many different regions  While the country is not divided there are cultural differences in each of the regions.  Each region boasts of its own food, music and way of life
  11. 11. New England
  12. 12. Mid-Atlantic
  13. 13. The South
  14. 14. The Midwest
  15. 15. The Southwest
  16. 16. The West
  17. 17. The Pacific Northwest
  18. 18. Natural Wonders  The United States has a very diverse geography.  There are many different geographical landmarks in the United States all unique to the place they come from.  Many of the states in the US boast of different geographical features.
  19. 19. The Grand Canyon
  20. 20. The Rocky Mountains
  21. 21. The Smokey Mountains
  22. 22. The Mississippi River
  23. 23. The Great Lakes
  24. 24. Tundra - Alaska
  25. 25. Tropical – Hawaii
  26. 26. Overview  The United States is a diverse country with many cities, national landmarks and different kinds of geography  While all these different places have their own culture and flavor they are also distinctly American.  Because the US is so diverse it is a country that is able to accommodate diversity and other cultures.