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Bem chong's (autosaved)

  1. 1. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 1 Content TITLE Pages Acknowledgement 2 Introduction 3 - 4 Objectives 5 Company Profile 6 - 7 Working Routine 8 Daily Log Products and Services 9 Marketing 10 Finance of Business 11 Discussion 11 Opinions/Solutions for the Company 12 Conclusion
  2. 2. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 2 Introduction of SIEP Started from last first semester, our second year FASA students were likely to involve in this academic program which based on entrepreneur namely “Student in Enterprise Program” (SIEP). This program will take place in any outlet or entrepreneur based company for ten days training launch. The main purpose of SIEP program is to provide an opportunity to each FASA students to the world of enterprise. Entrepreneur and merchant are the sources and branch of learning activity to enhance the ability of enterprise in each student. This program enables the students to seek for the knowledge of enterprise and business. In other words, this program is seen to be an efficiency method to enroll the culture of enterprise based on agro industry and natural resources. Besides, with these meaningful programmes, students will able to expose to the real entrepreneur world which full of competence and the risk that will facing in business. Step out from the lecturer room, students can more understand the flow of system which running in each real business which is running. Some knowledge and experience that can‟t get from the text book can thrive via this program too.
  3. 3. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 3 Objectives Firstly, to know the company background and the owner‟s background. During the leisure time, I communicated with the owner in order to know about the company background and the owner‟s background. The owner is not educates in higher institution and he hadn‟t finished his study at SPM level. He had married and there are three children. The owner didn‟t have any main purpose to operate the business when he started the business and he just to make use of the space of the shop lot because not need to paid any rental. Secondly, to observe the working environment. I am observed the working environment and the location of the hawker stall. I found that hawker stall althogh is very simple and without roof. But it will looks more convenience to the owner to operate the business every day. The stall is very strategic because the stall is located at a street corner which nearby the town area, residential area, and the factory. Nevertheless the stall is quite small and not enough the space. Thirdly, to build up the good relationship with the owner. During the free time, I chatted with the owner so as to keep the good and close relationship with the owner. Via the chatting, I gain a lot of treasure experiences from the owner. Besides that, the owner also gave a lot of advices to me on the business and told me about her business and life philosophy during her span time to me. It is very scarce and beneficial to me in the coming year. Through the chatting, I felt that the owner is a person who friendly, decent and kind. Fourthly, to learn management skill of the business. I learnt the methods of management from the owner for instance doing account, communication skill and to name a few. All the things are done by the owner alone. Some point to highlight here is the skill which involve in human resource management skills.
  4. 4. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 4 Fifthly, analyze the customer service which implement by owner on the business. The owner implements the excellent customer service to the customers. The attitude of the owner is very manner, decent, friendly and polite. Therefore, the customers will purchase again and again. Besides that, the owner also provides the delivery service to the customers. All of the reasons make the business gain the optimism profits. Sixthly, to understand the interaction between the owner with the customer and the supplier. The owner keeps the good relationship with the customers and supplier. The owner knows how to show understanding with the customers and supplier. The owner will give the credit service to the poor family. Lastly, to understand the importance of negotiation skill and communication skill. I learnt about the importance of the negotiation skill and communication skill on the business. It is because those skills will be applied on the business every day. For example, when the customer bargain the price with the owner and the owner bargain the price with the supplier.
  5. 5. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 5 Background of Company Kuan Gei Porridge Stall This small business is located in Jalan Seladang, 55100 K.L. This stall is open at year 2000. al and old design; we can saw this business has come over a period of times. Mr. Lim can be said that he is a very experience entrepreneur who can handle his business well. From Mr. Ng Kok Kaw„s house reached the stall need 5 minutes by driving and this business has started since 2000, which has 9 years old. The job of entrepreneur is sell variety choice of porridges.
  6. 6. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 6 Company organization Basically, this small business is operated by Mr. Ng and his family. This simple and small business is enough to be operated by small amount of man power. Now almost Mr. Ng has passes his business to his son to operate his business. Mr. Ng now is act like an advisor to his son, and make sure his business can be run well. Every weekday, Mr. Ng will only open his stall early in the morning with his wife. This small organization of company only formed by Mr. Lim himself and his family and also 4 foreign workers. It seem that Mr. Lim business can run in a fewer manpower. Normally, their business can run well without any manpower problem since their company organization seem to run well in a stable manner. Mr. Ng Kow Kaw who is 43 years old. Who is the heir of his father business. The current company holder.
  7. 7. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 7 Mr Ng‟s father, Ng Wah Hing the founder of this company. Foreign worker who responsible for washing dishes. Kitchen
  8. 8. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 8 Working routine 0800 ~ Get ready and go to market buy ingredients 1100 ~ Set up everything, start cooking 1400 ~ started to get ready to open stall 16000 ~ start the business 1800 ~ This is the peak hour for the business 2200 ~ Close, cleaning the place 2230 ~ Closing accounts 2245 ~ The end of the business day
  9. 9. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 9 Products and services This porridge stalls have sell variety choices of taste, which are in fish fillet porridge, pork porridge, chicken porridge, salted egg porridge, and assorted pork porridge. Although this porridge stalls is small, but it full of variety choices. Customers can find their needs and wants here. Mr. Lim will always give his best service to his customers keenly. He will try his best to fulfill the needs of customers. The porridge that cooks by Mr. Ng is awesome and tasty. The services that Mr. Ng provides also were fantastically attentive. That‟s the reason for his customers like to visit his shop frequently. A bowl of porridge that Mr. Ng sold is very cheap and valuable. One bowl only at RM3.80 which compare to the recent market sales is RM 4.50 per bowl. Because of the cheaper price provide by Mr. Ng, customers are like to having their diner there to enjoy an economic but delicacy meal.
  10. 10. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 10 Marketing Targeted customers are mostly come from around that area, but there are also have some customers come from other place once in a blue moon. Majority of those customers are come from the residential area nearby there. Of course there also sometimes have some tourist visit Mr. Ng‟s stall since his porridge is well known at that area of town. The second follower will be the officer who works at that area; they will come and took their dinner at Mr. Ng stall after finish work. Since Mr. Ng stall is situated at bank area, most of the customers also come from banker. From the area of Mr. Ng‟s stall, there have some competitors. Mainly are restaurants or café nearby that area. There also have some competitors come from hawker centre too. These kind of competitors may cause some threaten to Mr. Lim business. According my observation and interview with customers, they like to choose to visit Mr. Lim shop because this shop has provides nice service for quite a long period. They already use to visit to this shop and will continue visit him. Also, they enjoy to having meal in an open air environment. Apart from that, the cheaper price that provide by Mr. Ng is one of the reason that why many customers choose to visit his stalls.
  11. 11. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 11 Finance of business Normally, Mr. Ng can finish sold out 2 big container of porridge. Customers are always come at the peak hours which are dinner time. From my observation and prediction, his daily rough income unofficially can reach till 2 thousands dollar before deduct everything. In most of the porridge he sold, the most welcome and sold like hot cakes is chicken porridge. This happened because most of the customers are love the unique taste of the chicken porridge recipe. This may lead to this flavor porridge selling fast. Discussions Compare to those competitors, I have do some comparison on Mr. Lim‟s business strengths and weaknesses. Strengths  1) Easy to handle since the stall‟s scale is small 2) Strategic location since his shop is located at the main town. 3) Provided variety of choice to customers although its space limited 4) Cheaper price of porridge compare to those sell in restaurant Weaknesses  1) Limited space to accommodate more customers 2) No promotion 3) Have to use other people premise to do his business
  12. 12. UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA KELANTAN 12 Opinions/solutions for the company On my points of view, I would like to suggest that Mr. Ng should owned a restaurant to settle some problem which affected by weather. I think that he can seek for a shop lot to continue his business in no fear of weather affected especially during rainy days. In this conjunction, he also can deal with the problem that customers not enough seat and have to queue up for empty seat. It can say that hit two bird with one stone. Other than that, he also can hire more workers. So that he would not so busy to work and sometimes in peak hour he can‟t control so much of customers. And also with hire one more worker will help him to control the cleanliness and more hygienic for the business place. This is important because sometimes he is too busy and cannot cover the job completely. Lastly, I also suggest that Mr. Lim should give do more promotion for his business, so that more people will know his own special tasty recipe. This action will give customers a comfortable feeling. This can greatly attract more customers come to visit his stall.