Women’s Fashion Retailer Grows Online Traffic by 250% with Rio SEO Local


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Learn how Women’s Fashion Retailer Charming Charlie increased Online Traffic by 250% with Rio SEO Local and saved money at the same time! With over 300 retail stores, and more on the way, Charming Charlie’s, is an award-winning fashion accessories retailer. Known for a one-of-a-kind source of style they’ve been helping women find their fabulous fashion accessories since 2004.

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  • Anna – housekeeping notes
  • Anna  I’d like to introduce our speaker today, Rand Schulman. As many of you know, Rand’s an early pioneer of digital marketing. He was founder and CEO of one of the first SaaS-based Web-Analytics companies, Keylime Software which was acquired by Yahoo…. and he went on from there to lead marketing and products at Webtrends, and WebSideStorythrough its IPO, which was later acquired by Omniture/Adobe. Rand was a co-founder, board member and is an emeritus board director of the Web Analytics Association, now the Digital Marketing Association; and is an Executive-in-Residence at the University of the Pacific for New Media and Marketing. He currently advises numerous mobile and social media companies, as well as larger organizations like SRI and VCs  about disruptive marketing trends.  Rand is widely quoted and has numerous published articles on digital marketing and his latest work will be released on Convergence Analytics, published by Incisive Media, later this  month SES.
Welcome Rand.----- Meeting Notes (3/6/13 15:39) -----
  • Thanks Anna. As we all know, the Rules  for search are Changing:  and in today’s landscape, the old SEO rules no longer apply. Sure, It’s important to use targeted keywords throughout your website, but unfortunately, your competitors are all using the same keywords. And with the acceleration of social media and smartphones user behavior has changed significantly. The good news, to accommodate incredible advancements in hardware and software technologies, search engines have implemented geo-tracking technology, part of what I call a “relevance bubble”, or marketing in the context of the search, personalize to the individual’s location.   These advancements enables search engines to know where a user is located at the moment a search is conducted. With  this geo-tracking information, the search engines can give the user local search results for the service they are seeking within a local radius of their location. So, Theoretically, If your store is located within that radius, you are highly visible to that user – and the search engine will put your business in the first results that user sees. That’s the basics of how it works
  • Sources such as Google and Comscorestate that 70% of online searches a local search, but geo-tracking isn’t the only new development in local online visibility. Social recommendations are also new key development, as they show online activity surrounding a business. Here are a few examples of social recommendations that impact Local search results   “Liking” a business on Facebook and “Likes” of your friends influencing Bing results Twitter mentions of businesses Customer reviews on search engines and consumer review sites like yelp I’m sure you’ve seen all the new BING ads talking about the integration of all of these digital chAnnals! These factors along with a ton of others, like MAPS where your located and directions, come together to form a profile for your business, one that search engines will either favor or not. How much they favor it is what determines your online visibility. How informative they are impacts your users experience and engagement. 
  • Rand- Several Retailers, like charming charlie, Adiddas and RadioShack are seeing very strong results. In fact it’s has been widely noted that RadioShack, which recently streamlined its mobile site to make it easier for shoppers has achieved fantastic results. Their streamlining includes a mobile, touch-optimized store locator, with click-to-call and GPS functionality. Here’s the bottom line - After its launch, the retailer found the average order value increased by 30 percent.And, an analysis of four months' worth of data, found that 36 percent of clicks were on its store locator page. Based on internal data, they estimated that 40 to 60 percent of clicks on its store locator resulted in visits to a physical store. Of those who did shop at a store, 85 percent made a purchase.So remember that Local impacts your customer experience and their ability to find your store both ONLINE and in the real world and research is showing it’s actually hitting your bottom line by increasing conversion rates and in store revenue per customer.
  • Rand- Today’s guest will share her experience using Rio Software and their Conversion which, is also equally off the charts where they are seeing 99% Local coverage on their first page for non-branded search terms, up five times and a year over year increase in online traffic of 250%But first we have Bill Connard here today to explain how the software works and Kim LaFleur from Charming Charlie to talk about the results that they’ve seen.
  • Let me give a brief introduction to Bill who is the visionary behind local search experience. Bill has been working with retailers for almost ten years (a little more on Bill here)…So Bill, over to you…. 
  • Bill to talk about the goodness of our CMS and the dashboard functions that not only saved charming charlie time, but also provides analytics and reporting on local search success
  • Local is not just one area on one 1 search engine. It is very diverse & Takes Separate concepts and strategies to achieve results across the entire Local search Eco-systemOver the last 7 years I have defined 5 Majors areas of focus that are needed to maximize your local search presence.Building local landing pagesBuilding mobile landing pagesDefining and applying best practice local seoClaiming and optimizing map listings on the 3 major search enginesValidate and verifying Name, Address, Phone Number and business categories to the information services and internet yellow pages where your business listings reside
  • Bill- Searching on Google maps on the iPhone served charming charlie #1 for results using the term “Fashion Accessories” and with one click took my to the Rio SEO powered mobile landing pageAllows you to output optimized bulk feeds to the 3 major search engines with just a click of a button.Claim and optimize map listings in bulk through our optimized feed for better relevance and consistent informationThese feeds also inject the local landing pages into the map listing. Google maps now evaluates landing page urls that are attached to the map listings They rank businesses higher with attached landing pages that has local content and best practice SEO.Higher Rankings through validated & optimized local business dataSave time with bulk upload feeds to information services like, infoUSA, localeze, & AcxiomGet Found through in-car GPS navigation systems & other devicesDeliver Near real-time data distributionRand- Thanks Bill
  • Rand- And now our special guest Kim LaFleur, the VP of eCommerce at charming charlie. Kim LaFleur is the Vice-President of eCommerce for Charming Charlie where she is leading the launch of online shopping for the rapid growth retail fashion jewelry and accessories brand. Most recently she served as the EVP of Digital Product & Online Marketing for Branded Online where she directed User Experience, Site Optimization, & Site Marketing for numerous Fashion & Apparel brands.Prior to that she honed her skills in search and online advertising as the VP of Product for Local.com; and developed online ecommerce sites for major consumer electronics manufacturers as the Sr. Director of Product for Digital River Inc. Kim has been taking brands online successfully for 15 years. Rand – So Kim why don’t you start your presentation by descring for our listeners your local search. 
  • Kim - Thank’s Rand. I’m excited to share these results with you today. So, let’s take a look to see where we are today and I’d like to show you some examples for our Local results from our San Diego store Location This slide shows you that for our Non-branded search, “fashion accessories San Diego” in the top box, we are the top organic result with an additional link to our SD city page also optimized for SD.IN the box below, you can also see our local page in the map listings for customers searching for their local store closest to their search location. This listing goes directly to the local store landing page for a optimized user experience.We used manyof the tools and processes that Bill just spoke about. And while I’m only showing you these results from our San Diego store on this slide, we have equally strong results from our other 240 local storelocations where we’re now found on the first page multiple times.Next Slide
  • Rand Question – Kim that’s great. Can you tell our listeners how long it took you before you startedseeing results? Kim - The results have been great and took us less than a month to see our local landing pages appearing in the search results, where we didn’t have any before. So, not only do we have the first page positions, which you saw on the last slide, we also saw our listings distributed in the Map packs with links to our local store pages. This is exactly the relevance that the search engines are looking for. In addition, you can see the chart on this slide showing the growth in of impressions on the first page, from 0.5 impressions to 2.5 impression 90 days later. And, that growth is an average across the main search engines - Google Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Rand - We’ve all read a lot about the importance of mobile for search in the last few months. What are you guys experiencing?Kim – That’s right Rand. Another interesting data point is the total number of searches we’re seeing from mobile which is up to 55% of all of our traffic on the local platform. But what’s even more interesting is that 75% of those are all new visitors to our site... all coming from mobile.By having a mobile presence, we are now able to optimize and target the exploding adoption of mobile for discovering local business, products and for social sharing. We can now insure that our desktop experience is translated into a mobile first environment.Next slide
  • Rand Question -  Kim, while San Diego looks pretty good, I’m wondering how long did it take you to build a local page?Kim- We estimated that it used to take us about 10-15 minutes to create each local page and remember that we’re expanding to almost 800 stores within five years. So, by automating the process of creating each local page, we calculated that can save more than half the time for creating each page. So we can recapture all of that timeand redeploy those resources on other tasks like building more content, which dives more traffic, and so on. But, what’s even more important, once created, as this graphic shows the local stores can update the content. So that means the local store can change the local language, or even the local promotion to generate greater customer engagement with very little effort. This was not possible before automating the process.The top blue dotted box shows the flexibility of local headlines and content.The orange dotted box shows the ability to update local business information like address and phone numbers. The green dotted box shows the ability to inject localized promotions and coupons. This can be done at a local, regional or national level.The purple dotted box shows the ability to insert local store front images or other graphics that you choose for that locaiton.And, the final red box shows the ability to ability to apply social sharing at a local level.these items, along with driving directions, maps and other local stores in the area, can be edited in near real time. Or, right time.Next slide
  • Kim- As we’ve discussed on this webinar, Local Map listings are critical for both physical users, and for search results. The image that you see on the left is what our store locator looked like last year. Note the image on the right, what our store locator looks like now.Kim Final Comments- TBDRand – Thanks Kim (Rand Close). Now ready for some questionsRand- OK, our first question comes from Tom, in San Francisco.......Attendee #1- Tom asks.......Anna- Final housekeeping
  • Women’s Fashion Retailer Grows Online Traffic by 250% with Rio SEO Local

    2. 2. Speaker IntroRand Schulman Digital Pioneer – Web Analytics – Co founder WAA Founder of Web-Analytics company, Keylime Software, later acquired by Yahoo Lead marketing and products at Webtrends & WebSideStory Published Academic & Strategic Advisor
    3. 3. Localized Search, Social Influence, CompetitionSearch: The Rules Have Changed Localized Search Results Keyword Saturation Geo Tracking Technology Organic, Local, Social
    4. 4. Social Media Factors Impact On Search RelevanceOnline To Offline Influenced by Social Media Social Influence in Local Results Localized Sharing Impact Manipulation of SERPS with Social Graphs from Facebook, Google+, etc
    5. 5. Local Success For Large National RetailersStore Locators Provide REAL Value for Retailers 30 % Increase in Average Order Value after Launch
    6. 6. Amazing Results from Local Search Across EntireNetworkcharming charlie Success Off The Charts! 1st Page Search Results for “Fashion Accessories” acros Major Search Engines
    7. 7. Speaker introBill Connard VP, Local Search Solutions, Rio SEO Founder & CEO – Top Local Search, Acquired by Rio SEO Local Search Expertise Since 1999
    8. 8. Centralized Local Business Information ManagementRio Local Search CMS Makes It EASY!Complete Multi-Location CMSSystemManage & Update All Local DataMulti-Location Update In One ClickPromotion System Built-InLocal SEO Automatically AppliedExport, Distribute, Claim
    9. 9. The Perfect Recipe for Local Search Success5 Steps To Maximize Local & Mobile Search Build Local Landing Pages Build Mobile Landing Pages3 Best Practice Local SEO4 Claim & Optimize Map Listings Validate & Verify NAP on Information Services & Directories
    10. 10. Distribution of Local Information for Data FidelityOptimized & Enhanced Local Presence Claim Listings on Google+ Local, Bing Maps & Yahoo Local Optimized Bulk Feeds for ALL Local Business Information Hundreds of Relevant Local Back- Links from IYP Directories Custom Bulk Feed Management Get Found on Map Apps
    11. 11. Speaker introKim LaFleur Vice President of eCommerce, charming charlie Proven executive manager with a strong technical background Charming Charlie, the award-winning fashion accessories retailer, is the one-of-a-kind source of style that’s been helping women find their fabulous since 2004. And while our accessories have women turning heads around town, we’ve been turning a few ourselves around the industry. Winner of several awards over the past few years, Charming Charlie has been recognized for leading a retail revolution.
    12. 12. Non-branded search “fashion accessories + city”Highly Optimized For Organic & Local Results Non-Branded Local SearchOrganic Multiple 1st Page Positions Top Organic Result charming charlie Map Listings Direct Link to Local Store Page Maps
    13. 13. 1st Page Positions Across Organic & Local SearchNationwide charming charlie SERP Success 5X Growth in 1st Page Positions in 90 Days
    14. 14. Haven’t Gone Mobile? Think Again...Local is Mobile! Thinking Mobile First... 55% Traffic from MOBILE & Tablets 3/4 Of Mobile traffic Are New Visitors
    15. 15. Local Data Management & Location SpecificAnalyticsFlexible & Optimized Local Landing Pages Customizable Local Headlines & Copy Update Local Business Data per Location Locally Targeted Promotions & Coupons Ability to Insert Local Store Images Localized Sharing on All Pages Publish Changes Near Real Time!
    16. 16. Designed to Grow with Your BusinessBefore & After....Locally Optimized
    17. 17. Questions? Rand Schulman rand@schulmanthorogood.com Bill Connard bconnard@rioseo.com SEO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE