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State of Local: Then & Now - Greg Sterling, Local Search Association #LSS2016


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Local Insights & Strategies
Impact of Digital on Offline Consumer Behavior
Evolution of Local Search
Search to Assisted Discovery
Directories to Marketplaces
ROI Speculation to Actual Measurement
Inferred and Expressed Intent
Ambiguity Regarding Intent
Specific Site Categories
Ranking on the SERP
Search = Directional Intent
Online Influencing Online = Reviews
Internet Reach Extended
Mobile Enables "Location Analytics"
Multiple Sources and Multiple Devices
Mobile Now the Primary Device
New Kinds of SEO (LBO/PVO)
From SEO to Data Optimization
AI + NLP + VA + UI + New Search Experiences
Screen Free Search, Connected Cars, New Realities
Conversational Commerce
AI / Bots / Assistants

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State of Local: Then & Now - Greg Sterling, Local Search Association #LSS2016

  1. 1. STATE OF LOCAL: THEN & NOW GREG STERLING VP Strategy & Insights – LSA @gsterling #LSS2016
  2. 2. #LSS2016 About LSA • LSA is a non-profit trade group based in Michigan • 300+ members in 27 countries • Members include RIO, Google, YP, Yahoo, Yelp, Microsoft . . . • Focus on local marketing/LBS – enterprise and SMB
  3. 3. #LSS2016 • LSA, Search Engine Land • Impact of digital on offline consumer behavior • Following local since Y2K • Twitter: @gsterling About Me (Semi-Boring)
  4. 4. #LSS2016 • Appeared in People Magazine in college • Co-wrote an independent film that was produced last year • Worked for the law firm that represented OJ before “The People vs. OJ Simpson” lawyers took over • Impersonations: Yoda, Pee Wee Herman About Me (Fun Facts)
  5. 5. #LSS2016 Local Search Yesterday Today Tomorrow
  6. 6. #LSS2016 Evolution of Local • From search to “assisted discovery” • New user experiences/assistants • From directories to marketplaces • ROI: from speculation to actual measurement (O2O, transactions)
  7. 7. #LSS2016 What Is Local Search? “Local'search'is'the'use'of' specialized'Internet'search' engines'that'allow'users'to'submit' geographically3constrained3 searches3against3a3structured3 database3of3local3business3 listings.” ;;Wikipedia''
  8. 8. #LSS2016 Inferred/Expressed Intent “20%'of'[desktop]' searches'on'Google' are'related'to' location” ;; Google,'4/10
  9. 9. #LSS2016 Ambiguity re Intent One;third'of'mobile' searches'are'local ;; Eric'Schmidt'9/10 40%'of'mobile'searches' are'local ;; Marissa'Mayer'5/11 30%'of'mobile' searches'are' “related'to'location” ;; Omid Kordestani 7/15 10/12:'50%3of3mobile3search3is3local
  10. 10. #LSS2016 “Local'content'defined'as'searching'for'information'on' maps,'movies,'business'directories'or'restaurants.” Specific Site Categories
  11. 11. #LSS2016 Ranking on the SERP
  12. 12. #LSS2016 Only Part of the Picture
  13. 13. #LSS2016 Broader Construct How'consumers'use' digital'media'to'help' make'purchase'decisions' ultimately'fulfilled' offline/locally
  14. 14. #LSS2016 San'Diego'Mexican'food Search = Query in a Box?
  15. 15. #LSS2016 “Search” = Directional Intent
  16. 16. #LSS2016 Local Search = Online-to-Offline Most Online Research Culminates Offline
  17. 17. #LSS2016 Consumers Have Always O2O’d Online influencing offline – think reviews
  18. 18. #LSS2016 Follow the Money Source:(US(Commerce(Department,(various(US(government(agencies,(World(Bank( GDP ~$18T 70% of consumer spending Within 15 – 20 miles of home/work 92% of retail spending in stores $4.8T (stores) vs. ~$300B (online) in 2015
  19. 19. #LSS2016 Internet Reach Extended 82% of shoppers say they consult their phones on purchases they're about to make in a store Source:(Google/Ipsos consumer(survey(data(2/16
  20. 20. #LSS2016 Google, Facebook, xAd, ThinkNear, Twitter, YP, Placed, Factual, NinthDecimal, Verve, UberMedia, SITO Mobile, Go2Mobi . . . Mobile Enables “Location Analytics” 80%
  21. 21. #LSS2016 From Funnel to Pretzel Consumer funnel has always been something of a fiction
  22. 22. #LSS2016 Multiple Sources, Devices Source:(IDC(survey(of(750(US(adults((18(to(44),(80%(were(smartphone(owners((2016) Local consumer purchase path involves multiple sites/sources – and devices
  23. 23. #LSS2016 Less than 40% Start with “Search”
  24. 24. #LSS2016 Mobile Now the Primary Device Source: xAd 2015 Mobile Path to Purchase report based on consumer survey data
  25. 25. #LSS2016 Especially for Local Source:(Thrive(analytics/LSA(2015 Primary device used for local information searches
  26. 26. #LSS2016 All Mobile Queries “Potentially Local” Source:(statements(made(at(LSA16(conference,(SF,(CA(3/16 Google director of engineering Chandu Thota said that mobile search is inherently local and that Google regards all mobile queries as potentially local
  27. 27. #LSS2016 Location History: Real World Data 80%
  28. 28. #LSS2016 New Kinds of “SEO” (LBO/PVO) 80%Location3Based3Optimization3(LBO)3– against3place3visits,3even3 sales Audience3targeting/validation Offline3to3online3retargeting3
  29. 29. #LSS2016 From SEO to Data Optimization 95%3 of3time3spent3in3apps Source:(Yahoo/Flurry((2016)(
  30. 30. #LSS2016 M-Search Increasingly App-Like
  31. 31. #LSS2016 Paid Dominates the Screen
  32. 32. #LSS2016 Mobile Pages Boosted “Beginning in May, we’ll start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” -Google webmaster blog 3/16/16 AMP:3Accelerated3 Mobile3Pages
  33. 33. #LSS2016 AI + NLP + VA + UI = New Search Experiences Source:(MindMeld,(October(2015,(n=1,800(US(smartphone(users Momentum: 60% started using w/in last 12 months
  34. 34. #LSS2016 Screen-Free Search
  35. 35. #LSS2016 Connected Cars
  36. 36. #LSS2016 New “Realities”
  37. 37. #LSS2016 More Channels, Fragmentation
  38. 38. #LSS2016 Messenger: Assistant/Search Substitute?
  39. 39. #LSS2016 Launch partners include Bank ofAmerica, Burger King, CNN,Expedia,Fandango,LivePerson,Salesforce, Shopify, StubHub,Thrillistand UNICEF “Conversational Commerce”
  40. 40. #LSS2016 Taco Bell Tacobot
  41. 41. #LSS2016 Conclusions/Takeaways • Mobile centric consumer • More paths for “local discovery” • AI/bots/Assistants • More fragmented user behavior, new UI/UXs • From “Local SEO” to local data syndication • Location analytics and closed loop tracking
  42. 42. #LSS2016 Thank You! @gsterling