How to Create Brand Buzz Using Social Audience Data and Smart Segmentation


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Getting the attention and then engaging with your target audience is really challenging. Ubiquitous social media, cross-platform media consumption, and declining ad effectiveness make it virtually impossible to cut through the noise and connect – much less actually engage.

That said, there’s still hope and there are tools that can help today’s digital marketers achieve success in this regard.

The key to success is creating quality, “share-worthy” content. But how can brand marketers ensure their content is reaching and impacting their desired audience?

During this session you will learn:
How to embrace your first and third-party audience data and brand personas to know when your content is landing with the right audience(s)
The essential tools, technologies, and data to track the discovery and sharing of content
How to track brand influencers and the people they influence

Speaker: Ben Straley, Vice President, Social Technologies, Rio SEO

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  • Forrester conducted an independent study of the top enterprise SEO solutions out in the industry and Rio SEO was recognized as the only leader in the space. This is primarily due to our ability to deliver the only complete solution for the SEO lifecycle which includes not just reporting solutions but solutions built around execution and automation of SEO.We were also identified as the leader due to our strategic vision moving forward which begins to look at our space across SEO and Social and how these two are starting to become more and more related to each other. Our recent acquisition of Meteor Solutions, who is leading the social space, is specifically targeted to position us for delivering solutions around not just SEO (or local SEO) but how social and SEO relate.
  • So all of the digital connections, links, and content make it even easier for people to turn to the Web to begin the customer journey at discovery. And what guides the initial discovery process more than anything else is the content that gets surfaced through social and search.
  • How to Create Brand Buzz Using Social Audience Data and Smart Segmentation

    1. 1. How to Create Brand Buzz Using Social Audience Data and Smart Segmentation August 14th, 2013 @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting
    2. 2. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Ben Straley 2  VP of Social Technologies at Rio SEO  17 years digital marketing experience  8 years word of mouth marketing and social media marketing experience  Based in Seattle, Washington Find Me Online
    3. 3. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Goals for Webinar Learn How To:  Collect and Manage Valuable First and Third-Party Data  Create Rich Profiles of Your Influencers and the People They Influence (aka Your Social Audience)  Scale Up with Large “Social Look-alike” Segments  Activate Your Social Audience 3
    4. 4. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Our Technology Discovery, Engagement, and ROI From Search and Social ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL SEARCH LOCAL 4
    5. 5. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Leader in Discovery Marketing ” No question [Rio SEO] is the best fit for discovery marketers who want to optimize their content across multiple discovery platforms, not just search engines.” The Forrester Wave™: SEO Platforms, Q4 2012 5
    6. 6. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Every 60 Seconds… 510,000+ New Comments 98,000+ New Tweets 20,000+ New Posts 600+ New Videos 3,400+ New Pictures 694,000+ New Search Queries 168,000,000+ New Emails 6
    7. 7. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting The Social Question 7
    8. 8. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Where The Journey Begins 8 Source: Forrester Research, Inc. “Mix Art and Science for Marketing Success”, 2012 Discover / Explore / Buy / Engage
    9. 9. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Social Discovery Source: Majority of social traffic and engagement comes from “dark social”. 9
    10. 10. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting The Discovery and Engagement Loop Discovery Engagement 10 When people engage, they share with friends which leads to more reach and discovery…
    11. 11. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting And Social’s Not All! Source: Social Media, Backlinks and Classic SEO: U.S. and UK SEO Ranking Factors 2012, SearchMetrics Social Signals Drive Search Rankings 11
    12. 12. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Three Factors Drive Engagement Consumer ContextContent Most Likely to Capture Attention and Drive Engagement Key Attributes  WHO is the user?  WHAT captures their attention and elicits engagement?  WHERE do they engage and share? 12
    13. 13. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Engaging Your Target? 13
    14. 14. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Targeting Plan vs. Actual Reach 14 V. Target Persona Actual Persona
    15. 15. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting How to Reach Your Intended Audience Analyze Audience Define Target Persona(s) Create Relevant Content Drive Engagement 15  Analyze  Define Target Personas  Correlate Relevant Content  Drive Engagement
    16. 16. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting First-Party Data 16 The Data You Collect Directly from Site Visitors and Customers.
    17. 17. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting First-Party Social Insights  Discover the content that fuels sharing and gets amplified through word-of-mouth  Identify the sites and communities where influencers and advocates are most engaged  See the awareness, traffic, and engagement lift generated by paid media tactics  Optimize performance for greater engagement and lift and measure ROI 17
    18. 18. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting The 1% Rule  1% of Your Audience Can Drive 20% or More of All Visits Through Sharing  These Visits 2-4x More Likely to Engage and Convert 18
    19. 19. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting First-Party Social Segmentation Ad Impressions Visitors Searchers Content Sharers and Social Visitors Happy Customers Advocates (aka “Net Promoters”) Good: Visitors Better: Searchers Best: Loyal Advocates (1- 5% of Your Audience) 19
    20. 20. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Expanded Insights with Third-Party Data Demographics Psychographics Behavioral Social Third-Party Data 20
    21. 21. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Creating Detailed Audience Profiles 21 • Web Analytics • CRM • E-Commerce • Email First-Party Data • Demographic • Psychographic • Behavioral • Social Third-Party Data Data Management Platform (DMP) 1. Connects Third-Party Data to First-Party Data 2. Creates and Maintains Audience Segments for Outbound Marketing Brand Influencers + Social Look-alikes
    22. 22. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Influencers + People Who Follow Them Attributes Details Gender 60% Female Age 20-29 y.o. Location 80% Urban / Sub-urban Income $80,000+ Shares Content About Photography Consumer Electronics Parenting Spends Time on Sites Like Social Networks Casual Games Photo sharing Reach Potential 1.1M Attributes Details Gender 65% Female Age 30-39 y.o. Location 80% Urban / Sub-urban Income $100,000+ Category Interests Parenting Health and Wellness Shopping Media Interests Social Networks Casual Games Entertainment Reach Potential 2.5M Your Brand’s Influencers: Followers… 22
    23. 23. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Give Your Influencers What They Want  More Relevant, Useful Content  Status = The First, The Best, The Only  Rewards for Referring Friends and Followers 23
    24. 24. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting How & Where to Activate Your Influencers On-Site and In-App  Deepen Influencer Engagement With  Social Referral Rewards  Refer 5 Friends  Gamification  Points, Levels, Badges ,Content Unlocks Social Retargeting  Reach Your Influencers Across The Web With  Targeted Rich-Media and Display  Email  Native Advertising 24 ---------------------------------------------
    25. 25. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Lift from Activation 0.0% 1.0% 2.0% 3.0% 4.0% 5.0% 6.0% 7.0% 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 30.0% 35.0% 40.0% 5-Jan 7-Jan 9-Jan 11-Jan 13-Jan 15-Jan 17-Jan 19-Jan 21-Jan 23-Jan 25-Jan 27-Jan 29-Jan 31-Jan 2-Feb 4-Feb 6-Feb 8-Feb 10-Feb 12-Feb 14-Feb 16-Feb 18-Feb 20-Feb 22-Feb 24-Feb 26-Feb 28-Feb %Influencers Before ACTIVATE After ACTIVATE Up to 7x More Efficient Cost per Acquisition 25
    26. 26. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Get Scale with Social Look-alikes Social Look-alikes Social Visitors Influencers •5.5M •5% growth •1,240,000 •15% growth m/m •105,000 •10% growth m/m 26 Social Remarketing and Look-alike Targeting >6.5M Uniques >30M Impressions EXAMPLE
    27. 27. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Putting It All Together… More Social Traffic More Influencers Incremental Annual Recurring Revenue 30% 14% ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- $5M Identify & Connect with influencers and the communities with which they engage  Create & Promote shareable content to drive word of mouth and enable discovery  Engage target audience with compelling content consistently and repeatedly  Optimize content and advertising to increase sharing and reach Major Online Retailer Generating Millions in Incremental Revenue 27
    28. 28. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting Summary and Take-Aways  Track Your Content and Identify Your Influencers  Connect Your First-Party Influencer Data to Third-Party Audience Data  Create Influencer Profiles Based on Actual Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioral, and Social Attributes  Get Their Attention with Relevant Content and Rewarding Experiences  Activate Influencers and Look-alikes With Social Retargeting 28
    29. 29. @rio_seo / @womma / #socialtargeting 29 Questions and Download Ben Straley Rio SEO Download our latest whitepaper SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix