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Rio SEO Webinar: Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales: The Hype Around Beacon Technology


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In this webinar, Warren Raisch and Greg Sterling will share the latest insights and tactics enterprise brands are using to convert online searches to offline sales, and how brands are using beacon and other location-based technology to tap into mobile searches. For more information please visit:

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Rio SEO Webinar: Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales: The Hype Around Beacon Technology

  1. 1. Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales: The Hype Around Beacon Technology Moderator: Chris McDonagh, Product Manager Marketing, DMD Speakers: Greg Sterling, VP Strategy and Insights at Local Search Association Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer at Rio SEO
  2. 2. @rio_seo / #rioseo Turn off pop-up blockers Technical difficulties? Click on “Help?” link Use Q+A box Submitting questions to speaker Q+A session at end of webcast Use “Ask a Question” box to submit questions Send questions at any time #DMDwc #RioSEO Viewing Tips
  3. 3. @rio_seo / #rioseo Today’s Presenters Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer Rio SEO Greg Sterling, VP Strategy and Insights Local Search Association
  4. 4. @rio_seo / #rioseo  Why beacon technology is just a piece of plastic unless you have an online-to-offline strategy in place  How the experience of using a mobile wallet compels consumers to buy  How to be present in the mobile moments of need  Alternatives to beacon technologies  The impact of Apple’s i0S 9 release on mobile ad blocking What You’ll Learn
  5. 5. Why Mobile Matters
  6. 6. @rio_seo / #rioseo Key Stats Earlier this month Google’s Amit Singhal, Senior VP of Google Search stated that “more Google search queries take place on mobile devices than on computers including the US and Japan.” 1 4out of 5consumers use a smartphone 3 50% of local searches lead mobile users to visit a store within 1 day2 60%of our digital media time is spent on smartphones 4 Source: 1) Search Engine Land. 2) comScore. 3) Google. Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior. 4) comScore
  7. 7. @rio_seo / #rioseo Key Stats Source: Street Fight Summit Executive Survey 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Mobile advertising Social media Data and analytics Content marketing/native… Geotargeting/geofencing Programmatic advertising Beacons Streaming audio/video Marketing clouds Hyperlocal Marketing & Advertising: Budget Investments Share of respondents (top 3)
  8. 8. @rio_seo / #rioseo Location is Key Smartphone Users’ Needs Revolve Around Location ¼ of smartphone users consider proximity of the retail business location the most important factor when looking for information via mobile device Compared To Tablet Users, Smartphone Users Are… • 130% more likely to be in search of direction • 43% more likely to be in search of a specific retail location • 25% more likely to be in search of contact information such as a phone number Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  9. 9. @rio_seo / #rioseo Meeting Mobile Expectations of mobile users expect retail locations to be within 5 miles of their current location ½Location Expectations SMARTPHONE USERS TABLET USERS Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  10. 10. @rio_seo / #rioseo Meeting Mobile Expectations Mobile users that made a purchase related to their retail session More Than Half Of Mobile Activity Leads To Conversion SMARTPHONE TABLET NO YES Source: 1) Search Engine Land. 2) comScore. 3) Google. Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior. 4) comScore
  11. 11. @rio_seo / #rioseo Smartphone vs. Tablet Over 30% of smartphone users and 25% of Tablet users want to make a purchase within an HOUR Smartphone And Tablet Users Expect To Make Retail Purchases Quickly, Often Within The Day Wasn’t looking to purchase Longer than within a month Within month TABLET Within day Within Hour Immediately SMARTPHONE Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  12. 12. @rio_seo / #rioseo Conversion Points of tablet users complete their online conversion via mobile device ¼ Smartphone Users Convert Offline, While Tablet Users Convert Online SMARTPHONE TABLET 7% of online conversion is completed via their smartphone 24% of online conversion is completed via their tablet Source: MMA Urban Airship Webinar “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  13. 13. @rio_seo / #rioseo Extending The Mobile Experience • Mobile ad networks • Apps • Beacons • Mobile wallets • Offline-to-online connections through redemption strategies • Loyalty programs
  14. 14. @rio_seo / #rioseo Mobile Ads ¾ Of Retail Users Notice Mobile Ads retail users that have seen an ad in the past 30 days 21% of smartphone & tablet users Click On Ads SMARTPHONE TABLET Source: MMA Urban Airship Webinar “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  15. 15. @rio_seo / #rioseo Local Relevance Local Relevance Is Important For Both Smartphone And Tablet Users Followed By The Ability To Utilize A Coupon Or Offer Retail Advertising Most Likely To Click On Top rank by device Ad that offers coupon/promotion Ad that’s locally relevant to me Ad that features a brand I know SMARTPHONE TABLET Source: MMA Urban Airship Webinar “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  16. 16. @rio_seo / #rioseo Poll Question What are the core technologies that your organization is reviewing to capitalize on the mobile opportunity? (check all that apply)  Beacons  Mobile wallet  Mobile ad networks  Coupon redemption  Loyalty programs  Mobile apps
  17. 17. Navigating The Local Mobile Path To Purchase
  18. 18. @rio_seo / #rioseo Be There Across All Stages of the Customer Journey
  19. 19. @rio_seo / #rioseo Mobile Path to Purchase Of consumers interact with brands or products before arriving at the store (and are making buying decisions earlier in the process accordingly) 1 76% 1in 3 Shoppers say they spend more when they use digital as part of their shopping process 2 80% Of local searches made on a device turned into a purchase 3 Source: 1) Screenwerk. 2) Deloitte Digital. 3) comScore
  20. 20. @rio_seo / #rioseo The Moments That Really Matter: Micro-Moments Micro Moments Carry A Macro Impact To win in these moments: • Look at what these micro-moments look like for your business and what’s happening or not happening in them today. • Do these micro-moments match consumers intent and context in the moment? • Are they optimized for the screen in hand? • Is there a direct path toward desired outcomes? “These micro-moments are critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.” - Google
  21. 21. @rio_seo / #rioseo Beacon Attraction Why Are Beacons Getting A Lot Of Attention? • 71% of organizations with three or more years of experience driving mobile strategy state that they plan to deploy beacons to enable location context in the coming year. • Only 23% of customers state that they are interested in sharing their location information with retailers, mainly due to privacy concerns. “A beacon without a strategy is just a piece of plastic” Source: Forrester: Win Your Offline Mobile Moments – By Adam Silverman, Julie A. Ask
  22. 22. Beacons: Benefits, Limitations & Beyond
  23. 23. @rio_seo / #rioseo This Is a Beacon
  24. 24. @rio_seo / #rioseo Many Makers of Beacons • Dozens of beacon makers • Perhaps 10 – 15 major manufacturers • ~$30 per beacon • Perception of beacon as commodity
  25. 25. @rio_seo / #rioseo Technology + Standards
  26. 26. @rio_seo / #rioseo How Beacons Work Beacons placed in venue Transmit one-way signal within close proximity to enabled devices • App to interpret signal downloaded • Bluetooth turned on • Notifications for app enabled Device owner receives specific app-enabled notification Welcome 20% off purchase of $100
  27. 27. @rio_seo / #rioseo In-Store Smartphone Usage 60% - 85% Source: IAB-IPSOS, Google, Opus Research, e-Tailing Group, Thrive Analytics (2013 – 2015)
  28. 28. @rio_seo / #rioseo In-Store Activity Source: LSA-Thrive Analytics, “Local Search Report” 2015
  29. 29. @rio_seo / #rioseo Source: IAB-IPSOS survey + interviews of 482 electronics shoppers (US adults), February 2013 65% 5% 30% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% More likely to buy product Less likely to buy product Does not impact decision IAB Study: “2/3 of shoppers using mobile in stores more likely to buy the product” Showrooming vs. Product Validation How does using your mobile device at a store impact your shopping experience?
  30. 30. @rio_seo / #rioseo Where Are Beacons Used Today? Hotels Airports Museums Retail Sports Stadiums Conferences & Events
  31. 31. @rio_seo / #rioseo Retailers Rolling Out Beacons
  32. 32. @rio_seo / #rioseo Still a Work in Progress
  33. 33. @rio_seo / #rioseo Beacon Friction Multiple requirements: • App capable of receiving beacon signal installed (but see network approach) • Location enabled for app • Bluetooth turned on • Notifications turned on for the relevant app
  34. 34. @rio_seo / #rioseo Source: Pew Research Center, July 2013 70% say that it’s “very important” or “somewhat important” that they be in control of their location information How important is it that you authorize who should have access to this information? Users Want Control Over Location
  35. 35. @rio_seo / #rioseo Location Sharing Challenges Why (40% of Users) Resist Sharing Location: • 50% (of the 40%) cited privacy • 23% didn’t see value of location data • 19% location svcs drained batteries Why People Turn off Location: • 63% battery drain • 45% privacy issues • 20% to avoid advertising Source: Skyhook Wireless, July 2015 survey of 1,000 US smartphone app users What Users Want From Location Sharing • 49% accurate location • 47% location-specific app content • 46% relevant offers • 34% personalized communications
  36. 36. @rio_seo / #rioseo 60% of smartphone phone owners under age 53 have checked-in: • Of that group, over 70% will share location for a deal or loyalty rewards • 50% will share location for exclusive or personalized content Source: Thrive Analytics, 10/13 (n=1,033 smartphone owners; 536 have “checked in”) Will Share Location for Benefits
  37. 37. @rio_seo / #rioseo Source: Swirl survey of 1,000 smartphone-owning women shoppers from March 25-26, 2013. “50% [of female in-store shoppers] would willingly share their mobile phone’s location and other personal information with a retailer in return for an in-store credit, gift, flash sale or early access to new styles.” 50% in-store female shoppers would share location for offers, content, etc. Will Share Location for Benefits
  38. 38. @rio_seo / #rioseo Source: OpinionLab 2014 (n=1,024 US adults) • Price discounts — 61% • Free products — 53% • Chance to win a big prize — 28% • Better overall shopping experience — 24% • Unlock new experiences/awards while shopping — 23% • Personalized attention from store associates — 12% What would motivate you to participate in “retail tracking”? Will Share Location for Benefits
  39. 39. @rio_seo / #rioseo Range of Indoor Tech • IP-connected cameras • WiFi • Beacons • Magnetic positioning • LED lighting • Acoustic • Others Beacons just one indoor location technology
  40. 40. @rio_seo / #rioseo IoT: Digitizing the Physical World
  41. 41. Beacon Alternatives
  42. 42. @rio_seo / #rioseo Mobile Wallets “The vision is to replace the wallet”- Tim Cook, Apple CEO The Next Big Channel! • Increase mobile footprint • Personalized relevance • Locked in loyalty • Cross channel connector 50% of shoppers have approached the Source: 1) eMarketer. checkout with coupons on the screens of their mobile devices 1
  43. 43. @rio_seo / #rioseo It’s All About The Wallet • Touch ID • Credit Cards • Drivers License • Loyalty / Reward cards • Membership cards • Event tickets Wallet Items Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  44. 44. @rio_seo / #rioseo Global Smartphone Adoption • 2.1 billion smartphone subscriptions in 2014 • 23% year-over-year increase • Smartphone subscription continues to see strong growth Source: ITU. Details on Internet Users & Smartphone Subscribers
  45. 45. @rio_seo / #rioseo Beyond The App • Relevant – personalized and location-aware • Convenient – store all of your coupons, cards, and event passes in one place • Persistent, timely Reach 100% Of Your Mobile Audience Source: MMA Urban Airship Webinar “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  46. 46. @rio_seo / #rioseo Bridging Offline & Online • Online search visits to actual in-store foot traffic • Connecting to apps • Mobile wallet integration • Offering immersive local experiences
  47. 47. @rio_seo / #rioseo The Cross-Channel Connector Convenient, Ubiquitous Distribution. • Email • SMS • Social • Web Pages • Mobile Pages • Banner Ads • QR Codes • API Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  48. 48. @rio_seo / #rioseo MMS Cross-Channel Connection Examples EMAIL SMS Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  49. 49. @rio_seo / #rioseo Cross Channel Connection: Push To Pass Use All Of The Existing Messaging Capabilities Within Your App: • Notifications • Landing Pages • Message Center • Interactive Notifications Source: MMA Research: “Mobile Wallets: The Next Big Channel
  50. 50. @rio_seo / #rioseo End Goal • Track & Measure • Be visible in the near-me mobile moments (NAP and hours of operation are findable) • Create the next moment with search-optimized local landing pages that accelerate the path from search to service for customers who are searching and considering a purchase
  51. 51. @rio_seo / #rioseo Poll Question What is the impact you think mobile ad blocking will have on the consumer? (check all that apply)  No effect at all  Some effect  A very big impact
  52. 52. @rio_seo / #rioseo Rio SEO Open Architecture
  53. 53. @rio_seo / #rioseo How Well Do You Perform? Get a FREE Local SEO Audit Report Schedule time with a local SEO specialist to chat about your specific needs. Call: (858) 529-5005 Email:
  54. 54. @rio_seo / #rioseo #DMD Thank You! Questions? #rioseo