charming charlie Sees 250% Increase in Website Traffic with Local Search


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Women’s fashion and accessories retailer, charming charlie, has 240 store locations nationwide, but its stores faced challenges being found on the web and mobile web by local customers.

With a small e-commerce support team of three people, it was difficult to support a growing number of store locations plus their local business listings. By automating its local search process, charming charlie was able to quickly ramp up localized search results for all of their store locations.

Within 90 days of deploying local search automation software from Rio SEO, charming charlie gained first-page search results, cut the time needed to create local landing pages, experienced huge year-over-year growth in website traffic and a major boost in mobile traffic.

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charming charlie Sees 250% Increase in Website Traffic with Local Search

  1. 1. charming charlie Doubles First-PageSearch Result Positions with Local SEOLocal SEO Efforts Lead to Explosive GrowthWomen’s fashion and accessories retailer, charming charlie, has 240 store locationsnationwide, but its stores faced challenges being found on the web and mobile web bylocal customers.With a small e-commerce support team of three people, it was difficult to support a growingnumber of store locations plus their local business listings. By automating its local searchprocess, charming charlie was able to quickly ramp up localized search results for all of theirstore locations.Within 90 days of deploying local search automationsoftware from Rio SEO, charming charlie gained first-page search results, cut the time needed to create locallanding pages, experienced huge year-over-year growthin website traffic and a major boost in mobile traffic.State of the Local and Mobile Search IndustrySources such as Google and comScore note that about70 percent of all online searches are local, making itessential that retailers and other multi-location businesseshave strong local visibility on the web and mobile web.A recent Google report revealed that retailers like RadioShack are seeing increased conversion rates and in storerevenue per customer.An analysis of four months’ worth of Radio Shack data,found that 36 percent of clicks were on its store locatorpage. Based on internal data, the consumer electronicsretailer estimated that 40 to 60 percent of clicks on itsstore locator resulted in visits to a physical store. Of thoseconsumers who did shop at a store, 85 percent made apurchase. The CE retailer also experienced a 30 percentincrease in average order value.
  2. 2. The Challenge for charming charlie The local search software suite from Rio SEO automati- cally optimized and integrated best practice local SEOAs a women’s fashion, jewelry and accessories retailer elements into charming charlie’s local store landing pages.with some 240 stores, charming charlie recognized the The software tools delivered more local search web traf-importance of local search results on the web and mobile fic and valuable web analytics so the retailer could con-web to attract new customers and increase sales. However, tinue to optimize search results and content relevancy forwith limited resources, the web team was challenged with regional customers.coordinating local content, building local store landingpages and then optimizing those pages to be found for The map feature of the Rio SEO local search platform haslocal and mobile search. created automated, optimized local map listings for each of charming charlie’s store locations. This allows customers“Most of the company’s focus had been on stores,” said to view maps supplied by Google, Yahoo and Bing, andKim LaFleur, vice president of e-commerce at charming then pinpoint the most convenient exact store locationcharlie, in a February 2013 Internet Retailer article. “There with relevant and consistent information that is targetedwas little internal infrastructure dedicated to managing our to them. This solution replaced a previously cumbersome,web presence.” manual task that burdened their team. Plus, Google Maps evaluates the local landing page URLs that are attachedLocal search efforts at charming charlie were conducted to the map listings and helps businesses gain high webmanually with static store locator pages and maps. An page visibility.additional challenge was keeping the store hours upto date. An additional feature of the technology is that it helped manage local business listings and link development by “What was happening is that someone would sometimes distributing optimized, current, consistent local businessupdate a Word document when something changed and data. It also increased search engine page rankings whileprovide it to the internal team,” LaFleur said. “But it was building relevant back-links through Internet Yellow Pagesoften tough for the small team dedicated to the web to and business directories.keep up with the newest information.”The combination of these factors led to poor search The Resultsengine results for branded and non-branded consumer Within 90 days of deployment, charming charlie expe-search queries. With the help of the team at Rio SEO rienced strong results driven by Rio SEO’s automatedand its automated search engine optimization solutions, local search tools, including major upticks in website trafficcharming charlie was able to focus on local search efforts and significant improvement in visibility across the threeacross its stores nationwide. major U.S. search engines. Specifically, charming charlie achieved:The Solution • A 250% increase in website traffic year-over-yearcharming charlie deployed the Rio SEO Local Search • ouble on-average the number of local first-page DSolutions™ automated software suite to ramp up its lo- Google search rankings in all 240 store locations withincal presence across the three major U.S. search engines. the first 30 daysWithin 90 days of initial implementation of the softwaretools, the retailer achieved double the number of first- • Five times the growth in first-page positions in 90 dayspage search result positions for all of its locations. • bout 55 percent of search traffic came from mobile A devices and tabletsWith the location builder feature, charming charlie was • 5 percent of this mobile traffic is from new visitors 7able to build local and mobile landing pages for eachstore location. Both the web and mobile web versions of • 50 percent reduction in time spent creating local store Acharming charlie local store landing pages were optimized landing pagesfor the targeted term “fashion accessories.” With the retail-er’s previous store locator function, all traffic was deliveredto a single page on the website and search engines wereunable to index the information on them. Furthermore,customers were not able to have clickable search results,which hindered conversions.
  3. 3. Additionally, the Rio SEO local search platform can be implemented quickly and with minimal IT support. According to John Hnanicek, chief information officer of charming char- lie, “There was virtually no disruption in our online marketing operations. The deployment and integration of the local SEO automation system was handled quickly and efficiently with- out a hitch.” Since social media networks influenc- es local search visibility, the software suite also enabled localized sharing on local store landing pages. As a result, charming charlie has experi- enced a lift in customer social check- ins (e.g. Facebook likes).For the non-branded search “fashion accessories San About charming charlieDiego,” charming charlie appeared 99 percent of the time charming charlie, the award-winning fashion accessorieson the first page of the search results. Within a week’s time, retailer, is the one-of-a-kind source of style that’s beenthe retailer rose to the No. 1 position on the first results helping women find their fabulous since 2004. Winner ofpage. Within 90 days, charming charlie increased its first- several awards over the past few years, charming charlie haspage visibility to 2.5 positions. Prior to deploying Rio SEO been recognized for leading a retail revolution. Its uniquelyLocal Search Solutions, none of the retailer’s 240 store designed in-store experience features an unparalleledlocations were found on the first results page when variety and volume of accessories, ingeniously arrangedconsumers searched in San Diego. by color, making that perfect accent fun and easy to find. With more than 200 stores in the U.S. stocked full of all theUsing a branded term “charming charlie San Diego,” it latest trends, charming charlie is spreading style from coasttook only 90 days for the retailer to achieve the top three to coast with fabulous, affordable fashions and insider stylepositions on the first search engine results page when cus- advice that has women coming back again and again.tomers searched locally. More information is available at www.charmingcharlie. com or http:/ /, the charming charlie web team hassaved on operational costs by using the Rio SEO localsoftware tools, along with one consistent content man-agement system. It now takes the team half the amount oftime to create a store location web page than it previouslydid. This time savings is now being applied to other onlinemarketing initiatives. 9255 towne centre drive, suite 750, san diego, ca 92121 • 858.876.3010 • ©2013 Rio SEO, Inc. All rights reserved. Rio SEO, the Rio SEO logo and Rio SEO Local Search Solutions are trademarks of Rio SEO, Inc. in the U.S. and various countries. 03.20.13