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Waqf As A Long Lasting Charity


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Waqf As A Long Lasting Charity

  1. 1. Waqf As Long lasting Charity Created by : Ashanee Mad-Ahim Rulia Akhtar Naz Abdul Kareemarif Arif Rininta Nurrachmi
  2. 2. Waqf Cash Waqf Management in Malaysia Waqf as Social Enterpreunship in Islam Waqf accounting & management in Indonesia Waqf Institution Discussion Flow
  3. 3. Waqf (in Arabic :waqafa) Strength of Waqf Weakness of Waqf Characteristic of Waqf - Assets can’t be disposed - Ownership can’t be transferred - Its benefit for specific purpose - Voluntary charity Form of Waqf - Land Asset - Cash Waqf Target Project -Primary project - Secondary project
  4. 4. Cash Waqf Management in Malaysia Issue : 1. The selecting improper qualified, knowledgeable and professional managers for managing Waqf system 2. Unqualified Mutawali (Waqf manager). 3. In some cases, the Waqf assets are left idle. 4. Corruption 5. Waqf revenues are insufficient to bear the operational cost in the system. Solution proposed by the author : Hybrid Cash Waqf Model through Dinamic Cash Waqf Model Cash Waqf Model Islamic Bank (supervise & Monitor Waqf Fund For Investment - SME Loan - Invest in IFI’ securities - Micro finance Distribution Profit - Charity - Management -
  5. 5. Waqf as social Entrepreneurship mode in Islam Significant of development activities for waqf assets in Islamic countries 3 types of waqf in Islam Religious waqf Philantropic waqf Family waqf Cash Waqf as common practice in many Islamic societies Redesigning Cash waqf How cash waqf work in Islamic Bank
  6. 6. WAQF accounting and management in Indonesian WAQF institutions: The cases of two WAQF foundations.  Background  The objective of the study  The purpose of the research - Investigate 2 waqf institution (ABC&XYZ)  The data collecting  Profiles of waqf foundation  Finding & discussion 
  7. 7. Reference Chowdury, Md. Shahedur Rahaman. Ghazalil, Mohd Fahmi and Ibrahim, Mohd Faisol. (2011). "Economics of Cash WAQF management in Malaysia: Aproposed Cash WAQF model for practitioners and future researchers". African Journal of Business Management Vol. 5(30), pp. 12155-12163, 30 November, 2011 Cizakca, Murat. (1998). "Awqaf in history and its implications for modern islamic economies"Islamic Economic Studies Vol.6,No.1, November 1998 pp.1-28. Ihsan, Hidayatul and Hj. Mohamed Ibrahim, Shahul Hameed. (2011) "WAQF accounting and management in IndonesianWAQF institutions: The cases of two WAQF foundations", Humanomics.Vol. 27 Iss: 4 pp. 252 - 269 M. Sadeq, AbulHasan (2002)"Waqf, perpetual charity and poverty alleviation". International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 29 Iss: 1 pp. 135 - 151 Salarzehi, Dr Habibollah. (2010)."Waqf as a Social Entrepreneurship Model in Islam". International Journal of Business and Management Vol. 5, No. 7; July 2010 pp 1-8