[Webinar] Marketers vs. Duplicates: How You Can Win


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In this webinar, we reviewed how marketing automation systems and CRMs can quickly become filled with duplicate records, resulting in difficulty in reporting for marketers, frustration for sales and a slew of other problems.

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[Webinar] Marketers vs. Duplicates: How You Can Win

  1. 1. Marketers vs. Duplicates: How you can win. #MarketersVSDupes
  2. 2. Steve Lehr Founder, RingLead Michael Farrington Chief Product Officer, RingLead Founder, Qandor About the Speakers
  3. 3. ● RingLead applications remove and prevent duplicate Leads, Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce ● First Salesforce Certified Partner (2005) ● Offers cloud-based solutions (no software!) ● No PhD in Deduplication Required About RingLead
  4. 4. RingLead has been a Salesforce ISV Partner since 2004, and has helped to solve the data quality problems of large corporations as well as small businesses across the globe.
  5. 5. The Problem with Your Data Dirty Data Costs You Money. Each duplicate/dirty record in your database can cost you upwards of $100 if no measures are taken. (via Sirius Decisions) Dirty Data Affects Morale. Dirty data can result in frustration for sales, inefficiencies in marketing, and inability to properly measure for management. Your Data Decays. 48 million people change jobs each year, resulting in contact information that is incorrect, outdated and useless. There is No Built-In Solution. CRM & Marketing Automation systems have very basic and reactive duplicate detection & prevention.
  6. 6. Why RingLead + Marketo? Marketo uses e-mail address as the unique identifier. Why is that a problem for Marketo users? greg@ringlead.com gthaler@ringlead.com gregg@ringlead.com gregg@jccny.com gregg.thaler@gmail.com For more, read Three Ways that Duplicates Affect Your Marketing Metrics on the RingLead blog. To Marketo, these are five different people. To RingLead, this is one person.
  7. 7. How we're different. No Ph.D in Duplicates Required. CRM Confusion
  8. 8. Data Quality Suite Duplicate Diagnosis Duplicate Removal Duplicate Prevention Data Cleanse ● Cleans your existing data ● Easy-to-use yet powerful duplicate matching algorithm Unique Upload ● Prevent duplicates when uploading lists ● Replaces Data Loader and native import feature Unique Entry ● "As You Type" duplicate prevention Unique Web-to-Lead ● Prevent web form duplicates ● Works in real time Dupe Dive (Free!) ● Diagnoses the severity of your dirty data ● Receive valuable business intelligence on entry points of duplicates
  9. 9. How the Marketo Integration Works
  10. 10. Available Integrations Visit RingLead.com/Integration for more information
  11. 11. Data Enhancement Data Enhancement Profiler ● Deep web data mining for just-in-time contact data ● Fill in missing contact information CRM Shield & CRM Normalize ● Data normalization and enforcing data standards within CRM software Contact Capture ● Copy, paste, & parse contact data from any source into Salesforce New! Powered by Visit RingLead.com/Broadlook for more information
  12. 12. Stay Connected! RingLead.com/LinkedIn RingLead.com/Facebook RingLead.com/YouTube Q uestions? @ringlead and @michaelforce ringleadinc Quora.com/RingLead