Data Rehab Series: Automating Taxonomy


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Data Rehab Series: Automating Taxonomy

  1. 1. the session will begin shortly... Data Rehab Series: Automating Taxonomy #DataRehab Join theconversation!
  2. 2. Data Rehab Series: Automating Taxonomy #DataRehab welcome Join theconversation!
  3. 3. Objectives ●Explain the value of proper taxonomy ●Cover taxonomy best practices ●Explore ways to set up your Salesforce environment in alignment with these practices ●Review real-world scenarios #DataRehab
  4. 4. Michael Farrington Chief Product Officer, RingLead Founder, Qandor #DataRehab
  5. 5. About RingLead creates easy-to-use yet powerful applications that will make your customer and prospect database much, much better.
  6. 6. Duplicate Removal & Prevention Normalization Data Enrichment Unique Web-to-Lead Unique Upload Diver Data Shield Profiler Company Search Contact Capture Unique Entry Data Cleanse Complete Data Quality Suite We offer a full suite of data quality applications. #DataRehab
  7. 7. Jason Paquette Sales Operations Manager Simply Measured #DataRehab
  8. 8. Simply Measured is a fast- growing team of data geeks dedicated to making the world of analytics and reporting a better, more beautiful place. About #DataRehab
  9. 9. What is Taxonomy? Standardized terminology for classification & segmentation that is data & rules driven. #DataRehab Status Level Geo Type Target Prospect Customer Consumer SMB Enterprise Americas APAC EMEA Customer Partner Vendor
  10. 10. Automate Customer “Status” ●Define your “Status” values & rules ●What you need: ○ Roll-up Summary Fields from Opportunity to Account. ○ Workflow Rule Field Updates on your Status field. #DataRehab Status Business Rule System Rule Customer Has purchased our product or service Has >0 Closed Won Opportunities on their Account Prospect Is actively engaged in the sales process Has 0 Closed Won Opp AND >0 Open Opps on their Account Target Everyone Else Has 0 Won AND 0 Open Opps
  11. 11. New vs. Add-on Opportunity ●Cross-object formula in a Validation Rule: Use information at the Account-level to enforce data points on the Opportunity. ○ e.g. “New Business” vs. “Add-on Business” based on Status or Roll-up Summary on the Account. #DataRehab
  12. 12. Record Type Abuse ●Myth: Record Types are primarily for segmentation. ●Reasons to use Record Types: ○ One Profile needs to see multiple Page Layouts #DataRehab Customer Record Type Sales Rep Simple Layout System Administrator Complex Layout Partner Record Type Complex Layout Complex Layout ○ Different situations call for different picklist values
  13. 13. Validate/Normalize Country Values ●Problem: “USA” vs. “US” vs. “U.S.A.” vs. “United States” ●Solution #1 (Simple/Free): ○ Create Custom Object to hold list of Countries ○ Use VLOOKUP Validation Rule to ensure the value in Country fields match your standard list. ●Solution #2 (Advanced/Paid): Real-time normalization ○ AppExchange App “AddressTools” ●Extend it! Bucket Countries into Regions ○ e.g. Map “Netherlands” into “Benelux” in “EMEA” ○ Easier Report Filters for Geo-Segmentation! #DataRehab
  14. 14. Consider your sources ●Integrations ○ What fields are available? ○ Taxonomy? Reliability? Consistency? ●Manual processes (data entry, list import, etc) ○ What’s the incentive? ○ What do they “know”? #DataRehab
  15. 15. Normalize Title & Department ●Problem: Reliable target marketing based on role & level in an organization ○ “HR VP” vs. “Vice President of Human Resources” ●Solution: Normalize the Contact’s Title to simplify Marketing Segmentation: ○ Level: “VP Level” vs. “C-Level” vs. “Manager Level” ○ Department: “Human Resources” vs. “IT” #DataRehab
  16. 16. Helpful Salesforce Standard Features ●Cross-object Formula Fields ●Record Types for fine-grain control of picklists ●Roll-up Summary Fields ●Dependant Picklists ●Workflow Field Updates ●Validation Rules ●Report Buckets #DataRehab
  17. 17. Questions? Comments? @michaelforce @PaquetteJason #DataRehab @RingLead @SimplyMeasured SimplyMeasured SimplyMeasured
  18. 18. Next Week: The Hack Series Continues! Wednesday, October 16th at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT Salesforce Admin Hack Series: Case Object #DataRehab Join us for the fourth installment of the Salesforce Admin Hack Series. Back for more Salesforce Hacks after the success of the SFDC Hack Series: Account Object, we’ll once again have the pleasure of hosting Triple-Cerified Admin, Appirio Cloud Consultant and Salesforce MVP Jarrod Kingston.
  19. 19. Referenced Apps ●Roll-up Helper ○ listingId=a0N30000009i3UpEAI ●AddressTools ○ listingId=a0N30000002zt9uEAA ●Data Shield ○ Coming Soon #DataRehab