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Moving To a Cloud Phone Solution


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Cloud phone solutions, sometimes referred to as hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) are becoming popular with businesses. New Business Magazine asked 4 of RingCentral's most innovative customers (in the UK) what attracted them to their cloud communications technology and how it's benefiting their businesses. Here's what they had to say.

Featured in "New Business Magazine" Winter 2013 Issue. (

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Moving To a Cloud Phone Solution

  1. 1. communications communications Moving to a cloud phone solution Cloud phone solutions, sometimes referred to as hosted, internet or VoIP (Voice over IP) are becoming popular with businesses. We asked four of RingCentral’s most innovative customers what attracted them to their cloud communications technology and how it is benefitting their businesses Jude Lamb, CEO at MountainSun Melissa Edmunds, managing director at SafeSip Where did you first hear about a cloud phone solution? MountainSun is a chalet business specialising in 7 day and short breaks. We’re dispersed over several locations with our MD in London, our reservations teams based near Bath and in Cornwall, the registered address in Essex, and resort staff in Italy and France. A traditional PBX phone system couldn’t transfer customer calls to our staff, so a friend recommended that we use an internet based solution. The system is more flexible for call management which means we can auto-route calls to appropriate staff and provide a very personalised customer service that differentiates our business. Steve Collins, general manager at Fargo Systems Ltd How does an internet based phone solution compare to a traditional land line? Fargo is a market leader in software solutions for the transport and logistics sector. We brought our three locations together under one cloud phone solution for efficiency. Our voice calls and faxes are delivered via the internet rather than a physical land line and the phone system is hosted on secure data centres, which meant we didn’t need to buy a PBX or have dedicated support people to manage or maintain it. The call management and additional functionality like voicemail to email, works well for the business. How do the costs differ and what has been the biggest benefit to your business SafeSip is an innovative drink cover that stops spills. We’ve grown from a startup and realise that costs are a very important consideration for entrepreneurs. Most businesses use their home phone or a small office with a traditional land line, paying a monthly line rental and metered costs for calls. We found the price structure for cloud systems to be more flexible and use RingCentral which has a very different approach to charging. There is a single monthly payment which includes landline and mobile minutes. There were no capital costs for a PBX and predictable monthly payments which helps with budgeting and managing cash flow. SafeSip is growing fast so I can move offices without changing the number and the system scales with us. As far as benefits are concerned, I had been working hard to break into the health sector and I received THE call agreeing to trial when I was watching my son play rugby at school. The call automatically routed through to me and I was able to answer it immediately and speak to the caller without them having to leave a voicemail. This call was a pivotal moment for my business and I’d say the flexible call management features you get with a cloud phone system enables you to never miss a customer. Noel Sesto, managing director at ControlFreq What about the UK internet infrastructure? customers with their premises through a mobile device and GSM. ControlFreq now runs entirely in the cloud and the RingCentral solution complements the way we work. ‘The system enables us to route calls to available consultants, which means we don’t need to overstaff’ The UK has invested heavily in internet infrastructure, high speed and super-fast broadband which provide excellent coverage for UK businesses. Our business relies on connecting What impact did the system have on your company? What about moving over to a cloud solution and getting support? For us, it’s the ability to provide professional hotline support and customer service to over 1,200 users in 15 countries. Our consultants are dispersed geographically and provide support in two shifts I can adjust settings on the fly to accommodate the varying work patterns and availability of each consultant and 24 NB60 - RINGCENTRAL ADVERTORIAL.indd 24-25 quickly make diverts for holidays and sickness. Our consultants are experts in their field and can’t be covered by temporary staff. The system enables us to route calls to available consultants, which means we don’t need to overstaff, to provide the level of support that our customers expect. RingCentral took the time to understand our business and offered ideas around what we needed. We started out with a free trial and the implementation team set us up with our chosen phone and fax number. All in all, configuration took around 30 minutes. We downloaded the mobile app on our mobile phones and had two further hours of training which gave us the confidence to take the solution forward. We have a number of options for running the business and can work from home, traveling or in the office. Quality support was important for us. If support is needed for anything, a proven market leader like RingCentral has the infrastructure, team and expertise to respond and fix things. MountainSun specialises in 7 day and short break ski-to-door chalet hotel accommodation in prime skiing in the French Alps and Italian Dolomites Fargo Systems is a market leader in software for the transport and logistics sector. Entrepreneur Melissa Edmunds invented SafeSip, an innovative silicone drink cover that stops spills. Control Freq is a supplier of GSM control, communication, monitoring and detection systems. The company’s products enable consumers and businesses to remotely manage their premises. RingCentral is a market leader in cloud communications. 25 15/11/2013 16:19