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EnInfogrpahic: Ensure Your Business’ Presence Isn’t Lacking During the Holiday Season

Put the mince pie down for a second. If you hadn’t noticed, Christmas and the holiday break have very nearly arrived.

And whilst ‘tis the season to wish everyone good cheer and be with loved ones (and quite right too), it invariably means lots of gaps in the workforce. With people taking vacation time, and spending less time in the office. This can lead to plenty of calls being missed, and business opportunities that could be falling through the cracks.

But your clients needn’t feel a cold shoulder. When away from the office, there are several ways you can have your calls handled. Whether it’s sending them directly to voicemail, redirecting them to another colleague or department, or if necessary, even forwarding the call to your mobile, no one should hear the endless ringing of anything but sleigh bells.

In the event of absent staff, your communication system should be able to redirect important calls straight to available colleagues or voicemail.

Even if you forget to change your handling rules before you leave for the holiday break, you can change settings anywhere in the world. If you happen to have forgetful colleagues, an administrator will always be able to step in and make necessary changes on their behalf.

When working from home, meetings shouldn’t be a hassle either. The office may be closed, but online meetings can still be conducted with HD video and screen-sharing options.

So when it comes to your team taking a well-deserved break, make sure your communications system keeps working all year round, including the holidays. Check out our helpful business survival guide below to get your office through the holiday season successfully!

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EnInfogrpahic: Ensure Your Business’ Presence Isn’t Lacking During the Holiday Season

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