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Social media & Societal media

  1. 1. Societal Media Social Media Afternoon Brussels, July 9th 2009 Rik Lagey – Client Manager Building Believable Brands
  2. 2. Social Media & Societal Media LBi’s Social Media Afternoon – Brussels, July 9th, 2009 Rik Lagey - Client Managez Building Believable Brands
  3. 3. Social Media Afternoon Brussels, July 9th 2009 Rik Lagey – Client Manager Building Believable Brands
  4. 4. AGENDA 3)What’s important? 4)Yes we can, the Story & video 5)Societal projects 6)Societal media and social media go hand in hand 7)Natural viral empowerment 8)Can you link business objectives to societal media? 9)Belgian case to be launched: give kids a chance 10)Red het bos – Sauvez la Fôrets 11)Actua: livestrong – Lance Armstrong 12) Questions & answers Building Believable Brands
  5. 5. 1. What’s important? Building Believable Brands
  6. 6. About LBi The leading digital agency in Europe ... >160M turnover... >1500 employees... 12 Countries... 35 offices... Vision... Values... Brand... Awards…Products... Nice ... but it doesn’t really matter! Building Believable Brands
  7. 7. About your company or societal organisation... Turnover... Number of employees... Number of countries... Number of offices... Vision... Values... Brand... Awards… Products... Yes, it’s important, but does it really matter? Building Believable Brands
  8. 8. If our/your company data doesn’t matter... What ? Does Matter ? …WHAT Yes, We ? Building Believable Brands
  9. 9. YOUR CUSTOMER And... He wants to have fun. He wants to get added value. He even wants to be part of a community... and get engaged Building Believable Brands
  10. 10. 2. The Story Building Believable Brands
  11. 11. The 'Yes We Can' video on YouTube was not made by the Obama campaign, but by hip hop star who produced it and uploaded it onto the Web. The video quickly went viral, and before November 4th 2008, it already had been viewed 20 million times. Today, the video is viewed over 150 millions time and it recently won an Emmy award! Powerful Democracy 2.0 tools are transforming politics and may soon bring profound changes to the way governments (& organisations) interact with citizens. A new era of e-democracy and e-government is dawning.“ Building Believable Brands
  12. 12. The Emmy Winning video "Yes We Can" is a collage style music video inspired by a speech delivered by Barack Obama following the 2008 New Hampshire primary, derived from similar union catch cries. The song was released on February 2, 2008 by the Black Eyed Peas member on and also on YouTube. YES WE CAN was bestowed an Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches - Entertainment at the 35th Annual Daytime Creative Arts and Entertainment Emmy Awards Ceremony on June 13th 2008 Building Believable Brands
  13. 13. 3. Societal projects Building Believable Brands
  14. 14. Decrease of gifts due to crisis Increse of projects Local and global projects How to find engaged people in this? Building Believable Brands
  15. 15. How can you be found? Building Believable Brands
  16. 16. 4. Societal media & social media go hand in hand Building Believable Brands
  17. 17. Sharing Honesty Dialogue Participation Building Believable Brands Openess Trust Listening Positivism Consistency Relevancy Added Value Authenticity Collaboration Building Believable Brands
  18. 18.  Question: how many Belgians did ever gave a gift or signed up as a volounter for a societal project?  Guess? Building Believable Brands
  19. 19. 90% Building Believable Brands
  20. 20. Why?  Mandkind is societal in nature  We don’t see it as a commercial objective  Positive, engage, involve, empower  It’s often also user-generated Building Believable Brands
  21. 21. 5. Natural viral empowerment Building Believable Brands
  22. 22. A bunch of tools Building Believable Brands
  23. 23. With some nice advantages as a result:  a better natural indexing in search-Engines (free SEO!)  People love to show they’re societal  This enhances the viral efforts  buzzz creation Building Believable Brands
  24. 24. 6. Can you link business objectives to societal media? Building Believable Brands
  25. 25. Yes, we can  Enhance the values of your copany (branding)  Smack up your image  Boost business objectives by creative use of social media  Find & empover brand advocates to support your cause Building Believable Brands
  26. 26. Knowing that, let’s go back ... To the beginning of this presentation and the “Yes, we can” video of Building Believable Brands
  27. 27. The HOPE.ACT.CHANGE. Website (launched feb 2008) Inspired by Barack Obama's vision of change and collective action, LBi was brought into this ground- breaking project by <> , musician, producer and lead singer of 'Black Eyed Peas', and Jesse Dylan and Mike Jurkovac, the filmmakers behind the video. As the artist and filmmakers were conceiving and creating the "Yes We Can" song and video - which went on to over 20 million views on the web - they challenged LBi to build a website that would bring people into the effort to express their support of change in America. Building Believable Brands
  28. 28. The HOPE.ACT.CHANGE. website We took our experience with Social Media and applied it to develop an innovative and visually stunning web site that gives life to community action and inspiration. Integrating user-generated content into the fabric of the "Yes We Can" music video, LBi created an interactive experience that visualizes the way the individual can bring about change and show their support for Barack Obama. Building Believable Brands
  29. 29. The HOPE.ACT.CHANGE. website By uploading their photos and videos to the site, or tagging their Flickr photos with "hopeactchange", their content becomes a component of a virtual mosaic that overlays the video playback. Supporters all over America and around the world have become thumbnail pieces of the video, adding their voice to the new HopeActChange movement. They can share their stories of inspiration and connect with other members of the site. We also have featured celebrities, musicians, artists and digital innovators who have contributed their efforts to the site. There are now thousands of members and an active, growing movement that is being evolved daily by the community itself. Building Believable Brands
  30. 30. 7. Give kids a chance Building Believable Brands
  31. 31. The project  Raise 100.000€ for children in problematic situation  100% online campaign  possibilty to donate  Free media space offerd by the sector Building Believable Brands
  32. 32. Building Believable Brands
  33. 33. Building Believable Brands
  34. 34. Social Media integration  Status updates  Donation fact & figures  Mentioning important gifts (companies)  Blog contributions … Beside that, we’ll create, within the action, “social ambassadors” from the contributors. In the process of donation, contributors will receive “a free gift” (a picture) that they will be able to offer to a friend Building Believable Brands
  35. 35. 8. Red het bos – Sauvez la fôrets Building Believable Brands
  36. 36. Building Believable Brands
  37. 37. The project (Makro)  Main objective: Reduce off-line folder usage & cost  Use of a societal element (our environment) to connect to the audience  Use of a icon we all know (Mr. de uil – Mr. L’Hibou)  Viral : send someone a personalized video (an owl) (text to speech technology)  Social media: Facebook fanpage Building Believable Brands
  38. 38. Building Believable Brands
  39. 39. 9. Livestrong – Lance Armstrong Building Believable Brands
  40. 40. Building Believable Brands
  41. 41. The project (Livestrong)  Canver survivorship programs  Objective: to raise money as much as possible  Use of a societal element (our helth ) to connect to the audience  Empowerd by a personailty we all know : Lance Armstrong Building Believable Brands
  42. 42. The project (Livestrong)  indepth social media use:  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace...  Strong call to actions: donate, get involved, ...  Several Co- sponsorships: Nike’s and fundraising Building Believable Brands
  43. 43. Building Believable Brands
  44. 44. 429.528 fans ! Building Believable Brands
  45. 45. Building Believable Brands
  46. 46. Listen to & join their conversations Build honest relationships with your audience / customers Start an ongoing dialogue with your customer Search for Brand Advocates and empower them! Evolve, Engage and empower your communities Building Believable Brands
  47. 47. 10. QUESTIONS? Building Believable Brands
  48. 48. Building Believable Brands with Social media? YES WE DO! Thank you! Now we want to listen to you... Answer your questions ... And start a dialogue! Contact: Rik Lagey – Client Manager LBi Belgium : www.twitter.comLBi_Belgium Building Believable Brands
  49. 49. Building Believable Brands