Linked in for small business 101


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You need to create a LinkedIn company page for your small business—it's a KADENZ™ BrandEssentials™ Social Media must-have, but before you do you'll need to create a solid professional LinkedIn profile. Learn the 10 Keys to a professional LinkedIn profile with this LinkedIn for small business presentation.

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Linked in for small business 101

  1. 1. BrandEssentials™/ Social MediaEstablish a Solid Professional LinkedIn Profileand Presence. Build Influence. Grow yourBusiness.LINKEDIN FOR SMALLBUSINESS 101: Pro Profile
  2. 2. By completing yourLinkedIn Profile 100%,LinkedIn suggests you’llexperience a 40% greaterchance for networkingsuccess.
  3. 3. Having a completed profileis the most effective way toshowcase your talents,experience and expertise aswell as appearing to be amore competant (Pro) user.
  4. 4. Complete Your Profilea. Upload a Professional Image. Make a great 1stimpression—essential to attracting the rightconnections.b. Create a Compelling Headline. You have 120characters to describe what you do and grabattention. Use descriptive keywords to bediscovered with LinkedIn search.c. List Your Current and at Least 2 Past Positions.Use the same keywords used in your headlinewhen describing your role for each.
  5. 5. d. Complete the “Summary” Section. Writing in the3rd person (avoid I, I, I...) describe who you areand what you do to help people.e. Complete the “Specialties” Section. Usecustomer-focused keywords, to show up insearch results within LinkedIn.f. Give Recommendations First. The best way toreceive recommendations is to give them first.LinkedIn won’t label your profile “completed”until you’ve received at least 3recommendations.
  6. 6. g. Add your “Interests” and join relevant “Groups”.The terms used are hyper-linked to users in thenetwork who share your interests. Connect andshare with people within specific targetedgroups.Good work, you’re almostthere — 4 more steps tolooking moreprofessional.
  7. 7. Optimize Your Profileh. Edit Your Public LinkedIn URL. For example, mypersonal LinkedIn URL is Thissimple customization optimizes your linkedInprofile to show up in search results whensomeone searches for your name.i. Customize Your Website Listings. When addingyour website URLs, choose the “other” option tooptimize the links with descriptive, relevantterms.
  8. 8. j. Include a Link to Your Twitter Profile. MultipleTwitter accounts can be listed — one moremethod of communication available to connectwith you and. . .Make your Entire ProfileVisible to Everyone. Youwant other people to findand connect with youright?
  9. 9. To get found by contactsyou need to Optimize yourprofile. Always includerelevant keywords in yourheadline, summary andspecialties sections of yourLinkedIn profile.
  10. 10. Build a LinkedIn Pro Profilea. Upload a Professional Image.b. Create a Compelling Headline.c. List Your Current and at Least 2 Past Positions.d. Complete the “Summary” Section.e. Complete the “Specialties” Section.f. Give Recommendations First.
  11. 11. Make Your Entire LinkedInProfile Visible to Everyoneand get Found by GreatConnections.g. Add “Interests” and join “Groups”.h. Edit Your Public LinkedIn URL.i. Create a call-to-action within Website Listings.j. Include a link to your Twitter Profile and. . .
  12. 12. a. Use the media feature and display samples ofyour work within your Profile. Upload images,presentations, videos or documents.b. Connect a WordPress blog to your profile withthe WP JetPack Plugin.c. Add a compelling call-to-action within the listwebsites section.d. Build your Professional LinkedIn Network.e. Set up a Company Page and use LinkedIn toMarket your Business.Next Steps
  13. 13. KADENZ™ can help youset up, optimize andmanage all your SocialMedia Channels.Call KADENZ™: +1 604.609.6604Go to our website: KADENZbrand.comEmail:Hello@kadenzbrand.comLinkedIn: /company/kadenz