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Suomi riistamaana -esite englanniksi

  1. 1.  Hunting in Finland management fee is determined yearly in the Hunting permits A third option is to obtain a license from the Finland is about 1 200 kilometres long state’s budget, but for the past few years it Hunting is also allowed without hunt- Finnish police authorities for carrying the fire- and 600 kilometres wide. Finland’s has been 30 euros. Before a person can pur- ing rights based on the ownership or arm that is to be imported. A person living inarea is 338,145 square kilometres, 69 per cent chase a hunting card, he or she must pass a leasing of land. In this case, the hunter must some other EU country who has been grantedof which is made up of forests, 8 per cent of hunting examination. In Finland, the exami- obtain a hunting permit from the land owner a firearms license in Finland must notify thefarmland, 13 per cent of other land and 10 nation has been obligatory since 1964. or game tenant (holder of hunting rights). proper authorities of the matter in the countryper cent of water. While most of the country’s In order to obtain a Finnish hunting card, Land owners and hunting clubs often grant or he is living in as soon as possible.forests are part of the coniferous forest zone, a foreign hunter must present a hunting card sell hunting permits for land or water areas inthose in the southernmost part belong to the valid in his native country or some other cer- their possession. Borrowing a firearm fromdeciduous zone, and in the north to the tundra tificate of his right to hunt in his own country. For hunting small game on state lands, Met- a Finnish citizenzone. These documents are presented to personnel sähallitus sells seasonal hunting permits and The Finnish police authority can grant a for- Finland features countless bodies of water, at the Game Management Association where short-term small game permits for one to seven eigner a parallel firearms license with the188 000 of which are lakes. The archipelagos the documents are checked and a bank deposit days. Small game permits are sold either for consent of a Finnish firearms license holder.of the coast of Finland are beautiful, and the slip for that person will be ordered from the all small game species or for small game spe- In order to obtain a parallel firearms license,islands numerous. There are 81 000 islands hunter’s register, which, when paid, will serve cies excluding grouses. The small game permits the foreign person must present a permit toaltogether in the archipelagos of the Gulf of as a hunting card. If he is unable to present are personal. The hunting permit includes a carry a firearm granted by the authorities inFinland and the Gulf of Bothnia. reliable documents showing his right to hunt, hunting quota, which is indicated as the per- his/her native country. In addition, he must Finland’s northern location and length mean he must pass a Finnish hunting examination. mit’s hunting score. Metsähallitus also sells also give a written account of his intention tothat the living conditions of game vary greatly Hunting examinations are arranged by Game moose hunting permits for hunting parties, carry firearms in Finland. The parallel firearmin the different regions of the country. Only Management Associations and are subject to and personal bear hunting permits. Hunting license can be obtained at Finnish police sta-relatively few game animal species can endure a fee. In practice it is best to let the Finnish permits for state lands are sold from late spring tions or, in special cases, from Finland’s for-the rugged landscape and severe winters. The host for the hunting party to take care of the onwards. The sale of short-term small game eign densities are much smaller than, for matters involved in getting a hunting card hunting permits occurs in two stages, in June A Finnish person may lend a firearm to aexample, in Central Europe. There is great beforehand. and in August. Please verify the exact dates by foreigner if the latter has a document permit-variation yearly, especially in the population The hunting card is valid for one hunting visiting the Metsähallitus online service. ting him to carry a firearm in Finland. Thesedensities of small game species. year, which begins August 1 and ends July 31 A foreigner intending to hunt in Finland documents include a firearms license granted The main game species are the capercaillie, of the following calendar year. The game man- should find out while still in his native coun- in Finland, a firearms passport granted in someblack grouse, wood pigeon, hazel grouse, wil- agement fee includes hunting insurance, which try how and for what game he can obtain a other EU country or a firearms license grantedlow grouse, mountain hare, brown hare, moose covers personal damages caused by a firearm hunting permit. This can be done conveniently in Norway, Sweden or Denmark. The personand white-tailed deer and, among waterfowl, during hunting. The insurance is valid for one through Finnish acquaintances. Hunting per- lending a firearm may, however, only lend onethe mallard. Fur game include the red fox, hunting year in Finland as well as in Nordic mit fees are decided by the holder of hunting that corresponds to, or is less powerful than,raccoon dog, American mink, beaver and pine countries and EU countries during hunting rights. Permits usually include a game quota the one that the foreigner him/herself has amarten. Big game, such as bears, lynxes and trips that last no longer than 60 days. which must not be exceeded. The fees vary license for.wolves, require special hunting licences for widely depending on the game animal species A person who is 18 years of age and carriesgame management or damage prevention. Hunting rights and the area. a firearms license may lend his gun to another There are more than 300 000 hunters in Fin- In Finland, hunting rights belong to   person under his supervision, if he is able toland who pay the annual game management the land owner, who may lease the Import of firearms effectively survey and guide the user of thefee (i.e. hunting card). Women make up five hunting rights in his domain to another party. A foreign hunter may use his own fire- gun in a manner in which using the gun willpercent of this number. A total of six percent of Private persons own 65 per cent of Finland’s arms or he may also borrow a hunting pose no danger.the population of Finland hold a hunting card, forest, field and freshwater areas. Privately- weapon from his Finnish hunting host. The reg-  which is more than anywhere else in Europe owned real estate generally consists of land ulations for importing firearms vary depending Shooting testwhen compared to the size of the population. and water from 5 to 200 hectares. Hunters on which country the foreign hunting guest is Every hunter intending to hunt moose have founded hunting clubs (hunting associa- arriving from. and other deer animals in Finland withIn order to hunt in Finland tions) and leased areas for hunting and game a rifled bullet weapon is required to pass theeach hunter must have management. The aim is to form sufficiently Importing one’s own shooting test. Shooting tests are arranged byl a Finnish hunting card large and uniform hunting areas, particularly firearms and cartridges the various game management associationsl hunting rights or a hunting permit for moose and deer hunting. Today there are A firearms license granted in Norway, Sweden especially in the summer and in early autumn. granted by a land owner or holder over 4,000 hunting clubs in Finland who have or Denmark permits its holder to import the Shooting tests are open to the public. On of hunting rights hunting grounds ranging in size from 2 000 firearm in question and a sufficient amount of passing this test, the hunter is awarded a cer-l a firearms licence to 10 000 hectares. The clubs take care of cartridges, as well as to hold them in his pos- category C or D of the firearms directive, and is cartridges to Finland. In order to obtain a tificate, which is valid for three years from thel in cervine and bear hunting: a certificate arrangements related to hunting, game man- session for a maximum of three months. Proof indicated on the firearms passport. A holder of personal import license, the person entering date of the passed test. of a passed shooting test agement and supervision in their areas. of participation in a shooting or hunting event the firearms passport must also carry a written the country must present the Finnish Police a If a person has a valid certificate of havingl for certain species of game, a hunting The state owns about 25 per cent of Fin- must be presented, for example, in the form of invitation or other reliable documents proving certificate given by the authorities in his own passed a corresponding shooting test in anoth- licence or an exemption land’s land, mainly in eastern and northern an invitation, as a prerequisite for importing that the transportation or importation of the country which states that he has a license for er country or if the person is able to provide Finland. Metsähallitus (State forest enterprise) the firearm. firearm is necessary in order to participate in carrying the firearm in question in his native documentary proof to the game associationHunting card is responsible for most of the use of hunting If the hunting guest arrives from a country a hunting event. The holder of the European country. A personal import license is granted of his being entitled to hunt game animals of Everyone who wishes to hunt must rights and game management on state lands. belonging to the European Union, the easiest firearms passport must be capable of produc- for a maximum of three months. A personal the corresponding size in his native country, pay a game management fee to way import firearms is to obtain a European ing the document whenever he is carrying or import license applies to the importation of he does not need to perform a shooting testthe state each hunting year. The receipt for firearms passport. The holder of the document transporting the firearm and cartridges. firearms and cartridges to Finland from EU in Finland.making this payment will serve as a hunt- is allowed to transport and bring to Finland Another option is a personal import license countries, as well as from countries outsideing card for that particular year. The game a firearm and cartridges for hunting that fit which allows its holder to bring firearms and the EU.2 l l 3
  2. 2. Three different Shooting tests: Target pattern and completion equals the Roe Deer Shooting Test. The fee a valid rabies vaccination and echinococcosis1. Roe Deer Shooting Test means the test need- of the shooting test charged for the Shooting Test is € 20 per test to be performed when hunting roe deer The target pattern used in the Roe Deer and session.(Capreolus capreolus); Moose and Deer Shooting tests has a hit area Import from countries2. Moose and Deer Shooting Test means the 23 centimetres in diameter while in the Bear Hunting licence outside of the EUtest needing to be performed when hunting Shooting test the target pattern’s hit area is 17 In Finland it is possible to hunt 34 A veterinary border inspection must (withmoose (Alces alces), white-tailed deer (Odo- centimetres in diameter. species of mammals and 26 species certain exceptions) be carried out for animalscoileus virgianus), red deer (Cervus elaphus), The test requires four shots to be fired at a of birds. The hunting of some specific game imported from outside of the EU. However, cus-wild forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fenni- non-moving target only from either a stand- – mostly large game – is more strictly regu- toms will inspect non-commercially transport-cus), fallow deer (Dama dama), and sika deer ing, sitting or kneeling position (shooter is free lated and requires a special hunting licence. ed pets as part of customs controls at author-(Cervus nippon); to choose his position) from a distance of 75 The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research ised frontier crossing points. Foreigners must3. Bear Shooting Test means the test needing metres. The time allowed to make these four Institute provides the Ministry of Agriculture also ensure they may take their dogs back toto be performed when hunting brown bears shots is 90 seconds starting from the first shot. and Forestry with yearly estimates of the game their native country after a hunting trip. More(Ursus arctos). Supports are allowed as long as the weapon is population densities. Based on these estimates information by e-mail: not mechanically fastened to its support. The the Ministry gives a decree concerning theRequired documents applicants are allowed no more than five test game permits. The Finnish Wildlife Agency Use of the following isBefore the shooting test, shooters are required attempts during any one shooting test. grant the hunting licences an exemptions to prohibited in huntingto present a valid hunting card or a prepaid hunters. l explosives;hunting card for the coming hunting season to Approval and payments l poisons and baits containing poisonsthe supervisor of the shooting test and when The shooting test performance is approved Import of hunting dogs or anaesthetics;so required also show proof of their identity. if all four shots of a shot series at least touch Import from EU countries l electric devices causing loss ofFurthermore, before performing the shooting the outer edge of the target’s hit area. An Identification consciousness or death;test, the shooter must present to the supervisor approved Bear Shooting Test equals the Roe l artificial sources of light and aimingof the shooting tests a valid licence to carry the Deer and Moose and Deer Shooting Tests. Animals must have a microchip or a devices for night shooting which electroni-weapon to be used in the shooting test. An approved Moose and Deer Shooting Test clearly readable tattoo for identifica- cally enlarge or alter the picture; tion purposes. From July 3, 2011 onwards, l mirrors and other dazzling devices; microchips will be considered the only accept- l birdlime and bird nets; able form of pet identification. Animals must l automatic weapons and semiautomatic have an identification marking before they are weapons with a magazine holding more vaccinated against rabies. than two cartridges; l killing with gas or smoke; Rabies vaccination l using live animals as decoys; Animals must be vaccinated against rabies l pitfalls and traps concealing a firearm, with an inactivated vaccine conforming to spear or comparable weapon, as well as an international standard (WHO). The vac- other similar trapping gear that is cine must contain at least one antigen unit dangerous to human beings or domestic per dose. The vaccination must take place animals; at least 21 days before importation. Revac- l killing traps that do not kill immediately; cination does not require the precautionary l lead shots in waterfowl hunting period of 21 days, provided that the vaccina- l There are also several other provisions on tion has taken place before the expiry of the hunting methods and gear concerning previous vaccination. A veterinarian shall specific game animals. A hunter should record the rabies vaccination expiry date in acquaint himself with these provisions the pet passport. before starting hunting. Echinococcosis prevention Other advice Before importation to Finland, dogs must be All restrictions concerning Finnish given an appropriate dose of echinococcosis hunters also apply to foreign hunters. (anti-cestode) medication containing praziqu- It is also useful to study, in advance, provi- antel or epsiprantel, which has been approved sions on public rights of access, for example, for use in the species to be treated. A veterinar- on restrictions concerning camping, lighting a ian shall record the use of echinococcosis med- fire and moving on private grounds. ication on the pet passport. No anti-cestode Temperatures in Finland often drop below For more information, contact: medication is required for dogs and cats, if the freezing as early as in late autumn and there animals are imported directly from Norway, may be snow on the ground. Therefore it Finnish Wildlife Agency The Ministry of Metsähallitus the United Kingdom, Ireland or Malta. is advisable to take warm, weatherproof Fantsintie 13–14 Agriculture and Forestry P.O. Box 94 clothes, such as rubber boots and raincoats. FI-00890 HELSINKI P.O. Box 30 FI-01301 VANTAA Pet passport When hunting cervine, hunters must use red Tel. +358 29 431 2001  FI-00023 GOVERNMENT Tel. +358 20 564 100 Animals must travel with a pet certificate (pet or dark-orange headgear and a vest, coat Fax +358 9 2727 8130 Tel. +358 29 516 001 Fax +358 20 564 4234 passport) containing the animal’s identifica- or comparable garment of a similar colour. Internet: Fax +358 9 1605 4202 Internet: tion information and a veterinarian’s record of Internet: www.mmm.fi4 l l 5
  3. 3. English Scientific Finnish Swedish German Game species Administrative district Open season Weapon requirements mallard Anas platyrhynchos heinäsorsa gräsand Stockente Ducks*1) Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R1, S, B teal Anas crecca tavi kricka Krickente Seabirds*2) Whole state 1.9.–31.12. R1, S, B garganey Anas querquedula heinätavi årta Knäkente Eider, male Whole state 1.6.–31.12. R1, S, B wigeon Anas penelope haapana bläsand Pfeifente Eider, female Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R1, S, B pintail Anas acuta jouhisorsa stjärtand Spiessente Coot Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R1, S, B shoveler Anas clypeata lapasorsa skedand Löffelente Greylag goose Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R2, S, B pochard Aythya ferina punasotka brunand Tafelente Bean goose Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R2, S, B tufted duck Aythya fuligula tukkasotka vigg Reiherente Canada goose Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R2, S, B goldeneye Bucephala clangula telkkä knipa Schellente Woodcock Whole state 20.8. at 12.00 –31.12. R1, S, B long-tailed duck Clangula hyemalis alli alfågel Eisente Black grouse Whole state 10.9.–31.10. R2, S, B red-breasted merganser Mergus serrator tukkakoskelo småskrake Mittelsäger Hazel grouse Whole state 10.9.–31.10. R1, S, B goosander Mergus merganser isokoskelo storskrake Gänsesäger Capercaillie Whole state 10.9.–31.10. R2, S, B common eider Somateria mollissima haahka ejder Eiderente Willow grouse In Pohjois-Savo, North Karelia, South Ostrobothnia, 10.9.–31.10. R1, S, B coot Fulica atra nokikana söthöna Blasshuhn Central Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia, Central Finland, greylag goose Anser anser merihanhi grågås Graugans North Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Lapland regions bean goose Anser fabalis metsähanhi sädgås Satgans Enontekiö, Inari, Utsjoki 10.9.–31.3. R1, S, B canada goose Branta canadensis kanadanhanhi kanadagås Kanada-gans Ptarmigan Enontekiö, Inari, Utsjoki 10.9.–31.3. R1, S, B woodcock Scolopax rusticola lehtokurppa morkulla Waldschnepfe Partridge In Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia, Central Ostro- 10.9.–31.10. R1, S, B black grouse Tetrao tetrix teeri orre Birkwild bothnia, and North Ostrobothnia regions. In other regions with licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia pyy järpe Haselwild Pheasant Whole state 1.9.–28.2. (29.2.) R1, S, B capercaillie Tetrao urogallus metso tjäder Auerwild Wood pidgeon Whole state 10.8.–31.10. R1, S, B willow grouse Lagopus lagopus riekko dalripa Schneehuhn Mountain hare Whole state 1.9.–28.2. (29.2.) R2, S, B ptarmigan Lagopus mutus kiiruna fjällripa Alpenschneehuhn and brown hare partridge Perdix perdix peltopyy rapphöna Rebhuhn Rabbit Whole state 1.9.–28.2. (29.2.) R1, S, B pheasant Phasianus colchicus fasaani fasan Fasan Whole state 1.12.–31.1. R1, S, B Red squirrel wood pigeon Columba palumbus sepelkyyhky ringduva Ringeltaube European beaver Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency 20.8.–30.4. R3, S, B rabbit Lepus cuniculus villikani kanin Kaninchen Canadien beaver Whole state 20.8.–30.4. R3, S, B mountain hare Lepus timidus metsäjänis skogshare Schneehase Muskrat Whole state 1.10.–19.5. R1, S, B brown hare Lepus europaeus rusakko fälthare Feldhase Red fox, blue fox, Whole state Whole hunting year, female with R2, S, B red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris orava ekorre Eichhörnchen raccoon dog and badger cubs is protected 1.5.–31.7. European beaver Castor fiber euroopanmajava europeisk bäver europäischer Biber American mink and polecat Whole state Whole hunting year, female with R1, S, B Canadian beaver Castor canadensis kanadanmajava kanadensisk bäver kanadischer Biber cubs is protected 1.5.–31.7. nutria Myocastor coypus rämemajava nutria Nutria Pine marten Whole state 1.11.–31.3. R1, S, B muskrat Ondatra zibethica piisami bisamråtta Bisamratte Ermine Whole state 1.11.–31.3. R1, S, B red fox Vulpes vulpes kettu räv Fuchs Lynx Strictly protected species. Special licence from R3, S blue fox Alopex lagopus tarhattu naali i farm uppfödd Blaufuchs Finnish Wildlife Agency fjällräv Otter Strictly protected species. Special licence from R2, S, B raccoon Procyon lotor pesukarhu tvättbjörn Waschbär Finnish Wildlife Agency raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides supikoira mårdhund Marderhund Ringed seal Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency 16.4.–31.5. and 1.9.–15.10. R3 otter Lutra lutra saukko utter Fischotter Grey seal Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency 16.4.–31.12. R3 American mink Mustela vison minkki mink Mink Wild boar Whole state 1.6.–28.2. (29.2.). Female with R4 polecat Mustela putorius hilleri iller Iltis piglets is protected. badger Meles meles mäyrä grävling Dachs Mufflon Whole state 1.9.–30.11. R3 pine marten Martes martes näätä mård Marder Moose Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency Last Saturday of September –31.12. R5 ermine Mustela erminea kärppä hermelin Hermelin Enontekiö, Inari, Muonio, Utsjoki: Licence from Fin- 1.–20.9. and 11.10.–30.11. grey seal Halichoerus grypus halli gråsäl Kegelrobbe nish Wildlife Agency ringed seal Pusa hispida botnica itämerennorppa östersjövikare Ringelrobbe White-tailed deer Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency Last Saturday of September –31.1. R4 harbour seal Phoca vitulina kirjohylje knubbsäl Seehund Wild forest reindeer Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency Last Saturday of September –31.1. R4 wild boar Sus scrofa villisika vildsvin Schwarzwild Fallow deer Licence from Finnish Wildlife Agency Last Saturday of September –31.1. R4 mufflon Ovis musimon mufloni mufflon Muffelwild Roe deer, male Whole state 1.9.–31.1. and 16.5.–15.6. R3, S, B moose Alces alces hirvi älg Elch Roe deer, female and calf Whole state 1.9.–31.1. R3, S, B red deer Cervus elaphus saksanhirvi kronhjort Rotwild Brown bear Strictly protected species. Special licence from R5 white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus valkohäntäpeura vitsvanshjort Weisswedelwild Finnish Wildlife Agency fallow deer Dama dama kuusipeura dovhjort Damwild Wolf Strictly protected species. Special licence from R3 sika deer Cervus nippon japaninpeura sikahjort Sikawid Finnish Wildlife Agency wild forest reindeer Rangifer tarandus fennicus metsäpeura skogsvildren Waldren Weapon requir. In addition, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry can roe deer Capreolus capreolus metsäkauris rådjur Rehwild set even tighter restrictions. R1 = E0 > 100 J, wolverine Gulo gulo ahma järv Vielfrass R2 = bullet weight > 2,5 g, E100 > 200 J, *1) Mallard, teal, garganey, wigeon, pintail, shoveler, R3 = bw > 3,2 g, E100 > 800 J, lynx Lynx lynx ilves lodjur Luchs pochard, tufted duck and goldeneye R4 = bw > 6,4 g, E100 > 2000 J/bw > 8 g, E100 > 1700 J, brown bear Ursus arctos karhu brunbjörn Bär *2) Long-tailed duck, red-breasted merganser and R5 = bw > 9 g, E100 > 2700 J/bw = 10 g, E100 > 2000 J, goosander S = shotgun wolf Canis lupus susi varg Wolf B = bow, strength ≥ 180 N, (arrow with hunting tip, use of crossbow is forbidden)6 l l 7
  4. 4. Fantsintie 13–14FI- 00890 HelsinkiTel. +358 29 431 2001Fax +358 9 2727