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The Human Customer: B2B's Great Migration to Customer Experience in Digital


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Customer Experience is the most important aspect in B2B marketing. Yet, B2B companies still struggle with how to incorporate a customer-centric approach to marketing—one where every decision made surrounds the customer and their experience. What we often forget in B2B marketing is that although the target audience is a business, there is still a human within that business making the decisions. Human connections are made through emotions and the struggle to connect in a digital world continues to be a challenge. However, the B2B companies that are able to evolve and incorporate a new way of thinking will win in the digital landscape.

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The Human Customer: B2B's Great Migration to Customer Experience in Digital

  1. 1. Introductions Brandon Rozelle Director, Customer Engagement Rightpoint Matthew Zaute Vice President of Analytics Rise Interactive
  2. 2. About Rightpoint
  3. 3. 1 We are a technology & design company.
  4. 4. Customer Communities Intranets & Social Collaboration Digital Strategy Social & Content Marketing Consumer Mobile Apps Customer Experience POWERING YOUR Business Public Websites SERVICING YOUR Customer Customer Service Automation Sales Enablement Modernizing Enterprise Applications Business Intelligence Cloud & Infrastructure
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  6. 6. About Rise Interactive
  7. 7. • Drive Digital Engagement – Traffic Generation – Custom Analytics – Experience Optimization • 160+ Employees • Founded 2004, Jon Morris • Jack Kraft, Senior Advisor, Former COO of Leo Burnett • Independent, Growing & Profitable
  8. 8. Analytics Call Center Data Impressions DMP CRM Franchise Data POS Data Allocate Budget Most Effectively Increase Relevancy For Customers Little Data Clicks Little Data Campaign Data Little data
  9. 9. Agenda 1 A Call to Arms 2 Behaviors You Can Adopt • Know Your Customer • Build a Measurement Framework • Educate Your Business 3 Q&A
  10. 10. A Call to Arms WHY THE URGENCY, AND WHY NOW
  11. 11. B2C B2B≠
  12. 12. “Nearly 50% of all B2B buyers are millennials, up from 27% compared to two years ago. This new generation of decision makers demands convenience, collaboration and customization.” -Gartner
  13. 13. Gen Touch (<19) 26% Millennials (20-37) 25%Gen X (38-49) 15% Boomers (50-68) 23% Swing *69+) 11%
  14. 14. GENERATION TOUCH MILLENNIALS Tech Innate: 5 Screens Tech Savvy: 2 Screens Makers Users Judiciously Share (GeoLoco Off) Radical Transparency: Share All Brand Ambivalent Brand Loyal Love Food Love Clothes Communicate with Images Communicate with Text Future Focused Now Focused Realists Optimists Want to Work for Success Want to be Discovered
  15. 15. desktop Flash Mobile Apps tablet touch responsive adaptive
  16. 16. The history of digital design has too often been about solving for the problem that is in front of us.
  17. 17. But we’re always a half step behind…
  18. 18. The only thing we can bank on is that change is constant.
  19. 19. Focusing solely on mobile or touch could be as short sighted as designing for flash in 2009.
  20. 20. The face of interface is changing, fragmenting and at times disappearing…
  21. 21. Leading consumer brands are already designing for this horizon.
  22. 22. Mouse & Keyboard Touch Voice Sound Haptics
  23. 23. 2
  24. 24. So how can we keep pace?
  25. 25. Build a Brand OS
  26. 26. A Brand OS allows a company to move rapidly into new technology, platforms and solutions.
  27. 27. Behaviors You Can Adopt KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER
  28. 28. Problem Statement for Global Airline • Global • Decentralized Content • Acquisition & Integration • Regulatory • Needs Based Customer Experience
  29. 29. Initial Public website #1 Public website #2 Mobile site #1 Mobile site #2 Mileage Program Android App Apple App FIDS GIDS Kiosks .com (FR) .com (JP)
  30. 30. Flight Bookers In-Process Travelers Mileage Members Prospective Mileage Members Employees Main Site Mobile Apps Kiosks Flight Information Display (FIDs) Gate Information Display (GIDs) Audience Mobile Site
  31. 31. Optimized .com (FR)Social Sites GIDS Kiosks FIDS Mileage Program Partner Sites .mobile Public Website .com (JP) Content Hub Kiosks
  32. 32. Know Your Customer Set Benchmarks Collect Data Analyze Data Provide Recommendations Set Benchmarks Activate
  33. 33. Set Benchmarks Know Your Customer
  34. 34. Inform Your Analytics Know Your Customer
  35. 35. Behaviors You Can Adopt BUILD A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK
  36. 36. T H E T H E V I S I O NT H E O P P O R T U N I T Y
  37. 37. Gaining industry intelligence and defining what good looks like B U S I N E S S C O N T E X T Stakeholder Alignment to determine goals and success Understand Current State Performance, Technology and Content “We don’t have the content and tools to support the purchase journey.” ”Success is more equity in our brand” “We need a global reach. We need to open new channels and meet customers where they are.“ “I want our customers to know what we stand for“ “I want our customers to have easy access to the information they need“ “Wouldn’t it be amazing if even systems like this could reflect the aesthetics and ideals our company has?”
  38. 38. Gaining industry intelligence and defining what good looks like M A R K E T C O N T E X T Benchmarking similar experience across channels including future leaning properties outside of the your vertical that have specific features. Look at a variety of measures beyond just capabilities including usability, usefulness, access and content. Third Party (industry insight) research
  39. 39. Gaining industry intelligence and defining what good looks like C U S T O M E R C O N T E X T Listening to the customer We use a combination of focus groups, survey and contextual inquiry to gain insight into the needs of customer. Understanding the needs We then identify the key tasks and messaging to meet customer needs during critical point their decision making journey.
  40. 40. Transforming insights into opportunity and strategies • D e f i n e t h e o p p o r t u n i t y a n d v i s i o n Outdated look & feel • Streamline navigation to be consistent and intuitive • Improve search capabilities • Implement quality content that is governed FIVE BIGGEST CHALLENGES Finding the right information Connecting with colleagues Content does not display well on multiple devices Lack of customization/personalization • Implement a modern look and feel that incorporates the Zimmer Biomet brand • Consolidate Zimmer and Biomet Active Directories • Implement robust user profiles enabling colleagues to connect and collaborate with each other around the globe • Implement a workplace social tool • Create a device agnostic experience that will accommodate all touch points and audience segments • Utilize Active Directory and the technology platform to enable a robust user profile that will form the basis for customization and personalization features WHAT SUCCESS IS
  41. 41. Prioritization and Roadmap
  42. 42. Roadmap
  43. 43. Customer Engagement Discovery: • Define Success • Establish Goals • Determine Needs Implementation: • Analytic Config. • Custom Variables & Dimensions • Pathing Analysis Measurement & Analysis: • Pathing Analysis • Engagement Weightings • Custom Reporting Integration & Enhancement: • Correlation Analysis • Full CRM Integration • Call Tracking Advanced Analytics • Multi Channel Attribution • Predictive Analytics • Segmentation • Multivariate Testing • Media Mix Modeling Building an Analytical Framework
  44. 44. Building an Analytical Framework
  45. 45. CRM Data Modelling Building an Analytical Framework
  46. 46. CRM Data Modelling • Median first transaction is 25% higher for repeat customers • Customers with at least $350 in spend are 25% more likely to repeat (23% vs 18%) Building an Analytical Framework
  48. 48. • Fundamental components – Web Analytics – Pathing – Voice of Customer – Other methods • Beyond Web Interaction Customer Engagement Educate Your BusinessEducate Your Business
  49. 49. 83% of These Leads Will Still Buy 17% of Leads Become Customers Converted Leads Opportunity for Re- engagement Educate Your Business
  50. 50. Brand Engagement Metrics Traditional Direct Response Conversion Metrics 29% 71% Educate Your Business
  51. 51. B2B Marketers Say... Educate Your Business 3 41 2 • Lack Advanced Tools or Methods • Inability to Tie Metrics into a Composite Score • Lack of Expertise and Resources • Cannot Tie Engagement to Outcomes 32%36%40%48% Educate Your Business
  52. 52. In Summary
  53. 53. Key Takeaways 1. Build With What You Have 2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses 3. Consider Your Audience 4. Start Now
  54. 54. Get in touch Brandon Rozelle Director, Customer Engagement Rightpoint Matthew Zaute Vice President of Analytics Rise Interactive