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BY 2018, NEARLY 50%
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Infographic: Digital Maker Movement


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The Digital Maker Movement is driven by millions of engineers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and innovators, who are combining the advantages of modern day technology and convenience while simultaneously restoring a culture of innovation and craftsmanship that defined America’s Industrial Revolution. It is not only shaping the future, but changing the way children are taught, companies are hiring and people are building. Businesses around the nation are getting involved in maker programs and the way they are training their employees. The makers of the world are popping up everywhere.

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Infographic: Digital Maker Movement

  1. 1. THE MAKER MOVEMENT HAS SPAWNED AND PUMPED ROUGHLY INTO THE ECONOMY EACH YEAR BY 2018, NEARLY 50% OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS SOLUTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED BY STARTUPS THAT ARE LESS THAN THREE YEARS OLD (57% of US adults) 200+ $29 Hackerspaces Billion IN 2014, THERE WERE MORE THAN 100 Maker Faires AROUND THE WORLD DRAWING 700,000+ Attendees 50% of Maker Faire attendees bring children The latest in Shenzhen, China drew 200,000 attendees The first Maker Faire held in Silicon Valley in 2006 had 22,000 attendees “Across our country, ordinary Americans are inventing incredible things, and then they’re able to bring them to these fairs like Makers Faires… Your projects are examples of a revolution that’s taking place in American manufacturing—a revolution that can help us create new jobs and industries for decades to come.” – President Barack Obama SOURCES:;;;;;   #weheartmakers The Digital Maker Movement is driven by craftsmen who work with bits, instead of atoms. They share the same culture and mindset as other makers; one that encompasses creativity and technology innovation to make digital and physical things. What is the Digital Maker Movement? The Digital Maker Movement Join the Digital Maker Movement A NEW REVOLUTION: NEW TECHNOLOGIES ALLOW US TO IN WAYS THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY UNIMAGINABLE CREATE, CONNECT & COLLABORATE Real-World Digital Craftmanship A garage door manufacturer leverages IoT to create technology that enables consumers to monitor, open and close their garage door or gate and home lighting from anywhere – all from a smartphone. Empower and Inspire Makers IN THE UNITED STATES ALONE, THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 135 Million Makers In 2014, the White House held its inaugural Maker Faire