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SFSS Open Textbook Advocacy.pptx

  1. 1. SFSS OER Advocacy Presented by Chardaye Bueckert @chardayeb and Brady Yano @bradyyano
  2. 2. My Story O 2013: BC Open Textbook Program & open textbooks as a “no brainer”
  3. 3. O 2013-2014:Outreach and awareness
  4. 4. “What Have You Done to Avoid Paying for a Textbook?”Some extreme: • Picking classes based on book costs • Dropping classes because of books costs • Cramming with a shared book • Translating • Going without the book • Using secondary sources for primary source analysis • Going without the book • International travel
  5. 5. OpenCon 2014
  6. 6. What We Did O Student outreach O Faculty & administration engagement O Discussion with government O Library collaboration O Liaising with other student unions
  7. 7. Challenges • Lack of uptake at SFU and other research based institutions • Publisher pressure • Lack of awareness amongst students and faculty • Academic freedom
  8. 8. Lessons Learned O Allies abound! O There is always more to learn O There is always room for one more O Open as the future
  9. 9. Success as a Next Step
  10. 10. #textbookbrokeBC OInspired by the USPIRG campaign OUndergraduate student collaboration between BC’s largest PSI’s - SFU and UBC OLeveraging social media as both a free and open platform
  11. 11. Opportunities O Student union collaboration O Cross border collaboration O Canadian institutional champions O Celebrating successes OOpen textbooks became a hot topic in the 2015 SFSS elections
  12. 12. Thank You! Any questions?