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Open Data in the Healthcare Sector - Natalia Norori - OpenCon 2016


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Successful Participant Projects Panel, OpenCon 2016

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Open Data in the Healthcare Sector - Natalia Norori - OpenCon 2016

  1. 1. OPEN DATA IN THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR SAN JOSE- COSTA RICA Natalia Norori - - OpenCon 2016 - Washington D.C
  2. 2. ▸ Datos y Salud (Data and Healthcare) is a project that advocates for Open Data in the health sector, by giving physicians, nurses and public healthcare workers the tools to learn how to work with data and make their data open by default.
  3. 3. WHY THIS PROJECT? ▸ Because actions should be taken locally. ▸ Because there is more to Open Data than just transparency, civic society and journalism. ▸ Because of the lack of movement and research in the field. ▸ Because physicians have the right to know how Open Data can be used to improve their work.
  4. 4. ‣ Health workers posses the experience and the knowledge necessary that will lead to new discoveries, with the ability to improve public health and fight diseases. ‣ If we teach them how to share such knowledge with fellow colleagues through open access and open data, we would be breaking the barriers that stop us from making information available for everyone in the health sector. ‣ This project plans to do so by introducing health professionals in Costa Rica to the Open world, and making open their default option of publication.
  5. 5. THE MAIN GOAL -Teach healthcare workers how Open Data con be used to improve healthcare and bring positive changes in the sector -Teach them that publishing articles is not enough. New discoveries cannot be made if we do not know where the data comes from - Give healthcare workers the tools and resources they need to work with data - Make them advocates to pass this knowledge through
  6. 6. THE CHALLENGES -Lack of knowledge and education in the field -Lack of resources and experience - Scientist do not know how to work with data, because colleges and universities do not give a good approach on analytics and biostatistics. -ve health care workers the tools they need to work with data
  7. 7. THE RESOURCES - A website with tools to learn about Open Access, Open Data with links to different resources created by many advocates (many of which are probably in this room) -Partnerships with local organizations, such as IFMSA to teach young scientists and introduce them to this topic -Local workshops and meetings at hospitals and universities
  8. 8. SUPPORT ▸ To make this project live, we need the support of organizations already working in such topics locally. ▸ HIVOS Latin America ▸ IFMSA Costa Rica ▸ Universidad Latina Costa Rica
  9. 9. If  you  have  a  project,  don’t  be  afraid  to  bring  it  to  life!  There  is   so much an idea from your mind can achieve when you make it a reality!