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Open Access Nepal - OpenCon 2015



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Open Access Nepal - OpenCon 2015

  2. 2. CURRENT EVENTS • Open Access Nepal launched a 6 month long project called “Open Access: Greater Reach for Research” in 2015 • All 5 development regions have been targeted for this project • Open Access advocacy campaigns are being done in major universities and campuses within each development region
  3. 3. Central Development Region Kathmandu University Tribhuvan University Agriculture and Forestry University Eastern Development Region Purbancal University B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
  4. 4. Western Development Region Pokhara University Pashimanchal Engineering Campus Mid-Western Development Region Nepalgunj Medical College
  5. 5. Far Western Development Region Far Western University
  6. 6. • A team of 7 members travel to 2 universities at the mid and end of each month • It’s a 2 day event in each university • Day1: Orientation about Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Open Data and Open Access Repository • Day2: Workshops on topics such as Open Access Advocacy at local level, OER, Open Policy, Finding and Accessing Open Resources, Issues and Challenges related to Open Access and Digital Repository
  7. 7. CHALLENGES • Major setback to the project due to the political crisis • Travelling to universities outside the capital has been impaired due to the continuous strikes in plain areas • Economic blockade has caused a severe crisis of petroleum products and fuel, strictly hampering our mobility
  8. 8. FUTURE PLANS • Organize a Regional South Asian Consultation on “Open Access to Scientific Information and Research – Concept and Policies” in Kathmandu in February, 2016 with support from the Government of Nepal, UNESCO, EIFL, R2RC, INASP and GE2P2 • Develop Open Access repositories in Tribhuvan University and Institute of Medicine • Multiple open events scheduled for the month of December
  9. 9. • Open Access Nepal has been assigned the task of establishing open repositories in member countries of South Asia through assistance from UNESCO • Organize a national conference
  10. 10. Thank you