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No Librarian is an Island - Lauren Collister - OpenCon 2016



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No Librarian is an Island - Lauren Collister - OpenCon 2016

  1. 1. “No  Librarian  is  an  Island”: Making Connections for Open Advocacy Lauren B. Collister Scholarly Communications Librarian University Library System University of Pittsburgh Twitter @parnopaeus This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  2. 2. A Problem
  4. 4. Have a Party
  5. 5. Do Some Groundwork • Lunch and Learn sessions for colleagues – Bring snacks! – Have  a  “toolbox  tip”  – a concrete take-away that colleagues can use. – Entire lineup: http://d- • Build a track / interest group – Those who came to the lunch & learns all the time – Tasks related to their work. – Example: liaison librarians & advocacy
  6. 6. Advocacy Party • Ask  liaisons  (subject  specialists)  “What  are  your   faculty  preoccupied  with?” – Answers: ResearchGate/ (should we be using these?), grant funding, impact • Help connect to Open – Question about ResearchGate? Let them know that our Institutional Repository is less spammy and connected to Google Scholar – How to show impact? Make their work Open in IR or OA journal, reach a wider audience, plus use altmetrics to track. – Grant funding? Many funders have an OA requirement – time to start thinking about that now!
  7. 7. Librarians  “Walk  the  Walk” If we are going to suggest being Open to the scholars and researchers that we work with, we should be Open ourselves. Action items: Sign an Open pledge, have your work in the repository, use altmetrics on your CV, start conversations about flipping journals to OA. Keep  up  with  this!  Ask  for  “open  stories”.
  8. 8. Be Present!
  9. 9. Connect with Role Models
  11. 11. Building Some Bridges
  12. 12. ECL Call • Shoutout to the organizing group: – Emma Molls – Chealsye Bowley – Haley Walton – Lisa Kietzer – & Joe McArthur for support & keeping us together
  13. 13. Community of Practice • Inspired by OpenCon 2014 post-IMLS meeting “dive  bar  gathering”.   • Disciplinary mailing list not helpful / kind of intimidating for early career librarians • “Safe  space”  for  Early  Career  Librarians   working in Open
  14. 14. The Community • Monthly calls (like OpenCon Community Calls) – 1st call: April 2016 – 8 successful calls since then! – Average of 27 participants from up to 5 different countries. • Topics and agendas set out in advance, sometimes guest speakers • Opportunity to share happy news, ask questions, and learn from other ECLs • Join us:
  15. 15. Thank you! Twitter @parnopaeus