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Fulbright Open Access Policy - OpenCon 2015


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Fulbright Open Access Policy - OpenCon 2015

  1. 1. Developing  an   Open  Access   policy Karin Purshouse
  2. 2. EXCITED!
  3. 3. NOT  SCARED!
  4. 4. •  Global Fulbright – 155 countries with over 300,000 alumni •  Every year – o  8000 grants/year o  2800 US students and scholars o  4900 visiting students and scholars to the USA •  US-UK Fulbright programme
  5. 5. Le<er  scribbling •  My format/hints and tips! o  Keep it brief o  Keep it personal o  Offer to help them with it
  6. 6. Meeting  policy  makers •  Assume they know less than they do •  Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know •  Use the OpenCon Community!
  7. 7. Developing  a  policy:   Phase  1 Paper to Fulbright Board for discussion o  Gold and Green Open Access o  Practicalities
  8. 8. Developing  a  Policy:   Phase  2: •  Fulbright recommendations o  Yes to Open Access o  Yes to Green •  Write actual policy o  Fulbright Board endorsement of an Open Access Policy o  Pilot of Fulbright open access policy by US- UK Fulbright Commission with aim for international roll-out o  Fulbright Repository
  9. 9. ‘Making’  a  Repository •  Thanks to the OpenCon Community! o  ePrints (others are available) o  Funding o  Time
  10. 10. Status  now: •  US-UK Fulbright Commission pilot Open Access policy and Fulbright Repository for 2016/17 cohort •  Funding dependent •  Aim to roll out across the Fulbright network.
  11. 11. Tips •  Start the conversation •  Be realistic •  Get advice from the OpenCon Community •  You know more than you think!