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Union budget 2017 impact analysis


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RH – Union Budget 2017- Impact analysis

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Union budget 2017 impact analysis

  1. 1. Union Budget 2017 Impact Analysis Right Horizons
  2. 2. Union Budget 2016 Changes Announced Applicable To Implications Reduction in Income Tax rates Individual Taxation for Income between Rs.2.50 to Rs.5 lakhs is - reduced to 5% from the present rate of 10% Income Tax Rebate Individual Where Income is less than Rs.3.5laks: - Reduction in the rebate to Rs.2,500 from Rs.5,000 - Eligibility criteria reduced from Rs. 5 lacs to 3.5 lacs Restriction on cash transactions Individual Cash transaction is limited to - Rs.300,000 with some exceptions Income Tax Surcharge Individual Where Taxable Income is between Rs.50laks to Rs.1cr - Surcharge of 10% on the tax liability has to be paid Reduction in cash donations Individual Cash donation U/S 80G - Permissible is Rs.2,000 (Rs. 10,000 previously) Capital gains Investors The long term capital gains on equity shares or equity-oriented mutual funds transferred would be exempt from tax, if STT was charged at the time of acquisition of such shares / units. This, however, will not include cases of purchase where STT was not applicable e.g. IPOs, FPOs, Bonus / Rights Issue, ESOPS .. Penalty for delayed income tax returns Individual Rs.5,000 would be the penalty if the returns are filed after the due date but on or before Dec 31st of the Assessment Year For any other case, the penalty would be Rs.10,000 However, if the total income is Rs.5 lakhs or less, the penalty levied would not exceed Rs.1000
  3. 3. Union Budget 2016 - Continued Changes Announced Applicable To Implications Long Term Capital Gain and Indexation Investors Reduction in the holding period for computing long term capital gains: - To 2 years from 3 years Change in the base year of Indexation: to 1- Apr-2001 from 1-Apr-1981 for all classes of assets including immovable property Restriction on set-off of loss from House property Investors Losses from the house property can be set off against other Income - To Maximum of Rs.2laks (full amount earlier) - The remaining loss can be carry forward and set off over next 8 years Withdrawal under National Pension System (NPS) Investors - Partial withdrawal up to 25% of contribution is tax free - Self-employed can also claim 20% contribution to NPS as deduction TDS on Rental Income Individual and HUF TDS of 5% to be deducted by the Lessee If the Rent is more than Rs. 50,000 per month Guaranteed interest deposits Senior Citizen Senior Citizen- 8% guaranteed pension for 10 years by LIC of India scheme Small And Medium Enterprise Self Employed Self Employed- Companies turnover less than 50 crores will pay 25% (30% earlier)
  4. 4. Scenarios for change in Individual Income tax rates Taxable Income (Rs.) Individual (Income level) ₹ 10,00,000 ₹ 20,00,000 ₹ 60,00,000 ₹ 1,10,00,000 Current Proposed Current Proposed Current Proposed Current Proposed Basic Tax 1,25,000 1,12,500 4,25,000 4,12,500 16,25,000 16,12,500 31,25,000 31,12,500 Surcharge - - - - - 1,61,250 4,68,750 4,66,875 Education cess 3,750 3,375 12,750 12,375 48,750 53,213 1,07,813 1,07,381 Total Tax Payable 1,28,750 1,15,875 4,37,750 4,24,875 16,73,750 18,26,963 37,01,563 36,86,756 Increase/(Decrease) in Tax - 12,875 - 12,875 1,53,213 - 14,806 % change -10.00% -2.94% 9.15% -0.40%
  5. 5. Thank You Right Horizons Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. 9845399780