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My life at Dhaka


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My life at Dhaka

  1. 1. “My Life at Dhaka”
  2. 2. Me: “Why is it always I want you under any circumstances?” Unknown : (Silent) Me:” Sometimes I feel I don’t know you. Tell me ,Who are you ?” Unknown: “hmm. I am…
  3. 3. knowledgeable and intelligent , just the way you want me .I enlighten the knowledge seekers with the power of education . Do you know, I have read over 680,000 books in my life. Me: 680000!! Are you kidding me ? Unknown: Not at all. Me: You are such a nerd. University of Dhaka
  4. 4. Unknown: NO!I am gregarious and outgoing. People often call me the life , the smile , the laughter , the tears , the break up and the memories of friendships. Me: It’s hard to believe you are that lively. Dhanmondi Lake
  5. 5. Pohela Boishakh celebration in Instuitute of Fine Arts Unknown: Trust me . Unknown :Every year in Pohela Boishakh ,I make sure I have visited Ramna Park to eat Pantha illish and danced to the electrifying music of dhak and dhol in the colorful procession of Charukala to my heart content.
  6. 6. Baitul Mukkaram, Church of Holy Rosary ,Dhakeashwari Temple and Pagoda Me: What you do all the time ??Enjoy?? Fun ?? Unknown: Not really . I am a devotee. I pray in mosque, church and temple to find peace and solace. :
  7. 7. Lal Bagh , Ahsan Manzil , Aparajeyo Bangladesh and Shahis Minar Me ( confused ):You are different. Unknown : I am cryptic and a past lover. I love going back to history. Me: That you are. Unknown: It keeps me connected to my roots. Unknown: Would you like to have dinner with me?
  8. 8. The Village Restaurant . Unknown: Although ,life keeps me busy but I always manage time for a lovely meal with family and friends. Me: How many restaurant you have tried so far ? Unknown: 364 approximately , it could be more.
  9. 9. Traffic Jam Me: What are you doing now?? Unknown: I am in bus .Stuck in traffic jam for almost 2 hours. Unknown: Observing people’s tired faces. It says thousands of stories about their struggling life. Some are worrying , some are sleeping and some are listening to music , just to forget the reality for a while. Anyway, I wish I was less congested.
  10. 10. Garbage dump In Paribagh Unknown :Not again. Just passed a garbage dump , I wonder when people will have common sense and stop littering . They will kill me someday. I wish I was trash free.
  11. 11. High Rise Building Unknown : You know ,it’s hard to believe I had empty field where children used to play. But now children are busy with tabs while the empty land got replaced by high rise buildings . Dreams are just getting bigger than the sky scrappers every day , ONLY IN HERE.
  12. 12. Unknown :You here??? Me(Confused ): Who are YOU?? Unknown: HI! I am DHAKA . I am 150 years old .I am home of 156,186,882 People. (Unknown changed name to DHAKA.) DHAKA : 
  13. 13. THANK YOU!! Presentation by- Rifat Nahar Ritu To know more about DHAKA , Scroll down.
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