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MGT 311 MGT/311 Final Exam 100% Correct

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MGT 311 MGT/311 Final Exam 100% Correct

  1. 1. MGT 311 Final ExamANSWERS ARE HERE 1) In her work in the publishing industry, Vera seeks out new authors whom she considerspromising. In the past 2 years she has found a number of new writers whose work she thoughtwas exceptional, and immersed herself in the task of helping them shape their manuscripts forsubmission to her managers for publishing. Although she was extremely proud of the results,none of the authors she worked with were chosen for publication. Vera believes that thedecision not to publish these authors was based on personal rivalries within ...2) Julia works as a receptionist at a real-estate company. Her boss just came in the door andyelled at her, telling her that the front office was a mess and that she needed to get up andclean it immediately. After her boss left the room ...3) Erin works on a software help desk. After being yelled at by a customer about the state of hercompanys software, she becomes angry, and has to take a short break to calm down. What m4) Any incompatibility between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes resultsin what?5) What is the degree to which a person identifies with his or her job, actively participates in it,and considers his or her performance as being important to self-worth?6) What term is used for those emotions that an organization requires workers to show andconsiders appropriate for a given job?7) Janet needs to assign a very important advertising account to one of her writers. First shereviewed each writers work load, then she studied the sales data of the products for the lastthree campaigns of each writer, then she reviewed each writers annual review ..8) Basing managerial methods on the best available scientific evidence is called what?9) The manager at a construction site observes that he is spending a great deal of timeinterviewing prospective employees. This is due to the large amount of absenteeism andturnover among his skilled workers. While questioning exiting employees, he discovers thatmany of them quit because they feel the work place is too ...10) Phil loves sales. He has been a stellar sales person since he was 12. Recently he wasawarded a full paid trip for two to Puerto Rico for breaking a company sales record. Phil is somotivated to work, he has set a new goal to break his old record in the coming year. Taking intoaccount self-determination theory, why did the company recognition and award, an extrinsicreward, motivate Phil?11) Tony loves programming. He was on the ground level of the computer revolution. This yearhis boss has set personal goals for each of the programmers, one of which includes a
  2. 2. presentation from each programmer about a project. Tony is very annoyed because he has atremendous amount of work to do and he will have to spend the weekend, his personal time,preparing the presentation. Taking into mgt 311 final exam account self-determination theory,why did his manager’s goals and the presentation reduce Tonys motivation?12) Glendon has a degree in business and worked for 2 years at an international firm in Spain.When the firm suffered cutbacks and Glendon returned home, he took a job at a nonprofitagency mentoring at-risk Spanish-speaking children. Glendon earns a third of what he earned inthe business world, but has decided that his new goal is to acquire a larger case load andcontinue to use his Spanish to help people. Which theory explains why Glendon is happy with amuch smaller external reward for his work?13) Today Marcis boss entered her cubicle and told her that her work has been fantastic, andthat because of her last project the client is going to give the company all of their business.Marcis boss continued to talk about what a great job shes doing. When her boss left, Marci feltvery confident and satisfied with herself and her job. Marcis boss uses communication in whichof the following functions?14) What can managers do to make sure that important information is not withheld from themthrough silence?15) When Neal Patterson, CEO of Cerner Corporation, sent his seething e-mail to 400managers, he erred by selecting the wrong16) Araceli is a team member in a large corporation. She never speaks in the team meetingsbecause she has seen members talk behind each others backs outside of the meetings.Members are constantly monitoring the other members work, looking for a mistake to point outin a meeting. According to the information provided, which contextual factor is most likelyhindering the success of Aracelis team?17) Ayesha is leading a group to develop a prototype for a new product. She has chosen threepeople to work with her. Ben and Tom are good friends and socialize on the weekend. They areboth very creative. Julian is older than Ben and Tom, but they have worked together before andbeen quite productive. Julian is organized. Ayesha has never worked with any of the men, butknows the product well. She brings the highest level of expertise. Which of the followingstatements best describes Ayeshas group?18) Irma does not like a few of the standard operating procedures adapted for the new project.However, she discussed the items with the team and told them that she realized she was in theminority and that she would adapt the new procedures to maintain smooth operations within theteam. What is this type of intention called?19) Angelina feels that her cubicle neighbor talks too loudly on the phone, but in other ways sheis a great neighbor. Angelina gets annoyed every time her neighbors phone rings, but she hasdecided it is simply not worth the trouble to talk to her neighbor. What is Angelinas conflictintention called?20) For process conflict to be productive, it must be21) The right inherent in a managerial position to give orders and expect orders to be obeyed is
  3. 3. termed22) ________ are consistent with recent efforts by companies to reduce costs, cut overhead,speed up decision making, increase flexibility, get closer to customers, and empoweremployees.23) What is the process through which employees are adapted to an organizations culture?24) If there is a basic conflict between the individuals expectations and the reality of working inan organization, the employee is most likely to be disillusioned and quit during which stage ofsocialization?25) When your superior offers you a raise if you will perform additional work beyond therequirements of your job, he or she is exercising ________ power.26) Political behaviors usually27) Regardless of the composition of a group, managers can leverage diversity to achievesuperior performance by which of the following approaches?28) Effective workforce programs that encourage diversity have three distinct components. First,they inform managers about the legal framework for equal employment opportunities andencourage fair treatment. Second, they mgt311 final exam teach managers how a diverseworkforce will be better able to serve a diverse market of customers and clients. Third, they29) If individuals resisting change are included in making change decisions in an attempt to gaintheir support, what is this approach called?30) Which tactic to overcome resistance to change is a relatively easy way to gain the supportof adversaries, but may backfire if the targets become aware of the tactic?