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50 shades of Business & Technology


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This document call out the challenges that the Consulting and Technology organisations face to provide an integrated holistic business & technology solutions to their clients. The document captures the current state of the industry and the new suggested model to address these challenges.

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50 shades of Business & Technology

  1. 1. 50 Shades of Business & Technology Point of View Consulting & Technology 1 Authored By: Ridhima Malhotra Contact :
  2. 2. The unease between Business & Technology Research* shows that software projects overrun their costs by 66% and schedule by 33%. According to the experience, before the opportunity or the problem, identified either by the Business or by the disruptive Technology, has been fully explored in the business landscape, analysed and put into a maturely developed strategic business plan, the focus shifts to identifying the technical solution with an expectation to deliver fast. Technology is the solution or the enabler whereas business is the need. Thinking from a solution perspective rather than the business perspective is what puts the projects at risk. To address the misalignment, this paper calls out the need for two things: 1. a well defined Business Strategy 2. a well integrated Business and Technology model Business lens Solution lens Business lensSolution lens Moving from solution perspective to business perspective 1 • Unclear business strategy and scope • Misaligned business and technology priorities • Incomplete or inadequate solution • Well-defined Business Strategy and scope • Aligned Business & Technology priorities • Complete and optimal solution * Source: McKinsey-Oxford study on reference-class forecasting for IT projects circa 2012 2 Authored By: Ridhima Malhotra Contact :
  3. 3. Current state of the industry Technical progression is critical and necessary but it has to be based on the readiness of an organisation. Thinking from a technology only perspective involves assumptions, brings constraints in thinking and limits creativity which lead to solutions which may not cover depth and breadth of the problem or the opportunity. Business Technology 1. Assumption: Technology is the solution to all problems 2. Result: unsatisfactory, high costs, objectives not met or not met in time 1. Assumption: Business inputs are true and complete 2. Result: scope creep, misalignment between end solution and business objectives Weak Business Strategy 2 3 Authored By: Ridhima Malhotra Contact :
  4. 4. New Model for an integrated holistic business & technology solution Success of the change relies on a well defined business strategy to reach a future capability through an integrated business and technology model. This model facilitates identification of full length and breadth of business and technology change. Business Business Bus+ Tech Integration Technology Approach: System agnostic Ask Questions: • Why is the change needed? • What are the qualitative & quantitative benefits? • What is the current state (capability, business model/ architecture)? • What is the desired future state? • What is the priority of this change in the organisation? Approach: Business priorities in IT landscape Key Elements: • Organisation level technology strategy (includes technical options & risks) • Priorities revised based on technical feasibility • Decision making (scope, budget) Approach: System/ application oriented Benefits : • Alignment with true and complete business objectives • Clear scope definition Business and technology functions need to be highly interactive and integrated. Strategy, Planning, Governance & Agility are required across all functions. 3 Strong Technical StrategyStrong Business Strategy Underlying Success Factors 4 Authored By: Ridhima Malhotra Contact :
  5. 5. Benefits of the new model • Building solutions that are aligned with business capability or by improving solutions which typically require significant rework. • Improved Return on Technology Investment : Investment Impact 4 5 Authored By: Ridhima Malhotra Contact :
  6. 6. End Notes • Almost a decade of experience in consulting and technology across all the phases has helped me gain the perspective that I describe in this paper. • This is a practitioner’s view and not a research paper with statistics to qualify the approach. • This is an attempt to contribute to the Consulting & Technology community which may help provoke mind-sets in future. • If you would like to contribute in evolving this paper by providing data & insights please feel free to contact me at As Martin Luther King Jr. says in one of his famous speeches; ‘a proper, solid and sound blueprint decides which way an individual’s life will go’ The same should be applied for every business. 6 Authored By: Ridhima Malhotra Contact :