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P3 term 2

  2. 2. WHY DO WE LIKEMOVIES?Movies are great for a bunch of reasons. In a movie, you can bescared, excited, thrilled, or sad. There are tons of different typesand genres of movies for every taste. We like movies because in ourday-to- day lives we aren’t exposed to anything very exciting orintense like in movies. Movies will keep us thrilled and on the edgeof our seats even on the most boring days.Another reason people like movies is because anything is possible.In the movie, the scenes aren’t restricted to what is possible in reallife but what the director can imagine.Plus, people like to watch their favorite actors or scenes that takeplace were they live, it may be made by your favorite director orproducer or it may have good special effects. Or maybe your justbored and want to watch a movie for the heck if it.
  4. 4. NUMBER 15Title: Shrek 2Genre: AnimationActors: Eddie Murphy, Mike MyersYear: 2004Series: 2ndTotal Money Made: $919,838, 758
  5. 5. NUMBER 14Title: Star Wars Phantom MenaceGenre: Sci-Fi FantasyActors: Kiera Nightly, Liam NeesonYear: 1999Series: 1stTotal Money Made: $924, 317, 558
  6. 6. NUMBER 13Title: Lord of the Rings: Two TowersGenre: FantasyActors: Orlando Bloom, Ian MckellenYear: 2002Series: 2ndTotal Money Made: $925,282,746
  7. 7. NUMBER 12Title: Harry Potter and the Half Blood PrinceGenre: FantasyActors: Daniel Redcliffe, Rupart GrintYear: 2009Series: 6thTotal Money Made: $933,959,197
  8. 8. NUMBER 11Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1Genre: FantasyActors: Daniel Redcliffe, Emma WatsonYear: 2010Series: 7thTotal Money Made: $938,377,000
  9. 9. NUMBER 10Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixGenre: FantasyActors: Daniel Redcliffe, Emma WatsonYear: 2007Series: 5thTotal Money Made: $938,212,738
  10. 10. NUMBER 9Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds EndGenre: AdventureActors: Johnny Depp, Orlando BloomYear: 2007Series: 3rdTotal Money Made: $960,996,492
  11. 11. NUMBER 8Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers StoneGenre: FantasyActors: Daniel Redcliffe, Rupart GrintYear: 2001Series: 1stTotal Money Made: $974,733,550
  12. 12. NUMBER 7Title: The Dark KnightGenre: Action, AdventureActors: Christian Bale, Morgan FreemanYear: 2008Series: 2ndTotal Money Made: $1,001,921,825
  13. 13. NUMBER 6Title: Alice in WonderlandGenre: Family AdventureActors: Johnny Depp, Mia WasikowskaYear: 2010Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $1,024,299,722
  14. 14. NUMBER 5Title: Toy Story 3Genre: AnimationActors: Tom Hanks, Michael KeatonYear: 2010Series: 3rdTotal Money Made: $1,063,161,943
  15. 15. NUMBER 4Title: Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Mans ChestGenre: AdventureActors: Johnny Depp, Keira KnightlyYear: 2006Series: 2ndTotal Money Made: $1,066,179,725
  16. 16. NUMBER 3Title: Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingGenre: FantasyActors: Orlando Bloom, Ian MckellenYear: 2003Series: 3rdTotal Money Made: $1,119,110,941
  17. 17. NUMBER 2Title: TitanicGenre: RomanceActors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate WinsletYear: 1997Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $1,843,201,268
  18. 18. NUMBER 1Title: AvatarGenre: Sci-Fi AdventureActors: Sam Worthington, Zoe SaldanaYear: 2009Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $2,781,132,032
  19. 19. MY FAVOURITEGENREMy favourite genre is action/suspense. I like this because Ilove being on the edge of my seat. I love being thrilled andexcited when watching a movie.I also like comedy. I like comedy because I really like tolaugh. If I can’t be on the edge of my seat I might as well berolling on the floor laughing.
  21. 21. NUMBER 1Title: Saving Private RyanGenre: WarActors: Tom Hanks, Matt DamonYear: 1998Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $481, 840,909Why I liked It: It was by far the most intense movie Ihave ever seen. I was on the edge of my seat from start tofinish. By the end of the movie I was sweating. I also likedThe actors in it and I really like some of Matt Damon’s othermovies too.
  22. 22. NUMBER 2Title: InceptionGenre: Sci-Fi ActionActors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen PageYear: 2010Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $823,576,195why I liked it: I thought it had many of plottwists that you could never see coming. Therewere some really cool scenes and I think it wasreally creative. Besides that, I was never boredin this movie. I also think Leonardo DiCaprio didgreat in it.
  23. 23. NUMBER 3Title: GladiatorGenre: Historical EpicActors: Russell Crowe, Joaquin PhoenixYear: 2000Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $457,640,427Why I liked it: I learned a lot about ancientRome and what the coliseum was like and what itWas like to be a gladiator and to be forced to fighttigers just to entertain other people. There werealso some pretty cool sword moves.
  24. 24. NUMBER 4Title: The Other GuysGenre: ComedyActors: Will Ferrell, Mark WahlbergYear: 2010Series: NoneTotal Money Made: $170,269,110Why I liked it: It was hilarious all the way through. I could not stoplaughing. There were so many funny parts were I laughed so hardmy sides hurt I lost count. In the movie, one of the characters is justso thick and dumb its unbelievable.
  25. 25. NUMBER 5Title: The Bourne IdentityGenre: Action ThrillerActors: Matt Damon, Clive OwenYear: 2002Series: 1stTotal Money Made: $214,034,224Why I liked it: I liked how when the moviewas very mysterious and when it starts you know nothing. I likedhow you figure out whats going on as the character does in themovie and the plot is not rushed. I think Matt Damon is a good actor.My favourite character is when he jumps over a banister, falls fivefloors, but still is able to shoot an enemy between the eyes. It wasquite suspenseful at parts, too.
  26. 26. WHAT MAKES AMOVIE GREATThere are several factors that makes a movie great.The Plot:The plot is one thing that makes a movie great. The plot is veryimportant. With no plot, there is no movie. The plot is another word forthe story. A good plot will have a beginning, middle , and end. In thebeginning, the characters will be introduced and a conflict will arise. Inthe middle, the characters will begin to try to solve the problem. Theproblem may become more complicated. In the end, the story will reacha climax, and hopefully the problem will be solved. A good plot will notleave anything left unanswered and will tie up all loose ends.Characters:Like any story , a movie needs characters. Without characters, there isno plot. Characters make up the story. If there were no characters,there could not be a beginning, middle, or end or a problem. Thereshould be different kinds of characters, and characters that you canrelate to.
  27. 27. WHAT MAKES AMOVIE GREATActorsActors are also important. If your favourite actor is in a movie, you are more likely towatch it. Also, some actors are better at acting than others. If the acting is better, themovie will be better. If the actor is good at playing the character, the whole role will seemmore believable.Special Effects:Special effects play a big role. Special effects are really important because even if theplot or acting is not great, the people still may watch the movie for the good specialeffects. Good special effects will put people in awe. Take the movie Avatar for example.A lot of people thought the plot was a bit weak but the special effects made up for it.Dialogue:If dialogue is boring, the audience may get bored of people talking with no emotion. Takethe movie Top Gun. That movie wouldn’t be half as popular without all the great quotesin it. In Star Wars, Yoda could have easily talked like a normal person but instead, whenhe talked, he would say words out of order.
  28. 28. WHAT MAKES AMOVIE GREATExtras:Finally, all the extra things like the setting, the costumes, and thecinematography (filming). Do the costumes fit the character’spersonality? Do they fit the time when the movies set? Does thesetting make sense? Is it interesting? And finally, did they do agood job of filming it? Were the lighting and camera angles welldone?
  29. 29. EXAMPLEI’ll give you an example of a movie that uses most of these points. Lets take themovie Inception.The plot was very well done. It had a beginning, where you meet the maincharacters and learn about the problem and conflict, the team of main charactersneed to stop the wrong person from taking over the half of the worlds energyrecourses. In the middle, the problem gets a little closer to being solved but alsobecomes harder to solve it becomes much more dangerous then they thought. Inthe end, the problem is solved and all loose ends are tied they stop the energyfrom falling into the wrong hands. The plot was also exciting with lots of twists tokeep the audience engaged.The characters are also very good. They all have their own personality and they fitit well. You also learn more about the characters as the movie goes on. You learnabout the characters secrets which keeps the movie exciting.Next comes actors. There was a few famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprioand Ellen Page which got some people to watch because it may have been a actorthat they liked. The actors also fit the roles they were given well.Next comes special effects. They were great. There were some really cool sceneslike a rotating hallway or a building blowing up that looked very real. I woulddefiantly say that the special effects were a strong part.
  30. 30. EXAMPLEThe dialogue was pretty good. There were some suspenseful linesbut nothing that great.Finally, all the extras. The costumes were all high-quality andinteresting like snow camouflage suites and what ever fit the scenebest, the characters were wearing. Next was the setting. All of thesettings were great and engaging like a snowy fortress up in themountains or palace that is falling apart around the characters ears.Finally, the filming itself was good. There were great camera angles.For example, during a car chase the camera was following the carwherever it went when a building blew up instead of just showing anexplosion you saw it tumble town a mountain.
  31. 31. WHO YOU NEED TOMAKE A MOVIEYou need several important people to make a movie work:A ProducerA DirectorA screenwriterFilm and Video EditorsActorsWithout these, there could be no movie at all.
  32. 32. PRODUCERThe producer is the big cheese. He is the overall leader. He,or she, has many responsibilities that if not done properlywould kill the movie even before it was made.The producer has to give ideas to the writers, chooses ideasfor movies, and has to raise enough money to cover theproduction cost of the movie. He does this by getting peopleto invest in the movie. If they do this, they will get a portion ofthe money made when the movie is realised.With the money from the investors, the producer hiresactors, the crew, directors, etc.He then buys supplies and anything else they need for thefilm. He is also in charge of making sure the movie does notrun out of money.
  33. 33. DIRECTORDirectors are probably the most well known people in thecrew. He is the person who shouts CUT! and ACTION! Theyare not very commonly involved with the budget or financialside of the movie but mostly work on the filming.He will work with the producer and screenwriter to decide thebest way to film the picture. However, the director also has abig role in picking the cast.In the actual filming, the director is in charge of making surethe actors are reading out their lines right and actingcorrectly. After the filming, he will help the editor puttogether the footage and the composer make a soundtrack.
  34. 34. SCREENWRITERSScreenwriters can get employed in a few different ways. They eitherwrite a screenplay (script) and take it to a director or a director willfind a writer and hire him to write a screenplay. They may alsobecome involved by being asked by a director just to add detail to ascript that’s already written.Its not uncommon for a screenwriter to have a past of being ajournalist or an author. It is a very hard job to get and there are onlyabout 2,000 screenwriters in the U.S.
  35. 35. FILM AND VIDEOEDITORSEditors are very important but don’t get much credit. After thefilming is complete, its up to the editor to take hundreds of hours ofbloopers and deleted scenes, find the good scenes, and change itinto a movie. The director may have days worth of footage that hasto be changed into a two hour film.They spend weeks watching footage and picking out the good bits.They also must make sure all the audio is working in the film. It isone of the toughest jobs in Hollywood.
  36. 36. ACTORSI’m pretty sure you all know why the actors are important. Withoutactors, there would be no movie. Being an actor takes a lot of skilland it may take years of practice to become a professional. By thetime they are experts, they make it look like they’re not even acting.Actors usually get the most credit in a movie because they are theonly ones you see in thee film.
  37. 37. WHAT I LEARNEDI learned many things in this project. First, I learned that the top 15is mostly made up of series. I think this happened because if peoplesee the first of the series, they may get hooked and want to watchthe rest.I also learned about what the main jobs required to make a movie. Ilearned about there responsibilities and the order of how the movieis made.I also learned about the top fifteen movies of all time. I noticed thatcertain actors and actresses names were repeated. In my opinion,these would be the most successful actors and actresses.Finally, I learned about the criteria that critics use to rate movies.
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