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Monty python2

  1. 1. Monty Python By Malcolm
  2. 2. What is Monty Python? Monty Python was a group of comedic actors comprised of five English men and one American, all but one linked through university. Although their comedic roles are foolish and ridiculous they are all very intelligent people, each one of them attended a University. They came out with their first series in 1969. It was called Monty Pythons Flying Circus and it became a huge hit immediately. The show was based around a number of comedy skits which later on they became well known for and put in their movies. You will see an example of one of these skits in the following slides. Monty Python is a unique group of comedians in that they were the first to do something like this. May I remind you that this was long before Saturday Night Live.
  3. 3. Movies Monty Python has conducted three feature films; “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, “The Life of Brian” and “And Now for Something Completely Different”(Covers seen on next page). They made these movies after having great success and gaining great popularity in the television business, with comedy show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The most well known movie of theirs in my opinion is the Holy Grail, this is also my favorite of Monty Pythons movies which are all hilarious. Monty Pythons films are all comic genius. If you don’t believe me, watch them for yourself.
  4. 4. Movie Covers
  5. 5. One of Monty Pythons skits ZYSVdeQ To view video, right click URL and press open Hyperlink.
  6. 6. Who was in Monty Python? There are six men involved with Monty Python. Their names are John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman and Michael Palin.All of whom are talented actors and writers who even after Monty Python went on to be very successful. Cleese, Idle, Jones, Chapman and Palin, all but one attended either Cambridge or Oxford. Gilliam,however, is American and attended Occidental College where he studied physics and the fine arts. The most well known individual in Monty Python would have to be John Cleese, John Cleese was the mastermind behind some of their skits and parts of their movies. On top of this he was also very good in character, as was demonstrated in the earlier slide.
  7. 7. Monty Python’s Top 5 Comedy skits
  8. 8. Dead parrot Monty Pythons #1 rated comedy skit is “The Dead Parrot”. In this skit, John Cleese poses as a man who has purchased a parrot. Several minutes after he leavesthe store he realizes that the parrot is dead and returns to the pet store to complain. When he arrives at the pet store the cashier realizes that the man has discovered that he had purchased a dead parrot and pretends that he hasn’t even acknowledged his existence in the store. When the manapproaches the counter they begin a hilarious debate on whether the parrot is alive ornot .
  9. 9. The Lumber Jack SongThis is more of a song then a skit but it is fantastically funny so I have chosen itanyway. The Lumber Jack song is a song written by Eric Idle and starts out like yoeveryday Canadian but near the end turns into more of a Monty Python song.The lyrics go from chopping down trees to morecrude lyrics which I would rathernot describe as you may end up scared for life.
  10. 10. Ministry of Silly WalksThe ministry of silly walks is one of my favorite skits. It involves, as the title suggests, a ministry of silly walks. This Ministry,however, is not like others as it is comprised of several people with ridiculous walks. The skit is mainly JohnCleese posing as the head of the Ministry whose job is to interview and employ peoplethat claim to have silly walks. The majority of the the skit is John Cleese walking in aridiculous fashion towards the ministry of silly walks. Once he arrives he interviews aman that supposedly has a silly walk.
  11. 11. Self Defense against fresh fruitSelf Defense against fresh fruit Is a skit about a military training group that isfocusing mainly on defense against fruit. The trainer (Eric Idle) is teachingthe class defense against the banana, he summons a student to useas an example. The student is given a banana and told to attack his trainer.The student is unsuccessful in doing this as the trainer takes out his gun andshoots him, he then proceeds in asking for another volunteer.
  12. 12. Longest Name In this skit a a news broadcaster announces that besides Bach Beethovenand Mozart there is another forgotten great pianist. He then proceeds in tellingthe name of the composer which just happens to take about 5 minutes tosay, the screen then goes blank with the words 5 Minutes later in the center ofthe screen.When the broadcaster finally finishes the name he says and “nowto an interview live with his only living relative”. Over the course of theinterview the interviewer is forced to say the name several times until finallythe relative of the composer has a tragic heart attack and dies.
  13. 13. ConclusionMonty Python is a unique group of comedians who gained successwith their many movies and skits. They continue to entertain longafter they stopped producing films.
  14. 14. Bibliography