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Emmat p3dance


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Emmat p3dance

  1. 1. DanceMy personal Passionate project
  2. 2. Introduction• Dance is a type of performing art that has many details. The history, types of dance, and what I personally love about dance.
  3. 3. History• The art of dance has been very important in celebrations, rituals, and entertaining certainly before the birth of the earliest human. Just by the performing in telling myths might have been how dance was discovered and still many people still use that structure of dance. By the 18th century, one of the most popular types of dance have been discovered. This type of dance is called ballet. During the 18th and 19th century, ballet traveled all throughout Europe. During the early 20th century, people interested in performing arts made a new type of dance out of ballet which is called contemporary. After this kind of dance was discovered, modern dance came out of that and eventually created so many more kinds of dance.
  4. 4. Types of Dance• There are many types of dance that people don’t even know about. All kinds of dance can come out of cultures. For example belly dancing comes out of Greece, India, and Bollywood. The known types of dance are or can be ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, Belly dancing, tap dancing, broad way/and can even be musical theatre, and ballroom dancing. There all also many other kinds of dance that people may not know of such as afro jazz (African jazz), Swing, chicago, flamenco and so much more. That’s only a bit of the dances that people do. The next few slides will be on types of dance that are well known!
  5. 5. Modern• Modern is a well known type of dance that is very enjoyable, cheerful, and can even be dramatic. Some people like to think of modern almost like lyrical, jazz, and even ballet mixed all together! In modern people usually or can wear jazz shoes, foot undies, and can even go bear foot. Black Jazz shoes
  6. 6. Jazz• Jazz is a very popular and well known type of dance. I would say that every dance school in the province knows of jazz and teaches the very fun kind of dance. Who ever is registered in a bunch of dance classes including jazz it would probably be their most favourite class. In jazz, you can wear the exact same as modern on your feet! That’s how similar jazz and modern can be!
  7. 7. Hip Hop• Hip hop is obviously a type of dance with more attitude involved in it. Hip hop is fun because it is more of the careless kind of dance unlike ballet or lyrical. Usually when you are doing hip hop you will want to be wearing sneakers such as pumas or runners! Occasionally at some dance schools (sometimes not so much) you will see some kind of other jazz shoe which can almost look like a runner.
  8. 8. Me + Dance = • I would be lost without dance. Dance is one of my most FAVOURITE activities that I do. During the week I dance about 16 hours. I compete, and perform all year around and even take trips for dancing. I had experienced the best trip yet for dance last year in Disney land! It was so much fun. Next to all of the homework and school work that I do dance is the thing that I do the most. I do many kinds of dance such as contemporary, ballet, point, modern, jazz, and used to do lyrical. I love dance and I always will! <3 ♥ ♥ ♥
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  12. 12. Conclusion• Dance is my most FAVOURITE thing and activity in the whole entire world! Through out all of my classes I will always cherish this beautiful art that will always make me smile . I hope that you learned or have learned more on dance, the history of it, and all the types of dance!
  13. 13. Thank You forWatching!!!!!!!  <3 <3