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  1. 1. By: Jenna Mellor
  2. 2. Dance is an art form that involves movement ofthe body. It is not possible to say when this formof art originated; however, it started thousandsof years ago. Dance may be participatory, social,preformed, ceremonial, or competitive. It is animportant part of ceremonies, rituals,celebrations, and entertainment. Choreographymay be preformed solo, with a partner, or with agroup; either way, each dance tells a story. *
  3. 3. There are many styles of dance that fill up myweek to a great extent. Altogether, I dancearound 14 to 15 hours per week. The types ofdance that I do are ballet, pointe, character,jazz, lyrical, and musical theatre. Each style isdifferent in its own, unique way; this is why Ilove it so much. *
  4. 4. Ballet was discovered in the late 15th century.Ballet involves a lot of technique, elegance, andgrace. In order to be able to reach a high extentin this form of dance, you need to have animmense amount of strength; mainly in yourupper body. Every move in ballet has a Frenchname such as saute, échappé, relevé, pirouette,and many more. *
  5. 5. There are three different types of ballet includingClassical, Neoclassical, and Contemporary. Classicalinvolves high technique, everything turned out, feetmust be pointed when lifted off the floor, and whenyour leg isn’t bent, it is completely stretched. Also,posture, alignment, and placement are required.Neoclassical ballet is less rigid than Classical. Thereare more extreme tempos and technicality. As well,spacing is more modern and complex. Contemporaryis influenced by Classical and Modern ballet. Itinvolves floor work and turned in legs. Sometimes itis danced in pointe shoes. *
  6. 6. En pointe means “on the tip of the toes”. This meansthat pointe dancers are dancing on the tip of theirtoes for extended periods of time. It is a part ofClassical ballet and the end result is to lookweightless. Even though men are capable of dancingEn pointe, it is more commonly preformed by women.Dancing this style requires strength in the foot,ankle, knee, and abdomen. To dance En pointe, youshould probably be twelve years old because startingany age younger may result in injuries due tocontinuous bone growth in the foot. *
  7. 7. Character is a subdivision of Classical ballet. Ituses movements and music that have beenaltered for theatre. Hungarian, Russian, Polish,Italian, and Spanish are all different forms ofCharacter. This form of dance is preformed inblack or tan coloured shoes with a suede holeand small heel. *
  8. 8. Jazz is a fun, upbeat, and energetic form ofdance. It shows a dancer’s style and originality.Jazz consists of unique moves, complicatedfootwork, and big jumps and turns. In order toexcel in jazz, it helps to have a strongbackground in ballet. To dance this style, youneed to have strength and flexibility. Some basicmoves is jazz are chaines (shenays), piques(peekays), pirouettes (peerowets), jetes(jetays), and turning jumps. *
  9. 9. Lyrical means having an expressive and musicalquality; expressing spontaneous and directfeeling; expressing deep, personal emotions orobservations. Lyrical includes technique fromballet, contemporary, and jazz. This style ofdance is expressive and it conveys musicalityand emotion through movement. Thechoreography is very dramatic, each move isconnected to another and is continuous andflows well. *
  10. 10. Musical theatre is a combination of music, songs,dialogue, and dance. Each musical creates astory. This form of dance is very fun, energetic,and there are catchy songs within each dance.Musical theatre is a mode of dramatic art. *
  11. 11. In conclusion, I love preforming dance for somany reasons. It has provided me with theelegance, grace, flexibility, and strength. Also, ithas improved my level of fitness immensely. Ihave progressed to a great extent due to thevalue of my teachers and my dance school;Vanleena. Towards the end of each year, I get tocompete against other dance schools. As well, Iget to preform in various festivals. All in all, Ilove to dance so much and I cannot imagine mylife without it. *
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