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  1. 1. By Tommy H
  2. 2. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class hasalways been a bastion of luxury,safety and image, but recentmodels were short onequipment compared to rivalsfrom Audi, Lexus, etc. All thathas changed for 2007. The E-Class isnt totally new, but it hasbeen substantially upgraded:new V8 engine, choice of same-price Luxury or Sport versions,and many other details thatmake it a much better value foryour luxury-car dollar.
  3. 3. HERNDON, Va., Jan. 20, 2011/PRNewswire/ -- Audi hasextended its commitment totechnological innovation andenvironmental stewardship bygiving auto show attendees theability to have electronicbrochures of Audis 2011 line-updelivered instantly to theirmobile phones as an alternativeto printed copies. The programofficially launched during publicdays at the North AmericanInternational Auto Show inDetroit.
  4. 4. Just a year and a half since itsunveiling, the BMW X1 xDrive28i hashad an engine overhaul. Thesubcompact SUV has the honours ofbeing the debut vehicle for BMW’snew N20B20, which finally bringsBMW’s Twin Power Turbo technologyto its 4-cylinder engine.The 6-cylinder X1 xDrive28i previouslyfeatured the company’s 3.0 litter 6-cylinder normally aspirated engine,making 258 horsepower at 6,600rpmand 310Nm of torque from 2,600rpmto 3,000rpm, with a fuel consumptionof 9.4 litre per 100km.Thanks to the downsized forcedinduction engine, the new X1xDrive28i consumes just 7.9 litters per100km.
  5. 5. Lexus (Lexus) is Japans ToyotaMotor Corporations luxury brand,which was first proposed in 1983,but only ten years time, since 1999,more than Mercedes-Benz sales inthe United States, BMW, Becomethe nations best-selling luxury carbrand. In the past, Lexus is theChinese translation of the domesticLexus, June 8, 2004, Toyotaannounced in Beijing by theChinese translation of Lexus"Lexus"to"Lexus"and beganfranchising in China establishedShop, begun to enter the Chineseluxury car market.
  6. 6. U.S. company to produce HummerAMG (Hummer) and known to theworld. AMG is a founder of thecompanys bicycle manufacturersUtrecht, founded in 1903 off-road(Overland) Automotive Division.1908, John. Willy purchased off-road vehicle department, and in1912 set up Willis - Cross Country(Willis-Overland) Motor Company,the production Wiley - Rider car. In2009, Tengzhong acquired fromthe General Hummer, ended infailure, GM abandoned theHummer
  7. 7. In the snow and rain day ifyou are driving, you haveto drive slow downbecause that is more safe.