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I did my P3 on airplanes. I did my project on airplanes because I think that airplanes are very interesting, and they are a big part of human evolution. I think that airplanes let humans go across the ocean very fast. Airplanes are very advanced in tecnology, and they are part of the new generation

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  1. 1. Airplanes By: Vincent
  2. 2. The first airplane was built by Orville and Wilbur Wright, after long and hardworking years of scientific research and hard work. The Wright brothers were two men who didn’t have much, but they had lots of intelligence and determination.
  3. 3. Wright Brothers Wilbur Wright was born on 1867 and Orville Wright was born on 1871, their parents were Milton and Susan Wright. It was their father Milton Wright who started the brother’s interest in gliders. The brothers’ studied hard, trying to for fill their dream to make a flying machine, and in 1878 Milton Wright created a rubber band powered helicopter. The Wright brothers immediately studied the model helicopter and started building replicas only at the age of 11 and 7.
  4. 4. Control Around 1896, when the Wright brothers were managing their bike company, they read newspapers containing many stories about the invention of gliders. This made the brothers think about airplanes and gliders, and they noticed that most of the aircrafts made, lacked controls. Wilbur Wright wrote a letter to the Smithsonian Company requesting for all the information on the attempted flights they had. In 1899 the Wright brothers developed a simple system to move the wings of a plane. That mean a plane could be controlled left and right.
  5. 5. Wing shape They tried this system on many of the gliders they developed. In 1900, and 1901 the lunched two gliders, but they were not happy with the lack of elevation and control. The brothers had no choice but to go back to the drawing board, and they spent the winter of 1901-1902 designing and conducting experiments to find out the best shape of a wing. This let them to create a glider with plenty of elevation and control. Near the end of 1902 they tested their third glider, it had lots of control but still didn’t have too much elevation.
  6. 6. First Flight The next winter the brothers were designing a gasoline engine small and powerful enough to move an aircraft. Their mechanic Charlie Taylor, he was very helpful in designing the engine. They also created the first airplane with propellers and they finally built a new, type of aircraft. They unexpectedly they found themselves competing with Samuel Langley, the Secretary of the Smithsonian company. He had also built an engine powered aircraft and had the money funding him to help his work. Luckily for the Wright brothers, Langley’s two attempts at launching his airplane failed miserably, and put him out of the competition. After two unsuccessful attempts, the Wright brothers made history on December 17th, 1903. Orville Wright took the Flyer for a 12 second flight for 120 feet. In the next few tries the brothers made the 4th flight the longest of which was 852 feet.
  7. 7. First Airplane
  8. 8. Airplane usage In World War 2 there were all types of airplane, fighters, bombers, transporters etc. Airplanes were used for the whole war, and over 150 000 airplanes were built. All the aircrafts had to be upgraded, putting many jobs in the war. Now airplanes are used mostly for transportation.
  9. 9. Modern Airplane: The Boeing 747 is a giant air craft holding 500 to 600 people weighing almost 870 000 pounds at takeoff. Amazingly it goes the runway, and flies of into the air, and it can go 7000 mile without stopping. The first Boeing 747 was built in the 1960’s almost twice and a half times as big as the Boeing 707 a smaller faster airplane. The four engine jumbo jet was the first wide body ever built. The costs of the Boeing 747 are 24million for the oldest version, 39million for the second model, 83million for the third model, 250million for the forth model and a huge 290million for the newest Boeing 747. The Boeing 747 is 17feet wide 13.5feet high and 100feet long.
  10. 10. Jet stream Do you ever feel like that when you are flying somewhere, going back takes longer that the other or vice versa? It is because one way usually does takes longer than the other, because the jet stream. The jet stream is a constant flow of air about 10km high in the air usually flowing west to east. The strongest jet stream is the polar jets, and the somewhat weaker one is the subtropical jets. Jet stream are created by the earth’s rotation and the atmosphere heating up. The jet stream is about 2000km long and 3km in width, the polar jet stream goes almost 500km and hour. Since the jet stream goes so fast, airplanes need to go with the jet stream, not against it unless it is a short flight. Some weather people use the jet stream as aid for telling weather and temperature.
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