Hourly Rate for Independent Consultants


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How to determine your hourly rate for billable project hours. As an independent consultant, how to you figure out what to charge your clients.

Freelance Switch has an online Calculator tool. It's a good starting point for you.

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  • Hello

    Hope you are doing well. Please let me know your availability. And please send me your updated resume ASAP. I would like to talk with you for this position.

    Position : IBM WebSphere Message Broker
    Location : Harrisburg, PA
    Duration : 6 Months +
    Interview Process: Phone and Skype interviews


    Experience using IBM WebSphere Message Broker
    • Message sets with COBOL copybooks and WSDL files
    • ESQL
    • XML concepts

    Proficient with WebSphere MQ
    Knowledge of DB2 and SQL concepts.
    Knowledge of XML
    Ability to perform work which requires a great deal of attention to detail.
    Proficient with OO concepts and how they apply to application design.

    Nice to have Experience:

    Familiar with SOAP Nodes, Http nodes, Files nodes in Broker a significant plus
    Familiar with SOAP and REST messaging concepts.
    Familiar with JMS concepts
    Familiar with SOA and SOA concepts
    Familiar with Mainframe/CICS/Cobol programming concepts
    Familiar with MQ Clustering, MQ Destination Lists.
    Familiar with MQ Broker as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    Proficient with using UML to communicate application design
    Knowledge of SOAP and web services.
    Familiar with JAVA/J2EE
    Familiar with Design Patterns and the application of Design Patterns using message flows such as Request-Reply, Composite message flows, Publish/Subscribe etc

    Interested consultants please send me your resume to nancy@aikoninc.com
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  • Hi, this is Jenise Cook. I created this SlideShare presentation for you. Frequently, I am asked by other independent consultants how to determine the hourly rate to bill to their clients.Each person needs to make that determination for himself or herself. To consider the key factors involved with setting your hourly rate, I recommend the online Calculator at Freelance Switch. It’s a great place to start.Enjoy this presentation.
  • Hourly Rate for Independent Consultants

    1. Consulting Rates for e-Learning<br />How Much to Bill per Hour<br />
    2. Oh, no, I was afraid he’d ask that question now.<br />What do I say?<br />I enjoyed meeting you, John, and discussing my new project.<br />How much do you charge?<br />
    3. Jane, you’re a successful consultant.<br />How do you determine what to bill on an hourly basis?<br />Well, John, I didn’t figure it out all on my own.<br />I consulted Freelance Switch. Let me show you!<br />
    4. Freelance Switch has an online Calculator to help you determine what to charge clients per hour.<br /> Go to >> http://freelanceswitch.com/rates/<br />
    5. The Freelance Switch online Calculator helps you think through both business and personalexpenses that you might not have considered. You are encouraged to think about your years of experience, your skill level, the cost of living in your area, and saving for the future.<br />
    6. Calculate your business costs<br />Step 1<br />
    7. Calculate your personal costs<br />Step 2<br />
    8. Calculate billable hours<br />Step 3<br />
    9. Calculate your profit/savings<br />Step 4<br />
    10. Thank you, Jane, for a helpful resource.<br />I’m going to go online tonight and calculate my hourly rate.<br />Take your time, John, and think through each item carefully.<br />It’s an easy tool to use, so have fun!<br />
    11. Freelance Switch and its online Calculator … valuable resources for independent consultants.<br /> Go to >> http://freelanceswitch.com/rates/<br />
    12. Disclaimer: Please seek financial and tax advice from your financial planner and certified public accountant. Use the online calculator tool at your discretion.<br />Do you have similar resources to share? Contact me today!<br />Email: info@RidgeViewMedia.com | Twitter: @jenisecook<br />LinkedIn Profile: www.LinkedIn.com/in/jenisecook<br />My site: www.RidgeViewMedia.com<br />