How Rocket Internet, Brazil can Monetize FIFA 2014 & Rio Olymics 2016


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Brazil is expecting a lot more tourists in the next few years thanks to the attraction of two major sporting events, the FIFA World Cup 2014 and Rio Olympics 2016. This creates a number of opportunities for Rocket Internet to capitalize on the large influx of tourists in that time duration. Here are a few ideas as to how the Sub-brands of Rocket Internet Brazil, including Easy Taxi, Hellofood, Kanui, Dafiti, ClickBus and Wimdu can capitalize on this opportunity!

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  • How Rocket Internet, Brazil can Monetize FIFA 2014 & Rio Olymics 2016

    1. 1. Are you ready for the FIFA 2014 and RIO Olympics 2016? BRAZIL, HERE WE COME! EPHLUX INSIGHTS 03 July 2014 BRAZIL
    2. 2. FIFA 2014 2 3.7 million people are expected to travel throughout Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Average tourist will spend approximately $2,488 during their stay in Brazil Influx of visitors is estimated to add roughly $3.03 billion to Brazil’s economy What is ROCKET INTERNET doing to augment the tourists’ experience?
    3. 3. RIO OLYMPICS 2016 Today, Rio is able to house 52,000 tourists; the expected number for Olympics is 1 million Foreign tourists are expected to spend $5.785 billion in Brazil For every $1 invested, $3.26 is expected to be generated What is ROCKET INTERNET doing to augment the tourists’ experience?
    6. 6. Rocket Internet as “One stop solution for all travel needs” Create an app interface that connects all sub-brands of RI, Brazil * Whether the tourists are looking for accommodation, food or transport, it would direct them to the relevant application Advertise this at all airports, subway stations & bus stops * Place QR codes that direct the users to this master- app ROCKET IN YOUR POCKET ADVERTISEMENT*
    7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES Categorize cuisines “Country-Wise” on home-page Promise to deliver – anywhere, anytime (even if the customer is at the corner of a street) Use Geo-Tagging to trace the exact location of the customer (integrate that feature in the mobile app) Recommend restaurants nearby, for dine-in, using location-based push notifications
    8. 8. • Rio Metro has two underground lines and plans are in place to extend one of these by 14km, adding six more subway stations • The system will be able to carry 230,000 passengers per day and is expected to be completed by December 2015 • Extensive bus and train improvements are also under way OPPORTUNITIES Use Geo-Tagging to List users by location Give the tourists a platform to “share a cab” (to the stadium, to the museum or for city tour) Listing of Rent-a-cycle service, in collaboration with BikeRio
    9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES List users by nationalities Mention where people of the user’s nationality are residing List live-screening locations such as: Rio’s Copacabana Beach Introduce a section of “free accommodation” listings – like the concept of Couchsurfing
    10. 10. OPPORTUNITIES Even during FIFA world cup, the website does not list Football Jerseys Make “official football kits” of all participating countries available on Kanui List “local souvenirs” on Dafiti which the tourists may want to take-back-home CRM Solution – Track the customer’s sales pattern (using a single user profile, on both e-retail websites) and offer Loyalty Program based offers & discounts They no longer have to own and maintain the additional servers to support peak loads at FIFA & RIO periods. Instead, through cloud technologies, they can simply sign up for more capacity on an as-needed basis.
    11. 11. What else can Rocket Internet do? “WOW” THE TOURISTS!
    12. 12. TRAVEL JOURNAL APP • Log events – offline travel blogging • Log places they visit • Log their activities Create a travel journal • Allow sharing with online peers • Virtually travel with your friends Social media integration • See what other tourists are doing • Discover, through their experiences Follow others’ journals
    13. 13. PERSONAL TRANSLATOR Problem • Huge language barrier • Difficulty communicating Solution An app that translates English to Portugal & vice versa (when spoken into)
    14. 14. TRAVEL-BUDDY APP An app that helps you find travel- partners Where users create a basic profile to meet other users with similar interests Provide an opportunity for like-minded tourists to socialize (from on-line to off-line) You an Argentinian fan? Lets meet up at the BAR!
    15. 15. GET IN TOUCH 15 Rida Zubairi Idea Engineer Umair Khan Director Application Services Babar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Here’s 1% of the idea. For rest of the plan, feel free to contact: