Hire our private investigators and safe your business


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Our private investigator in Spain is powered by experienced investigators who strive for integrity, honesty and excellence in all aspects. The people of Spain rely on these investigators because private investigation services in Spain are in cost effective and confidential manner. We have built up a strong network throughout the world so that we can provide all investigation services in all over world including Spain.

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Hire our private investigators and safe your business

  1. 1. PrivateInvestigators in SpainWelcome toDetectives McQuilis Group, a Spanishinvestigation agency reputed for highlyprofessional risk protection management andprivate investigations is performing the best byproviding the superior private investigationservices in Spain and North Africa region.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net/
  2. 2. PrivateInvestigator in SpainOur international clientele are most ofprominent institutions and organizations whichincludes corporations, Exporters, Insurancecompanies, business intelligence agencies,Law firms, Fraud examiners, In-housecounsels, International process servers,International private investigators, financialinstitutions and individuals or families locatedin any region of Spain.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net
  3. 3. CorporateInvestigator in SpainCorporate investigation services in Spain got to bethe most impactful methods offered by ourcorporate investigators who are dedicated in servingthe people the best due diligence services in orderto get the comprehensive profile and stausinformation of a target company to discover thescope for the future opportunities for a prosecptivebusiness relationships and joint ventures.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net/spain-corporate-investigations.html
  4. 4. IPInvestigator in SpainOur IP investigators in Spain personally takeyour problem for the further clarification toremove the hurdle which is creating loss toyour IP rights. We are professional IPinvestigators in Spain to protect you from theshadow of counterfeiters which are causingserious damage to your Intellectual property.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net/spain-ip-investigations.html
  5. 5. InsuranceInvestigator in SpainInsurance fraudulent claim investigations inSpain are effective processes to expose thetricks and tact`s used by the such claimantswho intends to utilize the tricks to formulatefake or forged claim in order to get the higherreimbursements of the claimed money frominsurance companies.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net/spain-insurance-investigations.html
  6. 6. BackgroundScreeningin SpainThe utmost important thing to confirm beforeentering in any kind of partnership orassociation in different country is theirbackground. We are professional backgroundscreeners in Spain to provide you bestcorporate background screening services in allover the Spain.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net/spain-background-screening-services.html
  7. 7. SkipTracing &Processservices inSpain Our process servers in Spain are well aware of thelegal law and regulatory applicable in serving the alltypes of legal papers and judicial document of theclients located in any part of Spain and Madrid.Skip Tracing Services in Spain: We are providing aunique approach to consolidate Skip tracing in Spainwith process services in Spain. We identify theindividual and an individual address whose address isnot known and in fact even if the address is notconfirmed by the client.http://www.spainprivateinvestigators.net/spain-process-services.html