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Read 96 photo essay


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Read 96 photo essay

  1. 1. I saw the world as my playground
  2. 2. I understood that bears could climb trees, so I thought I should climb trees too.
  3. 3. Everything seemed so tall and I felt I was always looking up at the world
  4. 4. I loved going to the movie theater it was a huge room full of mystery and fantasy
  5. 5. I learned at an early age our family was not perfect but pretty close.
  6. 6. Baseball is a family tradition and I have played it ever since I could walk.
  7. 7. When I was young I thought the pool was infested with invisible sharks so I never went in the deep end.
  8. 8. Garfield was my idol and I thought whatever Garfield did I should do.
  9. 9. I’ve always wanted to become a police officer just like my dad so I took his badge I pretended to be around the house
  10. 10. The world was filled with mystery what could happen next