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0706 tns automotive newsletter chinese cars

  1. 1. TNS.SENSE SM Issue 706the sixth sense of businessTM AUTOMOTIVE June 2007 VEHICLES FROM CHINA: EXPECTATIONS & EMPHASIS Chinese-made vehicles will be sold in the US sooner that many realize. TNS Automotive asked 2,500 consumers about their expectations of vehicles made in China and what attributes of those vehicles should be emphasized in advertisements to be successful. Expectations of Vehicles Made in China Consumers’ highest expectations for 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% vehicles made in China relate to fuel Styling efficiency and price/value (top chart). Very Competitive Quality Over a third of respondents said Chinese Industry Leading vehicles would be at least “very competitive” Performance on both measures. The fuel efficiency Fuel Effcny. expectations could represent a belief that Warranty vehicles made in Asia are in general more fuel efficient, though that same belief did not Price/Value carry over to quality expectations. Dealer Exp. What Consumer Say to Emphasis in Ads 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Consumers’ advice for advertising content Styling was fairly uniform for five of the eight Quality categories, with the strongest results for Performance “Fuel Efficiency.” About half of Fuel Effcny. respondents said fuel efficiency should be Warranty the lead point (bottom chart). Consumers recommended that advertising avoid the Price/Value vehicles’ Chinese heritage. Heritage Dealer Exp. Emphasize A Lot emphasis had the lowest results and over Chinese Heritage Make the Lead Point half said “Do Not Emphasize” (not shown) Consumers’ expectations can be opportunities and risks. Opportunities in that consumers already have some favorable inclinations of Chinese vehicles on fuel efficiency and price/value; risks in that failing to meet these without otherwise compensating could derail the launch of Chinese models. The emphasis responses suggest Chinese vehicles sold under non-Chinese brands may be best poised for success. TNS is the world’s foremost provider of custom research and analysis, combining in-depth industry sector understanding with world-class expertise in the areas of new product development, segmentation and positioning research, brand and advertising research and stakeholder management. For additional information on these results contact Lincoln Merrihew of TNS Automotive (Lincoln.Merrihew@tns-global.com) or Jennifer Curran of TNS Marketing (Jennifer.Curran@tns-global.com)