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Using Page Builders For Fun And Profit

  1. Using Page Builders For Fun And Profit Ricky Blacker Sales Engineer & WordPress Evangelist @ WP Engine
  2. About Me
  3. About Me
  4. About Me
  5. What To Expect From This Talk ★ A quick history of Page Builders ★ Different ways to use Page Builders ★ Some hints and tips to get the most and speed up your workflows with Page Builders ★ Best use cases for Page Builders
  6. So Let’s Get Started!
  7. A Little History
  8. Memories
  9. Memories
  10. My First Introduction To Web Design
  13. HTML & CSS
  14. WordPress
  15. My First Contact With Page Builders
  16. So What Is A Page Builder? A Page Builder is an optional WordPress plugin that enables you to easily edit the content on your pages normally facilitated with the WordPress editor of your site using an enhanced drag-and-drop editor, usually with a visual representation of the look of the page as you create it.
  17. The Page Builder War!
  18. Beaver Builder
  19. Beaver Builder
  20. Beaver Builder
  21. Beaver Builder
  22. But Wait There’s More!
  23. But Wait There’s More!
  24. But Wait There’s More!
  25. Elementor
  26. Elementor
  27. Elementor
  28. Theme Builder Header Nav Footer
  29. Theme Builder
  30. Theme Builders
  31. WordPress 5.0 saw the introduction of Gutenberg
  32. But Is Gutenberg A Page Builder?
  33. Gutenberg uses block based building
  34. Block Editors and Addons
  35. Block Editors and Addons
  36. DIY
  37. So Who Are Page Builders Suited For?
  38. New and Intermediate Users! ● New to WordPress ● Bloggers ● Small Business
  39. Use Cases - No Coding Ability
  40. Use Cases - No Coding Ability
  41. Web Developers! ● Freelancers ● Agencies
  42. Use Case - Agency
  43. Use Case - Agency
  44. Enterprise! ● Large Agencies ● Corporate Sites ● Brands
  45. Use Case - Corporate Site
  46. How Best To Use Page Builders ➔ Find one that suits you ➔ Make sure it is lightweight ➔ Create a catalogue page of modules ➔ Save rows and templates for later use ➔ You can only use one page builder per page ➔ But you can use multiple page builders in a website
  47. Easy Peasey
  48. The Future Of Page Builders?
  49. The Future Of Page Builders?
  50. Summary Page Builders ★ Can help new peeps create amazing pages ★ Can speed up development time for freelancers and agencies ★ Can help large companies create new pages with pre approved and uniform blocks ★ Are fun to use and play with ;)
  51. Thank You
  52. Questions???